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  1. Music up on stream Go Falcon! Moar Starlinks! Love the look of this booster. So sooty! You know this rocket did stuff and been places
  2. Lovely, lovely Science *rubs hands gleefully*. I'm not sure for what I'm waiting more - news about organic compounds (more spaceborne amino acids?) or news about mineral composition (metals? metals!)
  3. Ouch. That's worse than having to fish it out from the sea. Stronger net needed. Or maybe two nets one under another? First to slow the fairing, second to save it from smashing into hard elements protruding from the deck, if first net fails.
  4. Perfectly executed. Now to catch fairings for a flawless mission.
  5. A bit of rough sea at fairing landing zone. I won't be surprised if both halves splash in the drink
  6. Less electromagnetic interefence? Lesser power losses due to laser comm using a coherent beam?
  7. Well, I'm not talking about making long term predictions. More like popping to the site to check if there is rain incoming. Or a thunderstorm. I'm checking our local weather radar before going for a walk in the forest, or starting substantial work in the backyard. Many times it proved to be very useful
  8. Why not provide 24\7 live weather data to everyone? With 40+ thousands of satellites in orbit the entire world could be their customer
  9. . .. ... Is any of the Boeing astronauts named Dave, by any chance?
  10. Understood. Pumping liquid hydrogen from one ship to another - IN SPACE - does pose some interesting engineering problems. Like leak-proofing the armature to minimize propellant losses etc.
  11. Don't we already have in-orbit refuelling capacity? Which is used every time cargo ship tops off ISS fuel tanks.
  12. I'm more interested in the names of utility programs Boeing installed to protect the crew from bugs, glitches and other consequences of shoddy programming
  13. Aerodynamic? Capsule is more aerodynamic than the booster. It should neatly separate them enough to not worry about the collision on the way down.
  14. There are many plutinos who rival (or exceed) Pluto's size or mass. Are you advocating to classify all of them as planets? Aside of a bunch of hung up on it people, Pluto doesn't stand out from the crowd much. Well, Charon is somewhat unique as far as moons go - but that's about it. Just... let it go, guys.
  15. Yet you specifically mention antigravity and FTL propulsion as working in-Universe. What's stopping future spaceshipbuilders from using Iron Man-esque repulsors as RCS? Or other flavor of reactionless propulsion related to antigravity? Or highly localized area of spatial curvature generated by warp drive?
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