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  1. i'd totally love a way to make fields bigger - maybe with the trade-off that they will use up energy/exotic matter exponentially faster. maybe even as a one-way-trip jump pack, that gets that lathe colony going.
  2. 0.90 has been a nightmare for me so far, with new issues i never had in the 750++hours i played ksp before. at first i thought mods would be at fault, but even with the third stock ksp re-install i had game-breaking problems. like for example every time i load a vessel in space its engine "ghostfires" and i can't do anything about it. random crashes and spontaneous disassembly in mid-flight are common and of course anything docked is shaking itself to death... i got so frustrated i even disconnected my flightstick but nothing changed. ( i run ksp 32-bit on an 4770k cpu + gtx770 graphics card.)
  3. i have the exact same issue! my install shares the following mods: B9 aerospace Crowd sourced science kerbal engineer Realchute Kerbal alarm clock Infernal Robotics Vanguard kerbal parachutes
  4. ......rescued 21 kerbals from kerbin orbit to date, i now renamed that savegame into "Kerbin Bus Simulator"..........
  5. ......you finally unlock the interstellar warp drive, collect anti matter, transfer it to your craft that you painfully assembled in orbit, activate it and smash the whole thing into jool at light speed ( while corrupting your save file of course) because you forgot to set a hotkey for "deactivate warp drive" and right clicking is far to slow ....... ....when you realize F.A.R. is actually spelled D.E.A.T.H........ .....you think visiting eve will be fun.........
  6. Why not give it different properties if refined in zero-g environments? something along the lines of "if you refine it in orbit you get more" or much more interesting "if you refine it in orbit you get a fuel with better properties"? oh and it would be a lot of fun if we could sell it, import style!
  7. i really hope this thing isn't dead! i just fund it! +1 kühles Bier!
  8. engines on go. start the show!
  9. Dear Mr. Bobcat, extremely impressive work as always! very excited to see the release! ((((ERMAGHERD!!!! GIMMME GIMME GIMME!!!!)))
  10. Thank you all for your quick help, all my questions were answered in a helpful and friendly manner. three cheers to the KSP community!
  11. thank you! how do i change the thread title? didn't find it in thread tools?