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  1. [1.3.1] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    My only objection to completely removing any reference to "KW Rocketry" from the title is that it means that the parts aren't grouped together in the default VAB panels. Why not something shorter, like "KWR" instead, such as "KWR SB-2 LFT"?
  2. [1.3.1] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    Okay - found it. This is from 9 months ago, so it may need some tweaks to fit in with the current edition of KW Rocketry Rebalanced. Please feel free to fix them as needed and redistribute them if desired. On DropBox.
  3. [1.3.1] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    This is a config edit: change the scale of the fairing in the MODEL node to 0.9375, adjust the top/bottom node, and then edit some numbers in ModuleProceduralFairing (baseRadius, maxRadius both should be 0.9375 as well). I've done it before to get KW 1.875m fairings, but it looks like I've misplaced the custom configs, so I can't simply share them right now. If I find them again, I can put them on DropBox.
  4. I do not know of a way. If someone does, I'd like to know about it. I'd disable vanilla sun dimming when DOE is installed, and let the mod handle all of it.
  5. MAS adds radio navigation beacons to KSP's custom waypoints list, which allows them to be selected using Waypoint manager (or using MAS). So, yes, that's intended behavior. I could add a configuration option to MAS to prevent adding waypoints - I don't play career or science, so waypoints don't do much when I play.
  6. Sun dimming is part of stock KSP. DOE's dimming *should* only happen when an illuminated Celestial Body is in view (like when you're in orbit over Kerbin). Turning off dynamic sky dimming shouldn't affect things, unless some of the assumptions DOE makes were broken by a KSP update.
  7. [help] MM CFG Model

    That's a disappointment. As for RPM cockpits - I don't work on RPM IVAs any longer. I'm working on a replacement mod for RPM. I'd be happy to include a Mk2 inline IVA if someone wants to put one together, but I don't have the spare time to work on RPM IVAs in addition to MAS.
  8. [help] MM CFG Model

    A problem I ran across with some parts a few years back is that the offset values seem to be scaled by the transform (some of the engines for the old KOSMOS mod). Try a much bigger number, like 10x the value you're trying.
  9. [help] MM CFG Model

    Scale is a vec3, not a single float. Try "scale = 1.0, 1.0, 1.0", or just omit it. And, if you're using the original texture in the original directory, you don't need the "texture" line, either. Just the "model =" line. I use the MODEL node all the time for my custom parts and the props for my MAS plugin, where the model is in a completely different directory.
  10. MAS does not include actual models for the props. All it includes are config files. You will need to install the ASET Props pack to use MAS props (MAS uses MODEL nodes in the config files so it doesn't need a copy of the models). MAS does not currently have a full set of props, because the ASET Props Pack has several hundred props, and I haven't needed all of them yet. As for the cameras - there will be some big changes in the way post-processing for the cameras works. The post-processing configurations will be attached to the cameras in an upcoming release. This isn't going to affect you yet, but keep it in mind if you start looking at post-processing effects on the cameras.
  11. Not at present. Although, in your particular example, SetTilt returns the tilt setting that was applied, so in this specific case, you could do fc.SetTilt(0, fc.SetTilt(1, 20)) since you're applying the same value to both cameras.
  12. No, they nerf the MechJeb spaceplane guidance interface features - specifically, RPM could toggle MJ's hold heading / altitude autopilot, and configure that autopilot. That functionality will not work with newer versions of MechJeb dev builds. Any props using the disabled functionality will be decorative.
  13. I had a little bit of time to look at the problem with RasterPropMonitor and MechJeb dev builds. There's an updated RPM build available now, v0.29.3, on GitHub. It also includes a feature from Ser to allow parts to opt out of RPM's data tracking, as well, for mods that need that capability. Note that the MechJeb changes nerf most of RPM's space plane MechJeb interface (although I don't know how many IVAs actually used those features, so it may not actually affect anyone).
  14. I am not surprised - there are literally hundreds of props in each IVA, and each one that involves RPM functionality has some per-FixedUpdate overhead (even if it's in a different pod). This is in addition to the overhead RPM imposes at a per-pod level and at a per-vessel level. And, due to the nature of Unity, all of that overhead comes out of a single thread, regardless of how many cores your CPU has. The RPM replacement mod (MAS) should improve that aspect of advanced IVAs, hopefully a lot.
  15. Yes (probably - I haven't looked at any of the dev builds for MJ). I might get around to looking at supporting the dev build in addition to the official release, but I don't want to spend too much time chasing a moving target if the signatures change again.