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  1. RPM only looks at propellants (resources that engines consume) in its dV calculation. However, as the documentation for the 'DELTAV' variable says: "BEWARE: There is no proper staging simulation in this calculation, so the returned value is very probably nonsense". If you have MechJeb installed, RPM will use MJ's dV calculation instead, but otherwise, it's a value I would not rely on.
  2. No, this mod does not change render distance. It draws small circles where the planets are, and it makes white dots where space ships are, like looking into the sky in the night and seeing a satellite fly over.
  3. Skybox dimming because of the sun is a stock KSP feature. If I knew how to take over that functionality, I would have DOE manage it, but currently, it doesn't. Although it looks like there is no dimming, so one of the mods you are using must be affecting it.
  4. [1.3.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.8.5.0 (May 30)

    KAC has a very good interface for other mods to talk to it, and RPM uses some of that interface to allow an IVA maker to create props or MFD pages that report whether there are active alarms for the current vessel, along with more detail about the next scheduled alarm. However, RPM does not allow anything more advanced than that, because RPM's architecture makes it challenging to implement.
  5. There is nothing exceptional about the texture. As long as you don't leave the old nav ball texture in that directory, KSP will pick up the new one and use it instead.
  6. Tweakable Everything is reporting a lot of exceptions related to ToadicusTools, which could be causing side-effects. I also see RPM reporting that the vessel has no IVA defined, and it looks like you're using Probe Control Room, so there are several external factors that could be tripping up RPM. Even if I trap the exception, that it's happening in that callback means that RPM would probably not work correctly under that set of circumstances regardless.
  7. With nothing else to go on, my guess is there's another mod behaving badly, and it's interfering with RPM.
  8. For a simple GUI, you don't need Unity. There are classes in KSP that allow you to create simple interfaces without using Unity. More advanced GUIs are probably easier to create in Unity, but that's more advanced than anything I've personally done.
  9. It would help to know exactly what you are trying to do. In my case, I was writing shaders to use in KSP, and I wanted to export those shaders using the KSP asset bundle.
  10. It's a props pack. If you have the updated RPM, you should be fine. alexustas continues to work on new props, but there's no pressing need to update the existing ones.
  11. You have to use the correct syntax and format: mesh = a10r1\assets\a10cinternals\a10cinternals is completely incorrect. Just like every other model node, it needs to be 'model = ' and use forward slashes, not back slashes, like the examples MeCripp cited: model = a10r1/assets/a10cinternals/a10cinternals
  12. [1.3] Aviation Lights v3.14 by MOARdV

    If someone wanted to make models that had functioning emissives, it would not be a lot of effort to update the mod to support it. I, however, am not a modeler, so it's outside the scope of what I can do.
  13. RPM may be able to do what you want, but it would take some convoluted custom variables (more advanced than anything I've tried in RPM). I've seen how alexustas was able to work magic in some of the IVA designs he's released for RPM, and it's complex. MAS, on the other hand, would make independent props (shutter/light) + master overrides much simpler to implement. The only element of the feature you're describing that neither RPM nor MAS supports is tying those to a context menu for external control. However, I see a way to add a context menu option for MAS.
  14. RPM has some functionality in it to reduce its CPU load, because early on, a lot of people accused it of being "laggy". However, the changes that were made reduce the frequency that complex data is computed, and the frequency that the text on MFDs are updated which ... makes it feel laggy. In your installation's GameData, find JSI/RPMPodPatches/BasicMFD/MFD40x20.cfg . Open that file with a text editor, and look around line 40 for 'refreshTextRate' and 'refreshDataRate'. Make the numbers next to those lines smaller: The text rate is 10, which means text on the MFD may only update every 10 frames (6x per second with common refresh rates). The data rate is 20, which means 3x per second. If you're running on a mid-range PC, you might set those both at 3 and see how that affects things. You're welcome to change those numbers all the way to 1, which would potentially allow "real time" updates. RPM isn't ideal in the way it does a few things (it still generates plenty of temporary allocations that trigger garbage collections), so it may still have some lag, depending on the rest of your mods.
  15. Okay. I added it. Now I need to go check it out.