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  1. Well, you are right. I missed Moon landings due to not being born yet. Now I have a chance to watch the reenactment live. Yaay.
  2. Late, overpriced and somehow still less capable than venerable, 50 years old Saturn V. Thanks, but I will pass on the ticket for this hype train. I will catch the one with actual human crew, if it ever arrives.
  3. 400 times the energy thrown out by Sun's CME's! Too bad nobody managed to catch that super-flare. That person would be thoroughly freaked-out, thinking that Betelgeuse is going supernova right before their eyes.
  4. So you want to use (magical) gravity suspension generators... and chemical maneuvering rockets? Sorry, but to me it looks like someone wanting to put oars on a nuclear aircraft carrier. Plus yet another fusion pulse (but not really) engine. Why are you so overcomplicating things? If you want to write hard sci-fi story, don't dabble in clarktech. If you want to write space opera, go full ham on unobtanium. Or just flat out state that the setting is post-apocalyptical one. Survivors have to piece together fragments of surviving technologies, while barely understanding how it all works. Make use of frankentech necessity, because characters don't have access to anything else - just bits and pieces that barely fit together.
  5. Meh. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary. Just another (questionably) pretty and artificially uplifting promotional video. "Look at our pretty animation and send us money." I will believe when I'll see some real hardware.
  6. "Complex fraud" you say? Well, nowadays everything in stores is "nano" or "quantum". Who knows if couple of years from now "hydrogen" knives won't be all the rage?
  7. You can always say: "Aliens did it." I've read a sci-fi novel, where sufficiently advanced descendants of humanity reorganized the spiral structure of our Galaxy. If you can do that, compressing a planetary system should be trivial.
  8. Aerospikes, huh? Ambitious for a small indie company. We'll see how far they will take it.
  9. Looks kinda like Hulk to me. Too much contact with gamma radiation source?
  10. I took a bit of a look, but frankly - that stream was a bit boring to watch. Of course boring = good, because nothing bad happened.
  11. It's almost as if spaceships are becoming almost as safe and predictable as airliners. We're not there yet, but Starship might take it even further.
  12. Looks like someone forgot to put couple of OX-STAT panels on the satellite. Too bad, emergency supply of electricity wouldn't be amiss now.
  13. David Brin used something similar in his Uplift series. Giant, hollow towers rising from the equator. Transport inside was provided by enormous balloons lifting cargo and passengers to the top, where they were transferred to spaceships. All in all, it was a variation of space elevator.
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