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  1. Apart from the physical limitations of your hard-drive there is absolutely nothing preventing you from making a second, third, fourth, or even a hundredth and fourth install! Just make a second, clean install next to your current game and see what happens.
  2. Yes. But no! This will work in solar orbit. But not when you want to target the sun while orbiting any other body.
  3. Tex_NL

    What if you rub sunscreen on a kerbal?

    Nothing will happen! First of all Kerbals and photosynthesis is NOT canon. And secondly; even if it was, sunscreen blocks UV light. UV is NOT involved in photosynthesis.
  4. Tex_NL

    Question on how to go interplanetary?

    Well. No offence intended but to be honest it is most definitely a piloting problem since going to Mun and Minmus is extremely easy. Once you know how of course. I could go into all the details but since others have already done that on both YouTube and the forum hundreds of time I won't bother. Best advice is to search for and read/watch those tutorials. Scott Manleys YouTube tutorials are one of the better ones out there. They might be slightly outdated but the theory behind them hasn't changed. You might want to start there. (In part 12-13 he goes to Mun. In part 14-15 Minmus.)
  5. Tex_NL

    Safe to add more mods?

    @ARS Pretty much summed it up. Adding is usually safe. Removing can cause issues. Apart from that there is a simple 'protocol' when adding mods: Make back-up. Install mod. Test. A. If nothing breaks it obviously works. B. Is something does break remove mod and restore back-up Enjoy.
  6. For the last few versions QA has been a laugh. Every one of the last few updates had several 'in your face' bugs that even a twelve year old with half a brain would have seen. If they actually did some basic game play that is of course.
  7. 1 and 3 were already present in 1.4.2. Sad to see them unresolved.
  8. Tex_NL

    How do I build a Space shuttle

    There are shuttles. And then there are shuttles. The 'classic' STS style shuttle is notoriously difficult as others have correctly mentioned. Asymmetric weight, thrust lift and drag. Asymmetrically shifting weight and thrust. The list of issues is pretty long. But that doesn't mean you can't make it easier (and more interesting) by thinking outside the box. There are at least six different shuttle styles I can think off at this moment: The 'Classic' STS. Difficult but reliable. A Buran style STS would be easier as it also has engines under the external tank. The 'Sandwich'. Basically the classis STS but with two external tanks. One dorsal and one ventral, sandwiching the shuttle. The 'Reverse Sandwich'. Two shuttles on opposite sides of a shared fuel tank. 'Dynasoar/Hermes/Klipper/Dreamchaser'. A small shuttle mounted on top of a regular rocket. However too much wing/drag near the top can and probably will cause problems. And now for my two personal favourites: The 'SSLS: Stable Shuttle Launch System'. Instead of mounting the external tank on the shuttles ventral side it is mounted on the nose. CoM and CoT stay inline with each other. Heavy parts at the top, draggy parts near the bottom. This link will explain exactly how it all works. The 'Hollow Rocket'. The carrier rocket is recessed to accommodate the shuttle bringing the CoM closer in line with the CoT. Think out side the box. Break conventions. Experiment. And do NOT be afraid to fail because I guarantee you, sooner or later you will!
  9. Tex_NL

    Black thing

    Yes I am sure. How you might ask, simple. I DO have EVE installed and DO NOT have scatterer. Still I have eclipse shadows. You do the maths.
  10. Tex_NL

    How to do anything on water?

    Err ... NO! The Kerbin landmass stretches from north- all the way to south-pole cutting off any aquatic circumnavigation.
  11. Tex_NL

    How does three-phase electricity works?

    @Pawelk198604 Pasting your exact question into google gives you hundreds of answers. Including several youtube video's and wikipedia entries. I even found one in Polish for you: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Układ_trójfazowy
  12. Tex_NL

    Black thing

    Close. It's caused by EVE, not Scatterer. (It could be Scatterer also casts eclipse shadows. But since he clearly has EVE installed and I know for sure EVE does cast shadows .... )
  13. Tex_NL

    Updating a modded career

    If you really want to slim down on the number of mods I can only give one advice: Start fresh. Forget everything you've done and go back to the basics. Then only install what you really need.
  14. Tex_NL

    Updating a modded career

    *facepalm* Back-up & try. If it works: success. If it doesn't: restore back-up.