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  1. "PD: uff... more than 2 lines of my english... usually turns quickly into a Tarzan's speech. As always, excuse my crappy english. I promise to try to be more succinct(?)." De nada, mi Amigo.
  2. I know, this and Remote Tech 2 make for some engaging missions. I just hate having to reorganize my darn commsats as they drift slowly out of formation (VERY slow, but enough). I love doing missions that use SCANSat. DMagic, you truly embody your moniker, sir. I'm sorry, is that a pixie on your shoulder?!? No, just glitter... that stuff is contagious.
  3. You probably already checked this, but I've gotten frustrated enough times over this: did you have enough electricity to activate your engines? (If you had RT2 I'd ask if it was a probe and was there a connection to KSC) Obvious stuff, but sometimes after banging your head a bit you miss things like that. I hope you find a fix. I hope mine was it. Simple.
  4. Utilizing the waypoint manager might be useful for air racing, AND ground racing. The ground racing might not be track based, sort of an offroad deal. You could even have rover races on the Mun.
  5. Since the update my cat has exploded.... no wait... she's fine. BUT I noticed that pre-update my CoL was very difficult to keep low even with fairings off and fins with control surfaces. I could never get the CoL below my center of mass. NOW, the opposite is true. CoL is always near the engines, or over them, if not below them without fins, and CoM is about where it can be expected to be. The question is this: Is this normal (like exploding cats... no wait, that's abnormal). Think of the cats, people, think of the cats.
  6. Glad to know N3h3mia's still going to work on the mod. This was, by far, my most favorite of ALL the science mods I've used. I loved how they took time to perform and used KAS/KIS to do them. Just brilliant work. University must always take precedence (so says the real life modulemanager). I'll stay patient and wait with good humor knowing that my favorite science mod will be up and running sometime. Now, go study.
  7. http://imgur.com/ME0KymE For all your hard work, know that there are rewards... Enbin Kerman is a big fan, by the way, but he cannot spell 'aerodynamicist'. I cannot get the image to show, so let it be a surprise.
  8. Ferram says to install FAR and modular flight integrator since CKAN doesn't handle ModularFlightIntegrator properly on a FAR install. If you already knew this, sorry. - - - Updated - - - Ferram says to install FAR and modular flight integrator manually since CKAN doesn't handle ModularFlightIntegrator properly on a FAR install. If you already knew this, sorry.
  9. I wish I understood the way the game works half as well as you modderss do. I'm going to do some research and find out what mods are giving me exceptions and then figure out what that means and what to DO about it. I know that after I uninstalled tweakscale everything started working, but I also know that correlation is not necessarily causation. Another mod playing poorly with Tweakscale might be the culprit and when Tweakscale was removed it had the playground to itself, maybe laying in wait for a new victim. I'll take your advice, and I appreciate your time. Just today a new release of Twe
  10. I am having the same issue as woot. See https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35307488/For%20Bug%20Report%205-21-15.zip for pertinent files (output log, ksp.txt, and list of mods and versions, all are up to date but may not say so in that file; haven't had a chance to update it fully).
  11. The camera issue was linked to TweakEverything. The mod was fixed, as was the camera center of mass bug.
  12. Let me point you to the issue I had and that what fixed it was removing TweakScale (something I was loathe to do, as I am VERY fond of it). This issue occurred to some other person back in 2012 (finding that post saved my sanity but not my love of parenthetical asides). The problem was with decouplers displaying their animation and putting a blank icon in the staging arranger. My full post, including links to the outputlog, list of mods and versions, and the ksp.txt right after a reproduction of the event. There are also two links to pics of the issue happening not only in VAB but on the launc
  13. I figured out the problem. WAAAAAAYYYYY back in 2012 someone else had this issue. It was caused by Tweakscale. I removed tweakscale (sadly) and things are baack to normal (except I can't make big batteries for my commsats). BOO! Anyway, So far as I know the issue is solved, but Pellinor might wanna take a look. TweakEverything still works just fine.
  14. I am also having this issue, but in windows. Are your decouplers animating within VAB by any chance, TaintedLion?
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