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  1. I do indeed. It must be the parts because the stock servos work fine with the Servo Controller minimod. Though the Canadarm effector works, it's super finnicky about being positioned JUUUUUST right
  2. I can't get the Canadarm to work for the life of me. I must be missing something because there's no control panel or UI or right-click option to activate it, nothing Unless there's no way to manually control each joint by hand, anymore, and must be all done through the track editor?
  3. I don't know what I'm looking at here. Is this a mod, parts list, or just the best use of procedural wings I've ever seen in my life?
  4. With me it's none of those issues. It basically acts exactly like an aircraft that's overweight trying to take off, if you've ever seen that. Rotating is no problem, but it'll just charge down the runway on its main gear with its nose in the air unable to lift off unless you're going a ridiculous take-off speed (140m/s+). And at that speed the roll is so sensitive you can't control it or stay level to save your life, and I use a controller with analog sticks. Using stock MK2 parts and wings with the same engines and sort of design and overall weight, everything works as it should I've been making shuttles/space planes forever, it's what I like most. And these parts are gorgeous and remind me a lot of the Delta Glider from Orbiter, so I'd really like to get them working correctly
  5. I can't actually get these parts to fly. Just a few fuselage parts, command module, regular engines, and the wings, and it just doesn't fly. It'll pull up but instead of taking off it just acts as its own speed brake, going down the runway with its nose pitched up but unable to lift off. With brute force and overspeed it'll fly, but the roll is WAY too sensitive. Much more so than pitch. You can get this thing to do 160rpm
  6. Finished my 1.1 shuttle and orbiter. This is it coasting to the apoapsis, ditching the shuttle part.
  7. You could probably make it so Ribbons don't get awarded for missions under 30 seconds in duration or something, but the landing ribbon is no big deal I don't think. If they fly a mission, the only way they get awarded for it is if they make it back and the mission is ended, so they HAVE to land, right? So far I haven't found any issues. I get awarded correctly everything I've done in the short time I've played. Speed ribbons, altitude record, landing, first steps, mission completed as Eng/Pilot/Sci, multiple missions, all awarded correctly. Custom ribbons, editing their titles and descriptions work fine. The log that shows the time an award was given works. So far so good, this is on Win10, 64bit, mind
  8. Now that two of my must have mods are working in 1.1, I can start playing it. And a new game means a new Orbiter No shuttle to ferry it to orbit yet though. These are just test flight shots
  9. No issues here. Everything seems to be awarded like it's supposed to. No landings or flight ribbons awarded for just sitting and recovering the vessel or anything like that either
  10. I can also throw some feedback your way if you need it. I run the 64bit version on Windows 10
  11. Glad you're back. Your mod makes the difference between Kerbal being playable or not for me. The added persistence and 'character development' it sort of brings to the game makes every mission, failure, catastrophe, and Kerbalnaut meaningful
  12. The only issues in the log are... And I don't *think* these would cause this performance issue in DX11 but not 9/10 I guess I'm just going to have to use DX10 and turn off terrain shadows, which is a shame because damn they look good
  13. The performance does occur with stock only if I use DX11. I don't know what the deal is there. It's fine if I click the runway, pick a craft, and launch. But if I go into VAB or SPH, build/load a craft, hit launch, I'm hit with that bug until restarting the game, it's unrelated to Scatterer but the only way I can use Scatterer with no graphical issues. DX9 and 10 work perfectly fine performance wise, but then terrain shadows are a bust and go all stripey
  14. I get a weird issue with this game OR Scatterer. Using DX11, no graphical issues, but I get this problem with performance after using the SPH/VAB until restarting the game. As long as I don't touch either of those, performance is fine, If I knock DX11 and go to DX10 or DX9, that performance issue goes away, but then I get fat black stripes across the entirety of terrain with exception of my immediate area (About 200 meter circle around me) from scatterer Is there a solution to either of these problems that anyone knows about?
  15. Ahhhh. I am indeed using the latest release.
  16. It's being very finicky the other way around. I drop the SVE Folder in instead, and no BoulderCo folder obviously, I get nothing at all. I drop the EVE portion (Shaders/DLLs) from SVE in rather than use the latest EVE, it works but the clouds disappear. I Franken-Rig it like above and it works. It makes no sense and Kerbal just hates on me
  17. No I've taken yours and overwrote the ones in BoulderCo. If I tried installing it all correctly.. EvE, then SVE, The clouds disappeared at 55km, this is the only way I could solve it
  18. What I did to 'fix' it was use EVE's default shaders/dlls, and replace EVE's Boulderco textures with yours. Then if you want to use your configuration files, go through and edit all of the directory lines that point to the StockVisualEnhancement folder to Boulderco instead. That exludes some of your .DLL's I believe so I'm not sure how much of this mod I'm missing by doing this
  19. Should I replace the Shaders/.DLL's in EnvironmentalVisualEnhancement or should I replace textures and cfgs in StockVisualEnhancements/EVE ? That's a stupid question, disregard. Thanks =)
  20. I can't figure for the life of me why the clouds disappear at 55,000m. I'm guessing they're supposed to and by that point the in orbit Kerbin texture takes place which has clouds on it. But it doesn't. Not until around 180km. Between 55,000m and ~180km, it's a cloudless Kerbin
  21. Mods make a game infinitely re-playable. Basically it's outsourced infinite content for you to custom tailor a game you like to be the way you want. That can't be beat
  22. I use the NOW approach. It works GREAT. I've seen no ill effects other than my left and right mouse buttons become the same button until I right click once and that's it. KSP is currently using 6GB of RAM and doesn't even crash or struggle. Running in openGL would decrease the ram count by a large amount but the performance for me is gross, and I like my visual mods, too
  23. I recently got a tablet and I've been struggling to get to grips with it. I started drawing this based off a screenshot I took in Kerbal some months ago
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