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  1. As Ethernet hasn't had time to update it in a while I am going to pick up the torch and maintain his excellent Station science mod. Latest Release - available from github at If you have the original station science installed make sure you delete that first - especially if using ckan Adjusts the efficiencies of all labs - Cyclotrons are now slightly less effective with no engineer on board, and a little bit above 100% when a 5 star engineer can tune it. The other labs will also be more effective with more experienced scientists. This mod adds several large parts designed to be integrated into a permanent space station: the Science Lab, the Zoology Bay, the Cyclotron, and the Spectrometron. These heavy parts provide facilities for performing experiments. Experiments are held in small, light pods that you can dock with your space station, execute, and bring back to the surface for Science points. The Spectrometron uses the Cyclotron to analyze results from other experiments, and allows you to transmit the data home for much higher value. In addition, there are tanks for storing Kibbal for the Zoology Bay. Running Experiments Each experiment requires Eurekas generated by the Science Lab. More advanced experiments also require Bioproducts generated by the Zoology Bay (costing Kibbal), and/or Kuarqs generated by the Cyclotron (costing large amounts of Electric Charge). Once an experiment has accumulated sufficient Eurekas (and Bioproducts/Kuarqs), use the Finalize Results action to finish the experiment, and generate Science value in the same manner as the stock science parts. Make sure your station stays in the same location for the duration of the experiment. If in orbit, this means entirely above or below the low/high orbit altitude threshold, which is 250km around Kerbin. If the experiment moves to a new location prior to finalization, it will be aborted and you'll have to start it over. Eurekas and Bioproducts generate while you're focused elsewhere, so you can leave those mult-hour experiments running while you control other ships, or just go to the launchpad to timewarp through it all. Kuarqs do not generate while unfocused, due to their electric charge requirement, but they only takes minutes of in-game time to reach quota if you have sufficient charge flowing in. Experiments don't work on Kerbin's surface. Your researchers get too caught up daydreaming about going to space. To use the Spectrometron, dock the vessel carrying the science result, or transfer it to a command pod via EVA. The results will appear automatically in the Spectrometron's context menu. Select the one you want to analyze, and wait for requisite number of kuarqs to be generated. Then, you'll be able to review the result now stored in the Spectrometron using its context menu, and transmit it at 90% via your transmitter. Experiments Plant Growth: see how a variety of plants grow in space. All you need is a crewed Science Lab. Creature Comforts: see how the animals in the Zoology Bay are enjoying space. You'll need a Science Lab, a Zoology Bay, and a sufficient supply of Kibbal. Prograde Kuarqs: use a Cyclotron to manufacture the stable Prograde variety of Kuarqs. You'll also need a Science Lab, and at least some source of power. Retrograde Kuarqs: use a Cyclotron with enough power flow to keep it running near capacity (about six Gigantor solar panels) to manufacture the unstable Retrograde variety of Kuarqs. You'll need that power to keep ahead of the decay of the Kuarqs. You should also only run one experiment at a time to avoid splitting the output of your Cyclotron. Once you reach your quota, the decay will cease. You'll also need a Science Lab. Eccentric Kuarqs: use two Cyclotrons, with enough power flow to keep both running near capacity, to manufacture the even more unstable Eccentric variety of Kuarqs. You'll need both Cyclotrons and that power to keep ahead of the decay of the Kuarqs. You should also only run one experiment at a time to avoid splitting the output of your Cyclotrons. Once you reach your quota, the decay will cease. You'll also need a Science Lab. Kuarq Bio-activity: see how the animals in the Zoology Bay react to Kuarqs. You'll need a Science Lab, a Zoology Bay, a Cyclotron running near capacity, and a sufficient supply of Kibbal. Contracts Contracts to perform station science experiments in orbit around a body will appear in career mode when you have been to that body and you have unlocked (and purchased the prototype) of the experiment and labs required. To complete the missions you need to recover the capsule back on Kerbin. License: All source code and software (.cs and .dll files) is licensed under GPL v3 Everything else is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License Version History v2.4.1 Fix for Kuarq bug v2.4.0 Support for KSP 1.4 and internationalization v2.3.0 Support KSP 1.3 v2.2.0 Use effects instead of skills and remove part purchase requirement First release - balance efficiencies for KSP 1.2.2 unsupported pre-release 1.2.0 The new git repository is the original discussion thread was here
  2. The latest version works for 1.4.2 and I believe 1.5
