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  1. Thanks for these reports guys. I will have a look as soon as possible ;)
  2. Update (chatter exchange HOTFIX kinda) is out. Hopefully I didn't break more things than I fixed, enjoy. More to come, soonish(tm)
  3. @Menecroth Yep, known issue, I am on it (or at least I am trying to) seems like I have to redo the chatter exchange code because it hangs after a short time since KSP 1.4 for some reasons.
  4. Defender is trolling us !
  5. Nice catch Karn ! thanks a lot I changed the AVC online version file accordingly. CKAN seems to pick the old version for 1.3.1 now (not sure if someone fixed the metadata or if my change did it though ^^ ) as v0.94 isn't working with KSP 1.4, 1.4.1 at all (I should have checked this, #mybad)
  6. Huh ? That's new. Just did a scan with Defender on my original .dll and nothing. Hold on will try to grab via CKAN as well... Edit : No threat here, I am afraid the dll should have been infected on your machine after the download, do I full scan to be safe. PS : also avoid to install your KSP in the Program Files folder as Windows protection might prevent some mods from working correctly.
  7. Wait what !?! EVE atmospheres are back ! Finally !? You rock Galileo !
  8. Restarted Steam 30 minutes ago still no luck. Restarted Steam just now, et voila Free DLC is here.
  9. Yep, thanks for pointing this out. I can reproduce the issue : chatter exchanges stop working for some reason (until EVA or vessel swap), no clue for now. I will have a look at this.
  10. Nevermind ... Why modding at home when you can do it from work (don't tell my boss) Update out :
  11. Got a KSP v1.4 ready devbuild working I will upload it when back from work in a few hours.
  12. Hey thanks meuqsaco for the head up on this one and for the fix. I will implement it in the next Chatterer update
  13. I was joking here, but hey, thanks for your commitment on this.