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  1. Hey ! Nice to see you still around as well 5 years you say ? Oh ... my ... ^^ Yep, Chatterer is still alive, yet it deserves more time I can give it for now, but I still got some nice ideas and plans for the future ... just got lack of free time I feel KSP 1.7 is just around the corner, recompile will come with it and updates some times later. I updated KSP AVC numbers for 1.6.1, this should help with CKAN and warnings in the meantime
  2. Thanks for feedbacks and kind words guys. I will have a look at the stock toolbar issue, it shouldn't behave like this.
  3. @JoaquinJAR yep. If all conditions are met this button should trigger an exchange between Ship and KSC.
  4. Athlonic

    Don't Click This

    Oups, sorry wrong thread.
  5. @x2BruceWillis4x Sorry to hear that, I can't reproduce the issue here. Fresh install with CKAN working flawlessly here. By reading your logs, it seems all audio files fail to load at startup for some unknown reason, your install path is fine though. Try a repair from Steam maybe.
  6. No issue on startup, no error on recompile. Hopefully nothing got broken. Anyway here ya go :
  7. Athlonic

    Modder Appreciation Post

    Hey Gordon, Thank you very much, very nice of you and really appreciated. And it also reminds me I didn't "seriously" update Chatterer since a while ^^ Hopefully I will have time to spend on it again soon. Edit : Oh and I see KSP 1.5 update has just been released !
  8. Thanks for these reports guys. I will have a look as soon as possible ;)
  9. Update (chatter exchange HOTFIX kinda) is out. Hopefully I didn't break more things than I fixed, enjoy. More to come, soonish(tm)
  10. @Menecroth Yep, known issue, I am on it (or at least I am trying to) seems like I have to redo the chatter exchange code because it hangs after a short time since KSP 1.4 for some reasons.
  11. Nice catch Karn ! thanks a lot I changed the AVC online version file accordingly. CKAN seems to pick the old version for 1.3.1 now (not sure if someone fixed the metadata or if my change did it though ^^ ) as v0.94 isn't working with KSP 1.4, 1.4.1 at all (I should have checked this, #mybad)