  3. Crash for science, profit and fun - now in KSP 1.4! Download Github - I no longer support curse Also available with CKAN Old version are still available at Thanks to BenjiGH who created the models We all know that crashing is fun, but did you know that it can also be useful? Our scientists have found two experiments that will return useful data from the resulting explosion. This mod has two new science parts, the Bangometer (seismometer) and flashometer (spectrometer) as well as contracts for performing experiments with them. Bangometer The bangometer is available in the Space Exploration tech tree node This experiment will analyse the seismic waves generated by an impact in order to get information about the interior of the body. Land a vessel with a bangometer anywhere on the surface of an atmosphereless body. Crash a second craft into the body as hard as you can. (You must be controlling this craft until impact.) Switch back to the landed craft. There will now be an experiment registered in the bangometer. Recover or transmit the result back to KSC. A seismic study on the Mun The amount of science resulting from an impact is proportional to the kinetic energy of the impact. Once you have acheived a high enough energy to get the maximum science no more impact will give any further data. Flashometer The flashometer is available in the advanced exploration node This experiment analyses the spectrum of radiation emitted by the debris thrown up by an impact Put a vessel with a Flashometer in low orbit around an atmosphereless body. Crash a second craft into the body. (You must be controlling this craft until impact). The craft with the Flashometer must be above the horizon in order that it can see the ejecta. Switch back to the orbiting craft. There will now be an experiment registered in the flashometer. Recover or transmit the result back to KSC. The science from this experiment is not related to the impact speed (although there is a minimum energy in order to create the debris). The science is linked to the biome in which the impactor crashed and is repeatable for each biome. Career mode In career mode you will be given contracts to perform impacts on bodies you have previously visited. Both are completed by receiving the required data back at KSC. Bangometer contracts will specify a minimum kinetic energy required to complete the contract (KE=1/2mv2). Flashometer contracts specify a minimum latitude where the impact has to occur. Asteroids The Flashometer (spectrograph) can analyse impacts into asteroids if it is with 500km of the impact. As with the other experiments you should control the impactor until the moment of impact. Don't try to crash at to high a speed as it is quite easy to simply pass through the centre of an asteroid without triggering the KSP collision code. ChangeLog v 1.6.4 Fix bug generating spectrometer contracts for outer bodies v 1.6.3 Support KSP 1.4 v 1.6.1 Support nationalization and fix smaller impacts sometimes overwriting bigger ones v 1.6.0 Support KSP 1.3 v 1.5.1 Fix the bug that prevented impacts near the instrument from registering v 1.5.0 support KSP 1.2 v1.4.3 - minor fix to display asteroid orbing body in contracts. v1.4.2 for KSP 1.1 is released - see download links below V 1.3.0 Support for KSP 1.0.5 V 1.2.0 Automatically reveal the name of asteroids subject to new contracts Track asteroids for accepted contracts to prevent despawning Add MiniAVC plugin to track versioning To celebrate Asteroid day Impact! now includes asteroid impacts. All code is released under the apache license included. The models have all rights reserved by BenjiJH.
  4. tomf

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Didn't the test flight deliberately spend some time hanging around before burning for it's trans-martian orbit deliberately to demonstrate this capability?
  5. Ive uploaded a new release that fixes a couple of broken localization tags - thanks to Wyzard256
  6. New release! I've finally got round to fixing the things found by linuxgurugamer
  7. tomf

    Mars 'impossible" to terraform

    I don't think you particularly need diluent gasses. My basic chemistry says that only the partial pressure of a gas affects its reaction rate, not the partial pressures of any other gasses. We had a thread about this a while ago and I don't think we could find a reason why humans couldn't live comfortably in a 0.2 atm pure oxygen atmosphere, after a suitable period of decompression to get the existing nitrogen out of our systems.
  8. I'm looking for a way to spawn a dead kerbal or kill an existing one. The scenario is: Frank is out on EVA, a trigger occurs and then The active vessel is snapped to another vessle it becomes impossible to make frank the active vessel, or Frank is replaced with something that looks like a kerbal in a space suit but doesn't behave like one. Does anyone have ideas of how it could be done? I'm wondering if the same mechanism that makes rescue kerbals unfocusable before you get within physics distance of them could be used to make a kerbal uncontrolable until you get with say -1m of them.
  9. Well then what would be the point of the research lab? Where you can timewarp years in a few minutes? The whole point of this mod is to force you to find a way to haul massive components around the solar system.
  10. I have the event node box ticked on a Take kerbal node in my mission. Despite this it shows up as n objective right from the start of the mission, although it does seem to have added a yellow lightning bolt symbol to it in the mission summary panel. It also seems to be ignoring several other nodes that are marked as event nodes. What does the yellow lightning symbol mean, and why are nodes I expect to be hidden being shown?
