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  1. Spacecraft rolls for no reason

    @LordOfMinecraft99, does your craft keep rolling or does it roll to a certain angle, then stop? If it keeps rolling it is either as others already said trimming or a clipping/phantom force issue or. (On large craft I would suspect autostruts but I highly doubt they are to blame on a craft this small.) If it only rolls to a certain angle it is even easier than that, then it is MechJeb. Turn off the 'force roll' in MechJeb's Smart A.S.S.
  2. Orbital decay?

    It has been asked for and requested to such extend it has been modded back in July '15. Too bad it seems to be outdated. Really, actually searching for (and finding) such info is NOT hard.
  3. Easiest (best?) solution to finishing the tech-tree: LABS! Execute all experiments multiple times. Deliver one set back home at Kerbin for the standard reward. And deliver consecutive sets to as many labs (in different locations of course) as possible. Crunch the data of even more science. Keep in mind that even experiments that no longer have any value when sent home can still be crunched in a lab.
  4. I can totally confirm this. Stock(ish) works just fine in 3.2x. I use mostly stock and KW Rocketry. It's not the engines that need optimization but rather your method of thinking. Reliable design strategies in stock are far from guaranteed to work in 3.2x rescale.
  5. What's wrong with the one we already have?
  6. How about a 2d world?

    I highly doubt there is or ever will be a mod like that. But I can give you two suggestions: Get an autopilot like MechJeb and have it take care of your launches. Practice, practice, practice !!! Learn to play the game before you start changing the core mechanics. Do NOT be afraid to fail. Even the most seasoned players cock-up from time to time.
  7. Demo!

    You can try it here.
  8. Kerbal-Kon

    And this is pretty much my problem. For you it's just half a day away, for me it's half a WORLD away. It would mean spending hundreds of euro's on an intercontinental flight and accommodations.It's just not worth it. And the reverse is also true. Anything in western Europe would be easy for me but getting expensive for you.
  9. @Galileo I just spotted a minor but rather fatal flaw in the 3.2x rescale: Low Kerbin rescue contracts spawn between 70 and 100km. Stock this would be just outside the atmosphere. But with the 3.2x rescale they are just within the new heigh 100km atmosphere.
  10. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I've been in doubt whether or not I should switch to a larger stock solar system. I always knew Kopernicus could rescale the solar system but I was not looking forward to faffing about with all kind of config files in various other mods that would that would be messed up after rescaling. But this .... this is perfect. I installed the dependencies, dropped in the 3.2x rescale configs and it worked. No fuss, no hassle. It just works! Now I just have to 'unlearn' what I had learned. Dependable craft I relied on in the past suddenly won't suffice. Craft that used to reach Mun with ease now barely make orbit. But KSP is finally a challenge again.
  11. Vertical snapping (grid-style)

    Use the translation and rotation tools. Toggle between 'local' and 'absolute' with [F]. In 'local' mode you are locked on a grid centred on the part you are moving. In 'absolute' mode you are locked to a grid centred on the root part on all three axis. What you're looking for is the 'absolute' mode.
  12. Kerbal-Kon

    The online KerbalCons were a mockery. All it was was a 24 hour marathon of streamers. A lot of oooh's and aaah's about a few new features. Only a very small few streamers had some preparation and actually knew what they were doing. most of them didn't have a clue. If something like that will come again in the future I will NOT be wasting me time on it. The idea of an IRL KerbalKon is interesting but WHERE will you organize it? Do you REALLY expect people to travel half way across the world to see your ugly phiz. (No offence. I have no idea what you actually look like.)
  13. Disable auto-crew?

    Instead it will be assigned with NO Kerbal. No Kerbal is just as frustrating as the wrong Kerbal.
  14. Reentry Effects and Plasma

    Exactly. Since it is already a stock feature (being mod activated is irrelevant) it is very easy for Squad to make it available through the settings menu. We already have similar features to stop the navball from hiding in map view and to disable that horrendous part highlighting in flight. As others said: Just make it available through settings and everybody will be happy.
  15. Kerbal 2

    ^ ^ ^ Besides that, why even discuss a sequel when THIS VERSION isn't even finished yet? In contrary to what Squad thinks, believes or says there is so much more that could and should be added before KSP can be considered finished.