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  1. That is going to be a problem, got to find a place to put it that is easy to get at (not roof) yet no trees above it. I'm thinking maybe wifi it from the septic tank mound so then we can walk out and keep it clean of snow and ice.
  2. Exactly! Someone has got to make those hexagons fit!
  3. On SpaceX news, sort of, Richard Shelby is retiring, he the senator to Alabama that was critical to forcing the construction for the Senate Launch System. Yeah we did that for a time as we had line of sight with the local town water tower and they put up wifi on it, but it was slower then DSL.
  4. [excrement] I did not think about the weather here, we get lots of snow and then fog days in spring.
  5. Well I'm hoping it will be 24/7 reliable up here at 45°N by "mid to late 2021" as it says, it will be a real bummer if it is is not by the time I get it.
  6. I order it, most compulsive buy in my life.
  7. Called my step-father up, told him I want to get him starlink for the family farm, he is paying $180 a month for 2 phones lines and 20 Mbs DSL and he wants to get rid of the phone lines and replace them with Voip (he has been saying he wants to replace them with Voip for years now, needs a kick in the butt to do it). Minnesota is high enough latitude we should get good early coverage.
  8. Oh I did not see that there was smaller ones there, neet
  9. Yes but only on the tube part, not the nose cone where specially sized parts are need to close the pattern.
  10. and the colors of the lights to be saved correctly.
  11. Well the problem is that electrolysis cells are going to get gunched up, thermal cycling is going to cause things to break, contaminates are going to corrode pipes and channels, etc, someone or something smart enough to do complex repairs is required on station at all times to keep things running. I agree that storing and utilizing the carbon and hydrogen is preferable to dumping it overboard as propellant in a ~350 isp solarthermal engine. Oxygen will be the biggest by-product from reducing asteroid material, while not as oxidize as earth rock up to 25% of an asteroid is oxygen, a few p
  12. Solar to electric is a major conversion loss of energy, but if they are going to go that route, which I think eventually is best, I would think solar-themal-electric would be best so they can still use solar heat for extraction and reforming while also using it to drive brayton cycle generators, which would power electrolysis for recycling hydrogen and carbon monoxide for reducing and reforming asteroid materials into metals, in the process excess oxygen would be the by-product that could then be used in a ~1500 s Isp ion engine. The next problem is thrust to weight: lets say you have 300
  13. They might also get defense funding because their data could also double in detecting impactors before impact. Remember even the little ones can still level a city, 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor was just 20 m wide and did 500 kiloton blast!
  14. There present candidate is an asteroid simulant they launch with their tiny prototype: I agree that what they are proposing is limited to asteroids of high water content if they plan to return asteroid material to earth orbit, but to implement and more advance system that used hydrogen or CO recycling with electrolysis cells and and oxygen ion engines, etc, would take many more years of research and money. For the mean time they claim there are ~600 "economically viable" asteroids of >5 m in NEO for them, if you wish to make a counter study disproving this that would be great
  15. They claim they will use a C-type asteroid of 10%~20% water in hydrates. NEO of such are still get knocked in from jupiter from time to time.
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