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  1. 8/10 A bad pun (I like bad puns), and a nice train.
  2. I build a mountain so it blocks the sunlight in the mourning to your hill. CelticCossack51's hill
  3. Does SpinTires count as a sandbox game?
  4. Stock first person view, zoom in as far as possible then use the pan camera key (MMB)to clip the camera inside the kerbal's head. There, you are now in first person view.
  5. You know, people have already done this on the K-prize challenge thread. But they can't use mods.
  6. .But since you use mechjeb I think you should add that to the title. When I saw it I thought it was 100% stock. And with Eve you need alot more delta-v than that, it will use most of it on ascent. And don't forget Gilly, Bop, Pol and Ike
  7. Strange, I thought the triangle was one of the strongest shapes.
  8. Someone is actually working on other plants/star systems.
  9. I have a NASA news page if your interested. Here.
  10. You know there's a 10th action group right?
  11. 1. You need the ISA mapsat dish and plugin. 2. Nope:D 3. Do you have the the science instruments on board? If you do active them and it will show the readouts. If you don't, no data.
  12. I can get the debug to work. I'm running kethane 0.7.4. I have added debug = true to the settings file but nothing happened.
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