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  1. No, none of those MAS-enabled props were released anywhere, as far as I know. I have an external camera part somewhere around here that was designed for MAS that will pitch and yaw based on the camera settings, but none of those awesome MAS-ready props ever made it into the wild.
  2. I have never seen that happen, although I'll admit I've spent maybe 15 minutes in 1.11.0, and I don't think I've started the game with 1.11.1 . That's really weird, since it looks like that's during loading. Oh, wait. I've got a couple of GameObject classes that are new'd where they're declared in that class. I just double-checked the log I have from 1.11.0, and it's not showing an exception, so that's perplexing. Addendum: I just relaunched with 1.11.1, and I still don't have those exceptions showing up. I'm not sure what's going on.
  3. Sorry, folks. Real Life has been plenty busy. You can use the Lua trig functions, currently, as you're aware. They are slow. I didn't override them with faster proxies, although maybe it's time I did that. I'll add a reminder on GitHub for whenever I have time to spend playing around with KSP and MAS again. It's been a while since I looked at the Kane IVA, but back when I did, it was not a good one for IVA layout (I don't remember exactly why, now - it's been too long ). The FASA IVA was a good replica of the Apollo interior, but I couldn't substitute it for the BDB IVA,
  4. Yes, that's exactly why that condition is set up that way. Under normal circumstances, there's no reason for MAS to spend time during the game loop to compute vessel-wide values and update props if no Kerbal is there to see it. Likewise, probes don't have IVAs. Unless you're using ProbeControlRoom, that is. The only reasons I'd be reluctant to change that are: First, I don't use ProbeControlRoom, and I don't want to have to chase PCR-specific bugs if they crop up. Second, I don't want to impose any performance penalties on players who don't have PCR installed. That said, MAS cou
  5. It's not really a lot to ask. I don't think I hooked up the KER suicide burn stats. The landing page on the MFDs could stand some updates - I designed it for a "traditional" capsule that uses parachutes to slow descent, and not a powered landing, since I rarely leave LEO. I've added a note on Github to remind myself to add the KER stats. I don't know when I'll get the MFDs updated - what I really want to do is work on a touch screen MFD, but I need to plan it out first. Usually, I get an idea of what I want to do, start making pages for it, and then run out of ideas and leave the MFD
  6. MAS already has a patch to do that - MAS_mk1-3.cfg in the MOARdV/FlightSystems folder. I'm not sure why it didn't work (although I haven't had a chance to look at the log yet to see if it ran - work has been really busy lately). Although maybe I have something messed up with the MM patches in the last release.... Oh, wait. The last round replaces JSI props with MAS props in IVAs, but I don't have an MM patch to add the MAS Flight Computer to all the command pods . So, yeah, I do have something messed up with the MM patches. Sorry about that - you can add a patch like @Manul suggested
  7. Certainly. If you can add it to the Documents folder next to the other ASET PDFs, that would be great.
  8. And I've got Aug 22, 2017. Yeah, I'd like to have the latest one, in case there are some changes in there that MAS needs to account for, please. And so I can put it in the GitHub documents folder.
  9. Either of those are higher than *my* estimate. I know I've got the PDF, but I've never seen the source files. I know @alexustas and I discussed them once upon a time, but Real Life had become rather busy last time I talked to him. I'd be amenable to a common data format, as long as it can support the information MAS needs to accurately simulate radio navigation. That would be incredible. I would love to get the MAS props complete enough to really show off what they do, and how much better the player experience is because of the under-the-hood changes. I was >< this cl
  10. Howdy, folks. I've pushed MAS v1.2.2 out on GitHub. This release is partially a bug-fix release, and partially an ASET prop conversion dump. I've done a very cursory 1.11.0 test, and the suborbital Mk1 IVA seems to be working. YMMV. With this update, all of the Classic RasterPropMonitor props (the ones included in RPM) are replaced with MAS props. There is also an optional patch that converts some ASET RPM props to ASET MAS props (a few hundred props are converted - which is less than half of them). If you enable that latter patch, most of the ALCOR lander IVA will use MAS props i
  11. No need to apologize. That happens to a lot of us. That RD-0124 looks good so far.
  12. IVAs take time to build - the simple IVAs might take someone a few hours to put together, depending on how familiar they are with the tools. The reason I never updated the basic IVAs while I managed RPM was that I never used them, and I really wanted to showcase the far better props available in alexustas's ASET props sets. Fortunately, all of the tools are freely available, so anyone can download and install them to make IVAs to their own specifications, as simple or complex as they may want. You may even give it a try, and if you come up with something you like, you could submit it to
  13. What in-game diameter are you going to use for the URM-1? I assumed it would be 1.875m, since I think that would be about correct for KSP scaling.
  14. Hey, all. I thought I'd provide a road map for MAS going forward. Starting with MAS v1.3.0, the ASET MAS update patch will be enabled by default (on purpose, not by accident like v1.2.1 ). MAS v1.3.0 will include updates for all of the props used in the ASET ALCOR Lander, along with any other props that have been updated. If you do not want to use the MAS prop updates, you will need to delete the Module Manager config file. What I will need is players who will use the MM patch to try various IVAs, understanding that the update is not 100% complete. I've updated hundreds of pr
  15. In RPM, there isn't a "greater than". You have to set the upper range to something absurd, like 100000 (for atmospheres). That's one thing MAS fixes.
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