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  1. Contracts have been awarded to build a reactor in space to revive nuclear propulsion. https://spacenews.com/general-atomics-wins-darpa-contract-to-design-nuclear-reactor-to-power-missions-to-the-moon/
  2. I don't care how clever and good your sheilding material is. Nothing short of magic is blocking the radiation in this scenario https://what-if.xkcd.com/73/
  3. Ian M Bank's Algebraist has portals that only work in flat areas of spacetime so any nearby mass, e.g. a planet causes the portal to explode. That leads to ships being used to get around inside a system and get to and from the portals which are in distant orbits. It isn't very compatible with portal based fuel transfer though.
  4. One of the mission objectives for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is to provide hish speed data relay for rovers on the surface of mars, which technically aren't satellites themselves are close enough.
  5. I'm afraid I don't have time to look after this mod any more so I am going to leave it in the more than capable hands of @linuxgurugamer Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it over the years.
  6. I think that the angle to the horizon is pretty much a red herring. The star nearest the zentith (the point right above you) is determined by you latitude, the position of earth in it's orbit and your local time. You could calculate the local time from the fact that it is sunset, the position of earth in it's orbit and your lattitude if you had too though.
  7. Today's launch is supposed to be passing over the UK at a good time for seeing. Does anyone know a website that will predict when and where in the sky to see it?
  8. I've found an interesting feature. The config and the description text for the toroidal antiproton tank say that it should hold 10,000 antimatter and it is priced with a base cost of 10,000 + 100*10,000. However when I add it to a craft it has an antmatter capacity of only 250 and costs 985,000when empty. This is in a test install with only warp plugin and community resource pack installed. I also tried deleting the dlls in the plugin directory and then the tank behaved as normal, so I think it is something in the plugin code that is messing with the capacity. All the other antimatte
  9. I'm landing on Troni from the other worlds pack and I'm finding that wheels, lander legs and drills keep falling through tthe surface. Is this likely to be an issue with Kopernicus itself or with the planet pack? It doesn't look like the planet pack has been updated in a while. can anyone suggest a similar pack that is still being worked on?
  10. I think that with interstellar bon voyage is seeing the same problems as mentioned with kerbalism a few pages back. Interstellar has replaced the modules on all the solar pannels to ones that bon voyage doesn't recognise. Would it be possible to add this support as well?
  11. That does sound like a bug and I have no idea what is causing it. Would you be able to pm me a save file so I can try to reproduce? I'll need to know what other mods are required to load the save.
  12. Sorry I should have said, I'm still on KSP 1.7.3 as I'm using Kopernicus. I will wait for Kopernicus to update and retry on 1.8
  13. Hi, I wanted a fuel tank that could be carried by a kerbal as a jerry can so I modded the dumpling tank to be a back-carried item. This seemed fine when I tried it with an empty tank but when I tried to pick up a full tank the mass of the tank seems to increase every frame so by the time my kerbal walked to where he was supposed to drop the tank it now weighs 264 tonnes. The MM config I used to patch the dumpling @PART[externalTankRound] { MODULE { name = ModuleKISItemEvaTweaker carriable = true equipMode = part equipSlot = jetpack equipBoneName = aliasJetpack equipPos
  14. Yup I have finally given up waiting for Kopernicus and recompiled for KSP 1.8. A few minor code changes but nothing affecting functionality.
  15. The vis-viva equation is the one you want to look at. given PE and V you can find a (the semi major axis) and from pe and a you can get AP
  16. Updated to 1.8! I haven't been dead but I haven't been playing 1.8 as I need Kopernicus to update but I've given up waiting and released a 1.8 version As well as supporting 1.8 station science now supports generating contracts for bodies other than the default KSP ones supports not having Kerbin as the home body (untested) New contracts don't require newly launched experiment modules - if you are organised and send all the experiments in advance of getting contracts for them that's ok with me.
  17. I'm currently surveying a small moon rumoured to be rich in resources (C2-1 from the other worlds pack) I want to scan it for resources using the stock resources scanner. However the scanner has a minimum altitude of 25km to operate while the moon has an SOI of only 9km altitude. Is there anything in the configuration I could change to either change the minimum scanning altitude or hack the SOI to make scanning possible?
  18. To give some numbers the thrust of a photon drive is the power of the beam / the speed of light so a 1Mw laser gives a thrust of 0.003 Newtons. The ISP is 30,000,000s though
  19. They worried enough about this before the first trinity test that they did the calculations https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/bethe-teller-trinity-and-the-end-of-earth/ The answer turned out to be very comfortably no though.
  20. I'm looking to go interstellar so I'm looking for the ISP. I thought that what was required for the magnetic nozzle was a reactor that produces charged particles and a supply of Hydrogen fuel?
  21. I'm getting a new error in 1.8 Uploading Crash Report MissingMethodException: Default constructor not found for type kerbal_impact.ImpactContract at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceMono (System.Boolean nonPublic) [0x0007b] in <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0 ImpactContract is an abstract class and isn't supposed to be instantiated at all. This worked in previous versions but now seems to be blowing up the whole contract system. Is there a simpler workaround than simply not using the abstract class?
  22. What does air combustion failed mean on a magnetic nozzle?
  23. Has anyone on this thread used Principia? I'm curious what the actual size of perturbations is. If I put a craft in LKO say 80x80, with whatever inclination is worst how long will it be before the orbit is perturbed enough to enter the atmosphere? The difficult part of n-body physics is that you can no longer use simple eclipses to draw orbit lines. The step up in processing power required to go to 3 body is going to make the additional step to go n body look insignificant. I think an optional system of n-body where each craft could optionally be configured to automatically spend st
  24. Why might Bon Voyage say there is no route to target on Minmus? I have power and both the bon voyage part and a pod that supports bon voyage and the target is only 7km away.
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