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  1. Of curse ^^ Here you go : https://spacedock.info/mod/208/Chatterer#changelog or https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/chatterer/files
  2. No need to do the audio file yourself as they are already plenty on Nasa audio archive site and such, look at the end of first post here for links. But if you want to help you are welcome. Sorting audio files by event maybe one folder by event would be a good start. I will see if I am able to add an option to trigger audio files in matching folders. Maybe adding subtitles options would be great as well. (This was on my list some years ago, ... Time passes so fast ...)
  3. Hi, That was my plan at first (if only I had more time to put on coding). Some conversation exchange are already triggered by distinctive game events. But for now they are still random chatter. But with some effort, actual and logical exchange in par with situations are doable yep. ;)
  4. Sounds good so far with 1.11 Nothing exploded ... yet
  5. Hi, Thanks for the feedback , I will have a look, long time I didn't start KSP. (Blame MSFS2020 for that ^^) I heard about next 1.11 update with maintenance stuff coming next month, really interesting to say the least
  6. Hey, sorry have missed your post. I don't use Remotetech anymore, but if they still manage connections via the in-game events it should work with Chatterer right out of the box.
  7. Quick update for KSP 1.9.1 : @无限三角洲 You can, - make your audio files and put them in a folder in "\GameData\Chatterer\Sounds\chatter" - enable advanced option in Chatterer settings - go to Chatter tab, click on ChatterSets, type your folder name in the text box on the bottom and click Load
  8. @LittleBitMore Here you go, on the first post, credits section : There are all original NASA audio files for you @Beetlecat Yes reversed Spanish was the original Kerbalish idea. (On which I miserably failed with my LaunchCountDown mod using Google Spanish translation ) Then mostly were NASA/Russian reversed and high pitched with other tweaks one some to make them "sound" better.
  9. Not possible above 100% sorry, you wouldn't want that anyway as it may produce saturation. Hey that would be cool for players still on 1.7, thanks a lot
  10. Hi, Well the echo was part of that very first sound set back then. I've already been asked to put it back in the past, not a bad idea actually.
  11. By release page are you referring GitHub/release ? Cause this is normal I only use this for devBuild release for testing. But you are right about 0.9.97 not showing on CKAN, that is maybe because I released the both versions at the same time. Don't think I can fix this without messing things more, like putting 0.9.97 as default version on Spacedock until CKAN catch it, but I am afraid this could confuse people. Thanks for the headup
  12. Hi, For some reason NetKAN bot didn't catch my Chatterer updates (v0.9.98 for KSP1.8 and v0.9.97 for KSP1.7.x) yesterday. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/master/NetKAN/Chatterer.netkan My other mod update for LCDLaunchCountDown worked flawlessly tho https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/master/NetKAN/LCDLaunchCountDown.netkan Should I do something ? Thx.
  13. Oups I wanted to post my previous post on the CKAN thread ! Wrong thread happened, sorry
  14. @Problemless Mods Wanter No problem or should I say it's problemless ^^ Here you go : NetKAN Status Also Chatterer still not re-scanned (20h and counting)
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