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  1. Scotius

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Propulsively landing Dragon would be epic. But i doubt SpaceX will want to sink resources into this branch of Falcon\Dragon package. Unless they will want more flight data for Starship
  2. Scotius

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    3D printing? Probably engines were in the works long before the rest of the craft.
  3. Scotius

    Do you think we are alone in the Milky Way?

    All we know currently is: Amount of civilisations in Milky Way Galaxy 0<1... Upper limit remains undetermined. But considering the sheer number of stars in the galaxy it really should be higher than 1. Rest is Wild Mass Guessing.
  4. Scotius

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Better craftmanship on contractor's side, perhaps? Hopefully they will leash the construction more firmly this time.
  5. For two weeks (rougly) of every month. After that you need to stop production or switch to other heat source (nuclear reactor, what else). Or build your installation in one of permanently sunlit spots on the Moon.
  6. True, that. Still, for hybrid cars it might work out. Someday, after a big company throws a billion or two at the problem.
  7. Scotius

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Is that supposed to be Yuri Gagarin? For shame, dear artists, for shame...
  8. Scotius

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

  9. To win this new Space Race, BO would have to put New Glenn on the launchpad and grab the market before SpaceX strikes with Starship. As of now SpaceX is couple of steps ahead. They have two capable flying articles, low prices, good share of the market and a next generation rocket already in the works. Not to mention ready infrastructure and a lot of experience in launching and recovering of rockets. It took circa 13 years to get to this point - will Bezos's strategy of throwing money at the problem be enough to level the field?
  10. Scotius

    The Near Earth Object Thread

    I wonder... what if we send a bunch of CubeSats equipped with simple instruments (magnetometer perhaps?) to NEO's to check their metallicity? Just to identify the ones with highest concentration of elements we are interested in. Actually, we would only need to precisely measure the size of the obiect, do a fly-by and use changes in trajectory of the probe to pinpoint the mass of the asteroid in question. If its mass would turn out to be higher than a big chunk of rock should have, we could quite safely assume there is a lot of dense metals hidden inside. MarCo probes have proven that CubeSat sized probes are viable, especially near Sun where their solar panels work well.
  11. Scotius

    The Near Earth Object Thread

    So, a bunch of potential Chelyabinsks, and a handful of 'city killers' around our neighbourhood. But we can take it - as long as really bad ones, the 'dinosaur killers' stay well away from Earth.
  12. Sooo... It bombards germs with self-propelled projectiles? Thats metal.
  13. Scotius

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It's Saturday! If there will be no delays, almost everyone will be able to watch it
  14. Scotius

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Wha...? Uhhh... *stealthily tabs out of WoW video* Oh, hi guys. @Brotoro