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  1. There is difference between an orbiter and helicopter drone. Orbiter is much less likely to crash and scatter across the landscape.
  2. Pride of lions can actually bring down young elephants - not full sized adults of course, but... adolescent probably would be a right word. Packs of wolves were recorded hunting down moose. Baby mammoth separated from the mother probably would be in their range. Same for bears and tigers, though they do not hunt collectively, which limits their capabilities. All in all, i would be more worried about poachers. And dumb politicians thinking they are entitled to such trophy on the wall.
  3. Now for three days of floating. And return to Earth.
  4. Stream start! Music start! Go Inspiration 4!
  5. Your hypothetical EM-climbers would be Big Eaters, so i hope they are very, very good at agriculture too. Someone better at math than me can hopefully calculate how much energy you need to run through electromagnet, to keep circa 100 kg stuck to a wall for any appreciable length of time - but i can assure you that normal human body can produce only a fraction of required power. Your EM-aliens will need to eat a lot to cover nutritional needs. Which will require very robust digestive system. And equally robust nervous system\conductive structures to transfer produced energy to hand and feet. Robust = big. Unless you want to stuck micro fusion reactors from "Back to the Future II" in their bellies. Aside from basic body plan, i don't think your creations would be very human-looking in the end.
  6. True that. IMO only Hubble launch was close in the level of tension. ISS was even more important, but it was launched piece by piece.
  7. I will listen to an Earth-shattering KA-BOOOMMM!!! Alternatively, I will be hearing only myself, yelling "THEY DID IT!!!" again and again.
  8. Eh, I'd pay no attention to any long-time plans. Things change every time someone has a new, better idea. Or it turns out previous "good idea" won't work. Which isn't a bad thing - it keeps wheels of technological and scientific progress turning
  9. "You are late!" "Yes boss, I know and I'm sorry - but there was this huge space station blocking the road..." "Are you drunk too?!?" "I have proof." ... "OK, i gotta say - It's not something you see every day."
  10. Looks like SpaceX stole all of ferociter from BO - leaving them only with gradatim.
  11. Well, BO certainly does not have anything that can be considered immensely complex and high risk.
  12. Why do i have horrible feeling you are imagining a Cenobite, when you're talking about this suit?
  13. Paper. Or rather plates of plant fibers glued together with adhesive, then pressed into required shapes. Lightweight, surprisingly strong, cheap (if you have enough hydroponic farms). Also, because it's organic, it provides a bit of extra radiation protection.
  14. Yes. But there is difference between "Destroyed in operation" and "Refuses to even start, for reasons unknown". One is a car that breaks on the road under the mechanical stress. Which is unfortunate but normal, even expected thing. Other is a brand new car that can't leave the dealership, because its engine won't start. And the cause is a factory fresh component worth 20$ inside the engine, that refuses to work. Which is embarrassing and a proof of shoddy craftsmanship.
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