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  1. Hey thanks meuqsaco for the head up on this one and for the fix. I will implement it in the next Chatterer update
  2. I was joking here, but hey, thanks for your commitment on this.
  3. Norton is malicious software, just so you know. On a more serious note, Norton have to fix their software, because I wont change anything on my side.
  4. Hi, There are no key to press, just build a rocket with at least one launch clamp and the button should appear
  5. Update out : Addon pack management enhancements coming next
  6. @hoover2701 Oh ! another audioset pack and even with female chatter ! No problem at all, addons are always welcome. I just downloaded yours and will have a look at it. Soon(tm) Chatterer will be more friendly with addons and I will try to keep a list of links leading to each of them on this thread's first post. Thanks for your work and time put in this and glad you like Chatterer
  7. Mmmh well. Nevermind then, UI scaling : you are free to go ^^
  8. Hi, Have the same issue, did you crank UI scale by any chance ? I play on 4K so I have UI scale @150%, maybe it is related.
  9. Hi, The only thing I can think of, is you might have misspelled addons directories names. When I tried them for the first time, I (for some reasons) typed apollo5, apollo13 instead of apollo8 and apollo15 ^^ (This reminds me I have to change this system and bring in a more simple "scan for addons and tick-mark them" thingy.) Hope this helps.
  10. Oh, another one I thought I fixed already. Sounds like I got some work to do ^^ Thanks for the report
  11. Hi and welcome, Wait it doesn't mute when game is paused ? OO Added to my todo list then, thx for the headup.
  12. LOL I definitely need to make Chatterer more addonpack friendly, typing in folder name feels sooo '90 ^^ Also @Nick233 : Really nice work here, your samples fit perfectly with the mod
  13. @Enceos Ok, I thought it would be too much of an hassle to determine current vessel's actual type. But I can see how to use vessel types KSP see, I will put this on my todo list