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  1. A few days later than planned, but MAS v0.95.0 is now available on GitHub. A few more functions for IVA developers and some more functionality for the new IFMS MFD/Terminal system. For players, this release is compatible with MechJeb 2.8.2.
  2. Oh, well, for something like *that*, it may be simpler. MAS supports the RPM system for allowing bridge functions. These functions are part of the 'other' mod (BDA, in this case) that have a specific signature. MAS can hand the bridge function a render texture, the bridge function draws on the render texture, and MAS displays the results. This is how MAS (and RPM) can show SCANsat maps, and how the DPAI RPM monitor page works. If BDA is already rendering its own texture for a radar display, it would probably be very simple for the mod to add a function that MAS could call with a render texture to get a copy of the radar view.
  3. The UI window would need to be a texture (either itself a texture, or something that was drawn into a render texture) before MAS could display it. I'd have to make some tweaks to MAS to allow it to see the texture, since the IMAGE node in a MAS monitor looks for a statically-defined texture in the game database. Sending buttons events to it would require some additional extensions to MAS that I've got planned, but it might be a little while before I get them working.
  4. @CobaltWolf - I don't know if they help, but the last time I was at the Kansas Cosmosphere, I took a few pix of the LR-87 at the bottom of the Gemini-Titan stack at the corner of the museum. The rest of the album is here.
  5. It would be very helpful to know which version of MAS, and which version of MechJeb you're using. For instance, MJ 2.8.2 included some changes that prevent MAS 0.94.0 and earlier from working communicating with it.
  6. Hello everyone, I need help, my RPM does not want to work, it says that it gave an error in the startup and talks to check the mod configs, I wanted to play with the aset mod alcor but I can not because it does not want to run the RPM, what I do ?

  7. Three screens as in 3 props, or three screens as in, you only need 3 pages in the MFD? If you only want 3 pages on the MFD, that's going to require configuring an entire MFD, which isn't hard, but there's a fair amount to it. If you only need 3 props, then you could use 3 of the MFD2 props, or 2 MFD2 props and a kOS terminal (since it has a few pages that aren't duplicated in MFD2). Or 2 IFMS MFD props and a IFMS Terminal prop, although I'm still developing them (launch and basic orbit info are available, along with maneuver node management). MFD2 has resource pages (including the option to configure some gauges to track specific resources), and it has a docking page that provides a camera view. Gimbal deflection is probably the only thing those pages are missing.
  8. MAS supports FAR, RealChute, Advanced Jet Engines, some of the WBI plugin suite, and Chatterer as well. MAS includes MM patches for some / most of the Hullcam VDS parts, and the ASET external camera found in the advanced IVA portion of the ALCOR lander. I think using the upgrade system to unlock variants would be a good approach. It would be nice being able to switch back and forth between variants, at least from an IVA development perspective.
  9. As @Stone Blue said, installing both is supported. The only situation I can think of that would be a problem is if there are MAS and RPM IVAs for the same part - then it becomes a question of which MM patch takes priority, since stock KSP doesn't support IVAs as a part variant. I really need to track down this functionality. If it's easy to implement, I may do it myself so that MAS can support multiple IVAs in the same part. If it's not, then maybe I need to work on some MM patches that will let me support KSPF when it's installed.
  10. I look forward to seeing it. If there are ASET props that you need that aren't available in MAS yet, please feel free to ping me (PM or otherwise). I think there are some classic ASET avionics parts that haven't been converted. I've been tempted to make an MFD that's a flight-specific design using the MFD2 prop. If you haven't looked at the MFD2 Flight page, take a look at it. Use the left/right arrows and up/down arrows to reconfigure it. It was originally a basic flight display, but I kept adding configuration options to it.
  11. MechJeb aircraft autopilot isn't currently implemented. It would require code changes in MAS (in particular MASIMechJeb.cs) to plug in to the MJ spaceplane controls. I never bothered hooking it up, since I tend to be a vertical launch / ballistic landing player, but I imagine that it'd be fairly straightforward (I'd need to go poke around the MechJeb code to be sure). I can add that to my to-do list. EDIT: The MAS kOS terminal has a MAS-style attitude hold page. It's not in the IFMS variant at the moment.
  12. Avionics Systems v0.94.0 is now on GitHub. For players, the main feature is that the MAS Attitude Pilot and MAS Maneuver Pilot are much better behaved. For prop makers, there are still more functions available (well over 900, now), including more functionality for Science.
  13. What do you have in mind as a plugin?
  14. Quaternions are one of those evil things mathematicians came up with to make math more complicated. And then graphics programmers realized they could use them to make programming more complicated, too. (actually, there are legitimate reasons for their use in graphics, but that's a whole different dissertation) I could put together an Excel spreadsheet that can convert rotations to quaternions, but it'll be a couple of days before I can sit down and dust off Excel and write it.
  15. Looking at initRotation in C# assemblies, it's a quaternion, not Euclidean angles (that also means that a "no rotation" value would be 0, 0, 0, 1 ). I suspect you need to convert your angles to a quaternion, and use that, instead. (Wikipedia has the equations, and there may be online converters, too)