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  1. Best Looking Computer Thread

    So do my neighbours. (And the red devil sneaks into my home every chance he gets.) What has 'having a cat' to do with computer cases?
  2. I hope you're aware you're posting in an almost 4 year old thread. If you want anybody to diagnose your problem it helps if you supply your log files. But in case it is indeed exactly the same as the OP, he was running out of memory. Best option for you at this moment is to start a new thread and supply all relevant info. @TaranisElsu already supplied a link explaining how to obtain that info.
  3. 3.75 docking port

    Not as far as I know. I've never played with RSS. And I never play without KW Rocketry.
  4. Dres Spacecraft - Is it enough?

    Save then try. Fail? Accept failure or reload. Success? Smile. Since we can't see exactly what you're doing it gets very difficult to give you a yes or no. The only way to be sure is just go for it and find out. And if, for RP reasons, you don't want to reload; test it in a separate sandbox game. And call it a 'simulation' by the boys in mission control.
  5. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    At work just like every other morning at seven o'clock sharp we receive a truck with fresh produce. And this time of year at seven in the morning it's about 0 C. It's cold. The driver climbs out of his cab. And in this case he's .. well, lets call him multiple shades darker than a healthy sun tan. Please note I am quoting him, I am NOT discriminating. I even toned it down a bit. "Oh man, it's cold." He shivers. "this is no weather for a black guy." Immediately followed by my reply: "Hey, that's pretty much what we say during a heat wave." Both of us nearly lost it laughing out loud.
  6. 3.75 docking port

    KW Rocketry
  7. Don't worry. I wasn't criticizing you. Nobody can notice every bug in every mod. It was more an expression of mild frustration that a well known bug is STILL present more than a year later.
  8. Sandbox Career "guide"

    Just wondering: You play sandbox-, career- or science-mode. What is sandbox career?
  9. In case any of you have ModularPods installed please check that thread. It had a bug that could significantly mess up your drag. Even when not using any ModPod parts! The bug has been identified, found and fixed.
  10. Must have been a breathtaking experience.
  11. Rover connectivity on Duna

    Yes, that's what you want on your rover. But what's preventing you from leaving a RA-2/15/100 in orbit? The communotron 16 talks to the RA-x. The RA-x talks to KSC.
  12. Rover connectivity on Duna

    As @Snark said: relays. Leave your delivery vehicle in orbit and put a strong relay on it. And in case you're worried it will move out of range or goes over the horizon have it carry a few simple relay satellites and set up a network.
  13. I rarely facepalm playing the game. But I put on my face protector reading the forums.
  14. Absolutely true but it has always been this way for as long as I can remember, about 5 years now. And over those years what you're suggesting has been suggested many times: a simple confirmation window giving you the option to delete and continue. Or quit to menu without saving. But since we're talking about SQUAD you might as well talk to a brick wall. You'll sooner get a responds from that.