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  1. there are parts stuck in parts and i cant assemble these craft
  2. ok ive tryed this pack but in the VAB the craft is not built and i cant get it put together proberly, i have tweakscal etc but just wont build right.
  3. not sure if i shud post this here but i having a issue with all my builds inwhich when i go to launchpad all the stageing on the left hand side dissapears and can only get it back when i relise a clamp. i have to do everything manual hitting space dont work . any ideas please ? running RSS with open GL and agressive texture etc which i happy with as has deff stopped the random crashes.
  4. not sure what i is doing wrong but i dont get the option to use RP 0 in the tech manager or the other thing needed to run it. any ideas please. also it would not work on 25 either.
  5. rgr and thanks for your work and helping to ensure the best set of mods continue
  6. my go to changes is also greyed out cant get RSS etc is there still a prob with CKAN ?
  7. rgr standing by for CKAN its there but wont install..
  8. chaps any clues as to why my heatsheilds are exploding when trying to return the bio probe in RSS ?
  9. ok thanks i thought it was something like that but wast to sure.
  10. ok chaps so first off what iam going to say is not a report of a problem cause i can live with it i just want someone to explain why it is so. i have a full tech tree, yet i have some craft files which when load in the VAB dont assemble proper , which is not a problem as taking them apart and reassembling and learn how it all goes together is fun. However none of these craft i reassemble want to take off they absolty refuse to lift of from the pad via mec jab or manal , and yes there is fuel, electric charge etc to icnite the egines etc and yes i have comms disches on the craft and yet still no local control etc and some of them are manned. craft this apllies to is any SLS craft any fusteck dragon craft , some fasa craft and a few others which my old brain cant rememember oh the is a set of 3 craft files called Mars one which just wont load even thou the tech is all there , as i said its not a biggie to me i just want some clarifation as to why this is happening.
  11. think you shud calm down maxp the lads work very very hard to keep things rolling for us , and the ammount of questions they try to answer is very very silly ammount 90% of questions are due to people not reading the OP and understanding it and installing mods wrong
  12. erhm no this thread is for RSS mod craft which means the craft work in RSS