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  1. My own ants decided to do a small excursion yesterday I placed a fresh pistachio nut near their aquarium to feed them later - and a couple of industrious workers somehow caught the smell of it. They didn't wait for me to provide food. I found them disassembling the nut, and carrying carved scraps up the glass, and back to the nest. Clever girls It is unusual, because my Messors do not like climbing, and very rarely leave the aquarium, even when it's not covered. Apparently the nut was irresistible though. Now it's in the feeding area, and my ants can eat it without the risk of getting lost or being crushed.
  2. You'd be surprised... Children can be surprisingly industrious. But should we allow them to do it? After raising three, i'd say - no. That's the role of a parent: anticipate the dangers, even imaginary and improbable ones - and protecting the child from them. Encouraging your child to work hard towards such goal on the other hand, inspiring his or hers imagination, ambition - that's other part of being a good parent
  3. No. Why would we? Sure, there might be interesting scientific results about reactions of still growing human body to microgravity, but on the other hand being in space puts a huge strain even on adult bodies. Why endanger a child? Why risk a failed launch, and inevitable tsunami of backlash of the enraged people across the world? Nah. Too many "contras", not enough "pros".
  4. Good old Atlas delivered again. Say what you want about ULA - but they know their stuff.
  5. Excellent! I just managed to return home from work Weather looks good. Fingers crossed for good flight.
  6. So. Basically, this? VASIMR, Alcubierre drive, airbrakes(!) and nuclear turbojet lumped into one package with railguns firing rocket propelled slugs and plasma torpedoes carrying thermonuclear shaped charge warheads. And what is fusion cell? May i suggest moving this thread to the Lounge? Because there is very little Science involved in it.
  7. That was beautiful
  8. Energy is energy. Thermal or kinetic - for the target it doesn't matter much in what form scores of joules arrived. If energy input will be big and fast enough, structural integrity of the obiect hit will break - thus, crater.
  9. Same here. And we actually do have a good grasp on nuclear fission technologies. It's time to go beyond our tight horizon
  10. That's... unusual. Most modern houses with central heating, double windows etc. is simply too dry for ants. I have to quickly catch any escapee from my antfarm - otherwise she'll be dead in couple of hours. Maybe they are infiltrating your house from the garden?
  11. One queen won't help much with housefly problem LOL I'm not even sure she'll eat the one you gave her (maybe except licking the honey). Cloistered queens do not go out and hunt - you'd need a Manica rubida queen for example. Those ants are good hunters and are not afraid to leave nest and catch a dinner for herself and her larvae.
  12. Aurora? Hmmmmmaybe. But that squiggly bit in the upper right corner? That definitely is a tentacle of Our Noodly Overlord - The One, The Mighty, The Flying Spaghetti Monster! Praise The Holy Collander - for we've found His Pastyness abode! I'm so, so sorry
  13. Nice story, bruh. Supported by atrociously awful "photo" taken with a salvaged XVIII century camera obscura.
  14. I think we need a better\another name for such planets. Earth - what do they have in common with our homeworld? Fact that they are made mostly of rock and metals? So's Mars and Mercury - but we don't call them Mini Earths.
  15. Yeah. This thread was always about ants As for ants - environment interactions: Do you know that Formica rufa anthills have air-conditioning? That Atta species grow their food in underground farms? That ants use Sun and stars for navigation? That Solenopsis ants can build rafts out of their own bodies, and colonise new areas by sailing on water during floods? Ants are amazing