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  1. What in-game diameter are you going to use for the URM-1? I assumed it would be 1.875m, since I think that would be about correct for KSP scaling.
  2. Hey, all. I thought I'd provide a road map for MAS going forward. Starting with MAS v1.3.0, the ASET MAS update patch will be enabled by default (on purpose, not by accident like v1.2.1 ). MAS v1.3.0 will include updates for all of the props used in the ASET ALCOR Lander, along with any other props that have been updated. If you do not want to use the MAS prop updates, you will need to delete the Module Manager config file. What I will need is players who will use the MM patch to try various IVAs, understanding that the update is not 100% complete. I've updated hundreds of props, and it is very likely that I typed something in wrong or missed some detail. If you are willing to help beta test the MAS update, please submit bug reports - preferably, with a screen shot so I can try to identify which prop is configured incorrectly. When the ASET RPM conversion is complete and I've gotten some feedback on it, I will bump the MAS version to v2.0.0 and call it a full release.
  3. In RPM, there isn't a "greater than". You have to set the upper range to something absurd, like 100000 (for atmospheres). That's one thing MAS fixes.
  4. EASPEED is effective airspeed. RPM uses the same equation that FAR uses (it was copy/pasted from FAR source).
  5. As a head's-up - it looks like I forgot to rename the ASET update patch in the 1.2.1 release, so you're going to see a partial replacement of props by default. I'd recommend deleting GameData/MOARdV/Patches/AsetToMasUpgrade.cfg, unless you want to guess which props are RPM and which are MAS
  6. Yeah, no, I meant the MAS update that patches the RPM ASET props. My bad - I knew what I meant when it was rattling around in my head, but I didn't get all of it typed out. Although there are a few props in the ASET pack that have never been used in an IVA. No configs, or only a sample config was ever written. And I do have an external camera prop that's really cool - the camera housing pitches and pivots in response to commands, so the camera lens is actually facing where the camera is looking. I should totally include that in the 1.3.0 release. I don't think I have the camera mast part, though. Pity.
  7. And, for a double post: MAS v1.2.1 is now out. This was originally a bug fix release for the JSI MFD, but @cyberKerb provided a pull request to add some initial support for resource harvesters and resource scanners. Many thanks for that PR!
  8. Heh. I wish. A lot of the conversion work is tedious, and it bores me fairly quickly. That's why I put it off for so long. I hope to have it done by the end of this year, but that mostly depends on how soon I burn out on going though config files and trying to figure out what they're doing. I started on the props for the ALCOR lander so I could test them, and I might have 40% of them done (the MFDs are going to be the killers to convert - it took me a week to get through the simple JSI MFDs). But even the ALCOR pack uses only a fraction of the ASET collection.
  9. When the ASET Avionics/Props update is out, I'll need help testing a lot of different IVAs. There are hundreds of props in the ASET prop packs, and there's no way for me to test all of them. I'm doing what I can, but even the classic ALCOR lander has a few hundred unique props in it.
  10. Yes, that's the way RPM (and MAS) does it, by looking at the vessel description. You can also be fancy with it and use AG5=doohickeys on|doohickeys off to make the action group label change depending on if the AG is "on" or "off".
  11. @JonnyOThan was kind enough to let me advertise this on the RPM thread. The IVA mod I've been working on for the last couple of years now has an update that replaces the basic RPM props with MAS-enabled props. If you're using any of the IVAs that are included in the core RPM distribution, and you install MOARdV's Avionics Systems, MAS will power the IVA. A future update will support ASET Avionics and ASET Props as well.
  12. MAS v1.2.0 is now live on GitHub. This update adds more functions (it's over 1000, now), fixes a couple of things, and adds more props (see the changelist for more detail). Of interest to players: MAS now includes a Module Manager patch to replace JSI RPM props (the props bundled with RasterPropMonitor) with MAS-enabled versions of the props, and it patches RPM-enabled command pods to support MAS. What this means is that the example IVAs included in RasterPropMonitor use MAS instead of RPM. I'd appreciate feedback from players on their experience with it. The next planned major release of MAS will include full ASET Avionics / ASET Props MAS config files, documentation for IVA creators for the props, and an update patch to convert ASET RPM IVAs to MAS. I've got help on the conversion process, but if anyone else wants to contribute, please let me know. There are still hundreds of props to convert.
  13. I look forward to seeing this develop. There was a really good looking Angara rocket years ago, but it was abandoned, and it was more of a real-world art style, so it did not match everything else.
  14. I've never used any part failure mods, so I haven't added support for them.
  15. As long as latitude +/- 90 define the axis of rotation, yeah. It doesn't matter if the latitude is 0 or 89.99999 - the period of rotation is constant. A given line of longitude will sweep across 360 degrees in a single day.