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  1. Any way we could get a non-curse download link?
  2. http://jessehakanen.net/adblockpluspopupaddon/ This should help. And yes, Dropbox.
  3. We have the technology...now its just getting the oil companies to stop forcing constant recalls over flimbsy evidence of flakey breaks.
  4. I do use FF with Adblock. Its more the barrage of popups that annoy me. Luckily they get closed by adblock, but they still open. - - - Updated - - - remove the FAR.cfg from the mod's folder if you don't have FAR.
  5. That beautiful Lack. Please tell me it will have an IVA! Also, I was thinking that LLL and SXT could both benefit from the Tweakscale plugin.
  6. Drpbox is the best bet. Mega is a a Megaupload rework and Mediafire is getting COVERD in ads and malware.
  7. Ideas about the IVAs: Mk2 Cockpit: 1. Seats next to each other, not one behind the other 2. don't cramp it up in there. Mk2 Inline Cockpit: 1. Same as above and ideas for a new cockpit, the Mk 4 Cockpit. (For TouhouTorpedo's Mk 4 fuselage system) 6 seater with a large IVA and RPM support. Just a suggestion.
  8. Do Not download the current version, the tweakscale stuff broke; and I don't know why. EDIT: Will upload fix later.
  9. Pork, mind letting me know how you got Kottabos to do a video for you?
  10. Updated to 0.13.3 Changelog in main post. Testing for confirmation of the sound fix.
  11. You should try supporting the following: Mechjeb KAX Spaceplane+ Proc Fair SXT TV PP KAS Firespitter Better RoveMates. I'm working on incorperating this into my mod though, and it will be listed as a requirement. EDIT: Alright, having issues incorperating this in my mod. If you wouldn't mind assisting me?(Link in sig.) Fixed it. Love the mod!
  12. The tracks are actually being developed more, just check here
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ace_of_Tanks/screenshots/?appid=sc_39731&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid My cration with your parts. IVAs would be lovely. LOVE the parts...needs some more stuff though, like engines.
  14. Mind mirroring this on something like Mediafire or dropbox? Curse is a curse. Do your best not to support it.
  15. The issue is not the general pubic, its politicians, they are the ones in need of convincing.
  16. all the above/previous page lists are in general better than stock. I'd start slow. if you want, try my parts pack. It lacks a general theme, but it does have it's uses. EDIT: Linked in my sig, towards the bottom.
  17. confirm there is no life on it, and dump it on Mercury
  18. almost forgot that aboug GCII, it happens there too, more so on larger maps...on the largest 3 it can take litterally YEARS to finish a game without cheats or mods.
  19. I'd say GCII, TONS more modding capability, and a mod community. Or GCIII, which is in early, eraly, EARLY alpha, and costs $100 to become a Founder to get acess. Better graphics and expanded gameplay from GCII, but not much else from there. can't speak for endless space.
  20. C:\Games\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KWRocketry\Parts still don't get the engines or most of the tanks.
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