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  1. It blew up, torn apart by the inside pressure of boiling gasses. And we won't even get a neat meteor swarm to observe in coming years. But... Data suggest that big, bright Sungrazers come in packs. Nothing, nothing, nothing for decades - then BAM! Three bright Great Comets in a row - separated by only couple of years each. Last Great Comet was Ikeya-Seki back in 1960'ties. Four decades of nothing... Then we got McNaught and Lovejoy comets in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Who knows, maybe another Great Comet will grace our sky in a year or five?
  2. The same way altimeter in a rocket could be installed upside down Human ingenuity knows no bounds
  3. Yes, they come and go as they please. Annoying
  4. Interesting. No one yet mentioned traditional folk medicine against cold-like illnesses: raw garlic and onions. Also honey, which have anti-microbial properties too. In case anyone's interested: take a slice of bread, smear butter or lard on it, sprinkle future sandwich with generous amount of sliced or chopped garlic or onion, add salt to taste. Enjoy
  5. Astronomers are a bit sceptical it will live up to (our) expectations. I too am worried it started the show prematurely, and will fizzle out soon. Hopefully, there is big, rich in volatiles nucleus hiding in the coma
  6. Russians tried: It didn't work too well.
  7. Just a tiny little star Puts our strifes and problems in perspective, isn't it?
  8. Necessity. The Mother of Invention Invention. Humanity's BFG against the world
  9. Drag Ceres into Martian orbit. It's smaller than our Moon, but Mars is smaller than Earth too. Then drop a TON of ice comets to thicken the atmosphere and get hydrosphere going. Then it's smooth sailing towards the Blue Mars. We just need to figure out Step 1.
  10. About 10 millions of years ago? Yesterday in geological terms! Good old Mars is still hiding surprises
  11. "Nuuuuuuuh. Of course this pandemic was not the fault of our citizens and their perfectly understandable hankering for healthy, traditional dishes made from meat of several species of wild animals. It is foreigners fault! As always!" This kind of people is everywhere. [Snip]
  12. Light sources that do not need walls for containment. No more lightbulb changing!
  13. There was something circular flying past the first stage at around 6:50 What could it be?