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  1. Well the tests with XHC-1 showing it to be unseaworthy it has been scrapped and testing has begun on developing and testing newer vessels with one begining battle tests with in the next 24hrs (waiting for a driver to download to record the video). Pics for three Protoype ships (X ships):
  2. So i have run into an issue of not being able to deploy my ship off the coast of KSC (using hyper edit) what are the coordinates that you guys use to start your vessels off?
  3. ****NOTICE This vessel has been dubbed not seaworthy and has been scrapped. Testing has begun on various other vessels (see my next post)**** Tomorrow my time i will have an entry to try against @Earthlinger, i still have some tests to run and but it will be ready by tomorrow my time. teaser pic:
  4. That One Plane Company (TOPC) would like to submit its entry into the supersonic category.
  5. me on one of my last bike trips with my friends in medora before heading to bmt
  6. Mine is kinda self explanatory, but it is for my love of the USAF (which im apart of now) and avation, plan on getting my A&P license and a degree in aeronautical engineering
  7. 8/10 seen you quite a lot recently
  8. Outside KSP i play from the depths, war thunder, mount and blade warband, and when im feeling really bored powder toy
  9. My name came from playing the Dayz mod on arma 2 to try and fool everyone when i was doing bandit stuff in the towns. Worked a few times when they tried to call me out over side chat and eventually confused them to the point where they didn't know who they were talking about anymore
  10. Well i am an aircraft mechanic on the f-16, don't have any degrees yet but looking for aeronautical engineering and also a A&P license as well. For me I have always been good at math and enjoy science and history. My favorite branch of science would have to be physics, especially since it seems we are making some big breakthroughs, and are that much closer to figuring out how gravity can work with quantum theory and the law of uncertainty, since we have found ways for all of the other forces to work into quantum mechanics. I am currently reading actually Stephen Hawking's books brief history of time and the universe in a nutshell and loving every bit of it.
  11. I like this idea and i think it would help to in builds of warships and replica ships
  12. Im The One

    Powder Toy

    I really like this game and I am currently trying t build different types of aircraft engines
  13. I have not left yet (hard time trying to post while at tech school) I just sit and watch for now but I got three crafts I'm working on. Congrats on the eagle, welcome to the aerie.