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  1. I've been away from the game for a while, is IR the only option for The Spin Hub and Counter Torque Ring?
  2. Eleven

    The Linux Thread!

    You know what, that makes sense. I did notice it only appeared when the clouds came over. Duh! I was so used to playing stock on my old linux laptop, I didn't even think about the fact that I was running visual mods when asking for help! Thanks
  3. Eleven

    The Linux Thread!

    I'm running Linux Mint 18 64bit, on a Lenovo Y50-70 with an Nvidia GTX 860M Mint's updates gave me a new Nvidia driver the other day but didn't really seem to change the version, it's at 367.35 Since then I noticed this shading artifact around light sources, is this something I can tweak or change?
  4. Can confirm, AlexMoons website works, and the relevant info for OPM is listed here if you use that as well. It's certainly nice to have the in-game version, but nothing is unplayable with the info you can find in just the last few pages
  5. lol I never thought you were just whining, that actually makes sense in your case. You're uniquely affected by it, where people like me just dgaf
  6. Not sure if serious.... Thanks for that info! I'll check it out.
  7. Has anyone ever added OPM data into the web version of the Transfer Window Planner? The in-game mod hasn't been updated yet and I see you can add bodies into the web version, just wondering if anyone has ever attempted this.
  8. Eleven

    Stock ReFuel

    Might wanna double check the tank cfgs, I don't think you have one set up for the Orange Jumbo tank
  9. Hodor. Hodor! Ok...I'm done having fun with you...hope you got it? Sorry to Hodor your Hodor, but Hodor isn't a part of OPM
  10. Changing the version number in the text file doesn't work in the case of a mod that uses AVC. You have to deal with AVC, not just the version number. Now if a mod doesn't use AVC, then yea, just changing the version number and resaving the text file will make the popups go away
  11. I guess that depends on what you mean by 'simple'...if you just delete the MiniAVC.dlll and it's html cfg file, you stop getting that warning