  11. I've created a version 2 of this mission pack which feels a lot closer to the film in structure. The second mission, taking the Discovery to Jool has been updated using some custom nodes and the Kerbal Inventory System and can be downloaded from To play it you are gong to need to have KIS already installed and then open the zip file which contains the missions, The 2001 parts and the code for the custom nodes. If you don't have/don't want KIS then the original is still available from the link below. --Original post below To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the film of 2001 - A Space Odyssey I've created a pair of missions that parallel the films. They should take a couple of hours to play through. It requires some slightly modified versions of @NecroBones' Joolian Discovery parts which are included in the zip
  12. That's a pity, you missed out on KAL's dialog. Ok, I'll give you a clue The staging is a bug though
  13. Ok, I admit it might be a bit mean that there isn't any in game hint but there is a way to get the cargo bay open. If you have seen the film you should be able to work out out. I guess I could put in a spoiler tag
  14. Wait a few hours and I should have uploaded version 2 which I am much happier with. It does require KIS installed but it's much closer to the film.
  15. Yup, that got that exception. Still doesn't work though but there is one less exception in the logs. Now I get NullReferenceException at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Transform:INTERNAL_get_position (UnityEngine.Vector3&) at UnityEngine.Transform.get_position () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FlightGlobals.getFoR (FoRModes mode, UnityEngine.Transform referenceTransform, .Orbit orbit, .CelestialBody body) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FlightGlobals.GetFoR (FoRModes mode) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FlightCamera+<Startup>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine_Auto_Internal(IEnumerator) UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine(IEnumerator) FlightCamera:OnLevelLoaded(GameScenes) FlightCamera:OnSceneLoaded(Scene, LoadSceneMode) UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SceneManager:Internal_SceneLoaded(Scene, LoadSceneMode)
  16. I'm attempting to make another custom node for Making History, this time an action to change the focussed vessel. This one fires and changes the focus but seems to be causing an error in the MH code and preventing the next node from firing. Can anyone (probably @SQUAD) tell me what is wrong? The code for the node And the Logs
  17. You should uninstall the original Joolian discovery mod and use only the files from the modified version. If you are getting big spaces it looks like it is picking up the original somehow. I doubled the size of everything, removed the hatch on the main pod and tweaked some other stuff.
  18. I've created a couple of custom nodes for the making history expansion mission builder. They aren't ready for release yet but the source is here One node simply kills the warp when triggered, the seconds checks that the active vessel has a specified part on it. I'm interested if anyone else is thinking about extending MH?
  19. I thought about that but I know the film better, and there isn't a Saturn analogue anyway. I'm not 100% happy with the climax but I can't think of a way to do it better without writing code for custom nodes, which I'm not sure anyone has done yet. If you have any better ideas let me know.
  20. I seem to remember reading in the weekly updates that the mission builder was going to be extendable with modders able to create new builder node types. I'm currently wanting nodes to Unspawn a craft - no explosions, it just doesn't exist any more change the camera focus A variation on the dock/undock node that tests for a ship splitting at docking nodes and then adds the parts to the builders ship list. I want to be able to say that a ship that was docked to a space station goes somewhere. Has anyone created any kind of custom node or is there an @SQUAD tutorial of how it can be done?
  21. I'm creating a fairly long mission, its currently up to 46 modes long, all of which are pretty linear. I want to be able to play through it to test, and use checkpoints to make it less tedious. Hyperedit would be nice too but that's another question. However, when I make an edit to a node further down the chain, something i won't get to in my playthrough for quite a while it is marking all the checkpointws as dirty except for the first 3, created right at the start of the mission. Any idea why and how to have usable checkpoints for later points?
  22. And another in the series of "TomF finds things that don't work as he expects in making history" A simple mission - drive Jeb in a prebuilt rover from the runway to the launchpad - within 100m However if you cross the boundary on foot or in a command chair the result doesn't trigger Do it in the command pod and it works fine
  23. Um download the source, comment out that line and recompile it? Ok, new version coming.
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    Checkpoints become dirty

    This is in a mission that I am creating and the mission nodes that I am changing are significantly in the future of the checkpoints that are being invalidated. E.g. my mission consists of 40 nodes. In a playthrough I get up to node 30 and notice that something has gone wrong. I go back to the editor. At this point I have checkpoints corresponding to nodes 10, 15 and 20. I make my change to node 30. I would expect that the checkpoints for earlier nodes are unaffected but I am finding that the checkpoints for nodes 15 and 20 have become invalid. Are my expectation of how the checkpoints work wrong?