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  1. Yeah so I go into it AstronomersVisualPack\AVP_Configs\Stock\Duststorms.cfg, removed all but Duna, restart the game... and its still there on Moho.
  2. Weird problem: I'm seeing cloud effects on planets that should not have clouds, Mun, Moho, etc, is that normal?
  3. FOUND IT! https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/11c4bc9/custom_flags_mod_guide/ 1. Download Space Warp Modloader by cheese3660 and unzip it anywhere. I had to disable Real-time protection setting on my Windows Virus & threat protection settings to download and run, so use at own risk. The modders on Discord and the forums have vouched for it, and I looked at the code myself. 2. Run the ksp2_mod_loader_patcher.exe to locate your KSP 2 folder and install the modloader. 3. Load up the game once and close it. 4. There should be a Mods folder in the Kerbal Space Program 2\KSP2_x64_Data folder.If you downloaded via Steam, it might be in: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2\KSP2_x64_Data. 5. Download Custom Flags mod by adamsogm. 6. Unzip the contents of the folder into the Mods folder from step 4. It should just be a folder called custom-flags and everything inside it. 7. Create a folder in the Kerbal Space Program 2 directory called flags. See image below for example. 8. Place your 512x300 .png flag files inside.
  4. I just want to start real simple at first: how to I install a new flag of my own design?
  5. Anything hitting atmosphere will slow down: the masons, atomic fragments that can be magnetically funneled out an exhaust, produced in even the cleanest antimatter-matter reaction of anti-protons and protons while hit atmosphere before they decay, creating an explosion behind it of superheated plasma. Sure in the vacuum of space it will produce a beam that will decay into nothing as the masons eventually end up one way or another as gamma rays.
  6. Now this is just my uneducated opinion as a biochemist and not a physicist but I suspect more holds asteroids together then gravity, electrostatic forces, mechanical adhesion (bits locking and hooking together), etc.
  7. I'm still working on it, but it is based on this: https://kerbalx.com/RuBisCO/Mini-Hexopod
  8. I assume this is already known but collision/clipping with rocks is intermittent and at random, sometimes crafts go through the rocks, sometimes they don't, not sure why.
  9. I do like the idea, my dudes, of putting something in the coolant (ammonia?) that will clog and seal small holes.
  10. Radiators? How would holes in radiators in space be plugged?
  11. at ~50 km above the surface of Venus its like being in full sunlight on earth from all directions so you could put the solar panels on any surface, all around the balloon, even pointing straight down.
  12. Well never say never, remember there is now satellite services in which a symbiotic satellites docks to a rocket nozzle of the host satellite and then the symbiotic sat takes over the propulsion functions of the host.
  13. If Mars has life it is most likely subterranean and as such would take a lot for us to contaminate. If Martian life is not related to us, totally separate evolution of biochemistry then it most likely could eat us as well as we can eat plastic. Even if Martian life is related to us and thus could hypothetically infect us, most subterranean bacteria here on earth has no clue what to do in an oxygenated human body, geobacter and shewanella are harmless even to people who are immunocompromised. I understand CYA because of unknown unknowns means we need to take outlandish precautions, so here I what I propose: If ice coring samples of potential human landing sites find water ice under the ground (for making fuel for the return trip) and IF they find life in those cores then send a One-way trip of biochemists to figure out what that life is and determine how harmful it can be before sending us back, if ever, I volunteer. If we become infected with Mars life and can never return, so be it.
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