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  1. Thanks, dude. You did a hell of a work. :) 

  2. Hey there, 

    I really want to find the big "blocky" parts from the main image of the B9 mod, and I understand you have them in a separate download. Could you direct me to the link?

  3. having an issue with the m27 cockpit and the d25 heavy drone core, I have the version for 1.1.2 and the issue is the bottom connection node looks to be set backwards, could you send me the correct node configuration so i can edit the .cfg files or even send a new .cfg file for both?


  4. Het bac9,

    I'm having a slight problem with the CMF56 turbofan jet engine. The problem is that it has that it has a straight and a swept pylon in going trough each other. I was wondering if you knew how I could fix this.

  5. Love B9 Aerospace!  OMG I do, but could we get some triangle panels that are equilateral?

  6. B9 areospace is awesome!  I suggest you add docking magnets, though :) 

  7. Afaik CKAN is reliant on KerbalStuff, which is now closed, so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing at all works there for a few coming days.
  8. Hi

    Do you know how I can find the awesome gigantic b9 parts? Because I do not have them.

  9. It's a bit more complicated than KerbPaint - to avoid breaking the material into hundreds of unique instances across the differently tweaked craft parts, I drive the shader without modifying any material properties. Instead, color comes from the vertices of the mesh itself. Specifically, UV2 and vertex colors are used to drive color, opacity and texture layers the shader will draw. I think I had an image with a breakdown of that somewhere in the thread.
  10. I hope b9 will be ready soon!:rolleyes:

  11. 1. Make sure your light textures have a normal amount of space used for opaque elements. A texture with a tiny white star in the middle and huge black area on 90% of the pixels will very, very quickly fade to black on lower mips. You can see my light FX texture on one of the screenshots from my Gamasutra.com article of the KSC update, I think. 2. I use 3 intersecting quads (or six intersecting quads if shader is one-sided), not one horizontal quad per light, which probably makes addition on lower mips remain visible for longer. 3. Not sure about the shader, I think I used two quads per plane,
  12. I'm alive, just swamped with work lately with no free time to dedicate to KSP. I have sent some fixes to new MK2 parts over to blowfish some time ago, tho, so hopefully they are still coming in an update. Not planning any HX updates at the moment, tbh I'd completely scrap them and start over with a different approach to modular design if I had an option. Even if I liked the currently existing parts, IVAs are just insanely time consuming to author, so yeah, not gonna happen. I made a simple new part to make ascents with FAR a little bit more feasible, though - ejectable aerodynamic shield for
  13. How are you doing on B9 for ksp 1.0.4? Like, is it 50% or 20% ready? I know it's hard but it's also wonderful :*

  14. @blackrack, @rbray89 The change to the Material constructor we have talked about earlier just went into the first Unity release (5.2.0b1). Next version of KSP is unlikely to use 5.2 as it's unlikely to leave the beta soon enough, but it's worth reminding I guess.
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