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  1. Alien mirror! Because any mirror we could make, would be instantly vaporized by the first flash
  2. Then you might as well write that this not-antimatter doesn't produce any meaningful amount of radiation, and be done with the matter.
  3. If you are on tech level that allows to produce and manipulate enough antimatter to get an Orion-sized ship to space... you don't need a damned Orion in the first place! It only makes sense if your planet is dying, and you absolutely must launch as much as possible to space NOW! And you don't care anymore what you leave behind. Hint: It will be partially glassed radioactive wasteland. Also known as "What in the horseradish were you thinking, you colossal dum-dum?" idea.
  4. That's a very ambitious plan Sample return missions are always exciting. Unfortunately, long experience tells me to expect numerous delays
  5. That area looks pretty flat. No big boulders, ravines or hills. Good place to land big rocket on
  6. Gold does have industrial uses. Producers of electronics would very much like to have access to plentiful gold supply.
  7. What, he couldn't find enough paying clients to fill the seats? Yeah yeah. It's probably "Engineer walks across the bridge he built first." thing. Good luck.
  8. Probably ungodly hour of launch had something to do with forum being... asleep I too watched the replay on YT - while still yawning and waiting for kettle to boil the water for tea.
  9. Calm down, brother. Calm down. I feel your pain. We all do. But patience is the most important virtue any space nerd needs At this point, probably only nuclear fusion enthusiasts have it worse than we do.
  10. It could work... once or thrice. After that, everyone but the dumbest pirates would take the time to breach the hull directly next to cargo bay. It's not like they wouldn't have days, or even weeks to do that in deep space. But if you have such acute piracy problem, it would be simpler to mount weapons on the outside and shoot the would-be boarders.
  11. No, but once i dropped a boss with one sword swing. It triggered three different criticals at once: hit critical, sword special effect critical and boss own critical vulnerability to that special effect. It was two years ago, and I'm still chuckling when i recall that moment.
  12. Lensman also gave us the Sunbeam; a whole star system altered to function as core, coil and vacuum tubes for a beam that directs the full power of the star into a fleet- and planet-annihilating beam. Lensmen and their rivals, Boskone, routinely flung planets at one another at relativistic speed in lieu of normal relativistic projectiles found in other novels. By the end they develop a way, both sides, to create wormholes that allow them to fire FTL planets at one another from intergalactic distances. Nevermind the fact that, originally, their "Super-Mauler" class battleships were created to ki
  13. *eyeroll* Every satellite in orbit can be a potential nuke carrier. Every crewed spacecraft too. Someone is fearmongering hard.
  14. Old article... but yes, astronauts made stuff in microgravity: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/3d-printing-in-space-long-duration-spaceflight-applications
  15. Wow. Perfect coverage of the landing! It's funny how the barge lost signal, while landing rocket did not
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