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  1. To give some numbers the thrust of a photon drive is the power of the beam / the speed of light so a 1Mw laser gives a thrust of 0.003 Newtons. The ISP is 30,000,000s though
  2. They worried enough about this before the first trinity test that they did the calculations The answer turned out to be very comfortably no though.
  3. I'm looking to go interstellar so I'm looking for the ISP. I thought that what was required for the magnetic nozzle was a reactor that produces charged particles and a supply of Hydrogen fuel?
  4. I'm getting a new error in 1.8 Uploading Crash Report MissingMethodException: Default constructor not found for type kerbal_impact.ImpactContract at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceMono (System.Boolean nonPublic) [0x0007b] in <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0 ImpactContract is an abstract class and isn't supposed to be instantiated at all. This worked in previous versions but now seems to be blowing up the whole contract system. Is there a simpler workaround than simply not using the abstract class?
  5. Has anyone on this thread used Principia? I'm curious what the actual size of perturbations is. If I put a craft in LKO say 80x80, with whatever inclination is worst how long will it be before the orbit is perturbed enough to enter the atmosphere? The difficult part of n-body physics is that you can no longer use simple eclipses to draw orbit lines. The step up in processing power required to go to 3 body is going to make the additional step to go n body look insignificant. I think an optional system of n-body where each craft could optionally be configured to automatically spend station keeping fuel to maintain itself on a patched conic like orbit could be an interesting way to go.
  6. Why might Bon Voyage say there is no route to target on Minmus? I have power and both the bon voyage part and a pod that supports bon voyage and the target is only 7km away.
  7. I have an interesting issue. When I try to delete an alarm created in Kerbal Alarm clock by an OSE workshop the alarm disappears but another alarm selected at random from my list of outstanding alarms has it time updated to be whatever the time of the OSE alarm was. Interplanetary transfer alarms that were scheduled for a year in the future suddenly are scheduled for 10 minutes time. I'm posting it here because I don't think it happens with alarms generated by other mods.
  8. Thank you from me too. It's an amazing mod, as far as I can tell it contains almost everything that is going to be KSP2
  9. I'm having a problem powering my Vasmir with a Tri-alpha reactor too. It worked when I launched this ship a few (real time) days ago but now when I come to do an insertion burn at Minmus I get nothing. I have propellant, the waste heat is currently low, throttle and thrust limiter at 100%, status nominal, power share 100%, prop efficiency 30% overheat efficiency 100%, heat prod 0, max effective power 884Mw, current and max thrust are both 0. I did update the version of interstellar in the last few days. I am also getting log spam from thousands of lines that look like (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) [StageInfo]: Simulation Time exceeded! [KSPI]: GetModuleCost returned maxResourceCost 209.694763103695 + dryCost 0 - neutronEmbrittlementCost 66.1970934643715 = 143.4977
  10. KSP 1.7 allows you to add parts to different control sets (default, set 1-4). I assume that this allows you to switch modes in flight so controls that do one thing in the default mode do something else in mode 1. Does anyone know how to do the switch in flight mode?
  11. Do you mean that for you the trajectory lines for hyperbolic solar orbits stretch out to infinity? I have just spotted that the star Cercani which is my destination has an orbital velocity so presumably it is in a very slow orbit.
  12. Hi, I've just started playing with Kopernicus and I have noticed that when you are in a hyperbolic solar orbit I only get a short stub of a trajectory line, which only stretches back from the craft towards the sun (on the outbound leg at least) is there any way (mod or config) to get a trajectory line which shows which direction I am currently heading and where I will end up? Also distant stars implemented with Kopernicus, are they in a very slow orbit around the sun or are they fixed in place?
  13. The diagram on the previous page missed out the electron gun that injects the excess electrons into the ion exhaust neutralising them as shown in this image
  14. Is there a guide to using the mod? I have OPM installed and some random clicking has given me a long list of bodies about which I know 0% e.g. Nissee and a few about which I know 10% e.g. Neidon. I have a TB-75M telescope in a high orbit and I have completed the search the skies mission twice. What is the designed flow for discovering a new object and then learning enough about it to send probes there?
  15. Some sort of engine a bit like a turbofan jet with injected oxidiser would probably be more efficient in an atmosphere than just using your fuel and oxidiser in a rocket engine. Heavier though. If you are using Hydrogen or Methane and Oxygen you are going to be be better off using a fuel cell to generate electricity. Internal combustion engines tend to be pretty inefficient by comparison.
  16. But what about the space squirrels?
  17. It looks really weird the way the camera turns the sky black as the engine ignites. Makes it seem like there was a really sudden solar eclipse.
  18. For midcourse correction you would just cancel the spin, wind the cable in and reconnect the halves, perform the burn and then spin up again. If you use a 1000m cable that the two halves have a relative velocity of 100m/s, it should be perfectly possible for the two parts to use their OMS to rendevous, hook up again and resume tumbling.
  19. Are there explicit missions in breaking ground to test the passive seismometer by crashing probes? If so does anyone know the prerequisites?
  20. I just read an article quoting an Apollo communications specialist saying that soviet subs were attempting to interfere with the communications with the Apollo spacecraft It seems pretty surprising, if anything had gone wrong it would have been far to easy to point the finger for a pretty significant PR victory. Has anyone ever heard anything like this before and are there any more official sources?
  21. The problem with your first point is we aren't anywhere close to having propulsion methods that could produce any significant acceleration for any significant time. The best current engines with a mass ration of 95% could sustain 1g for about 13 minutes before running out of fuel. A NTR with ISP 800 could sustain nearly half an hour. Whereas there are centrifugal designs we could build tomorrow.
  22. The grabbing point doesn't have to be near the axis of rotation. If you could line the COM of the grabbing spacecraft up with the LM's axis and rotate at the same rate then the LM will appear to be stationary and you can grab it wherever it provides a handhold.
  23. The latest release was compiled against 1.6 but I'd be amazed if it didn't work fine with 1.7 I'm not playing KSP at the moment so I'm not going to implement anything new myself. If you are a modder and you create something new I might consider including it.