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  1. Is it going to be built from the ground up with full multithreading? While I realise the cinematic was exactly that, I'd love to be able to build a colony that looked like those, not going to happen with the current engine.
  2. Love this mod, I hardly ever use airplanes now, takes too long to do anything, glad to have a reason to use them. The seaplane one was fun, barnstorming the R&D bridges, very frustrating. One thing though, barnstorming the hangers for the island runway doesn't work with the GPP mod, the contract waypoints them correctly but flying through them didn't register for either hanger. Barnstorming the R&D bridges worked fine though. Shame, as it's a long trip from the KSC in on Gael. Totally understand if you don't want to be tied into supporting different mods though, just thought
  3. Is this specific to the stock star system or does it generate science spots on any planet/moon. Specifically, I'm wondering if it works with Galileo's Planet Pack?
  4. Having issues with Science Relay. Worked for a while but now it crashes everytime I try to run an experiment. Removing Science Relay clears it. I'm running a lot of mods so it may be a conflict but I can't tell. Output log is no help, doesn't seem to record any errors except this which I'm not even sure pertains: [GameParameters]: Couldn't find type for custom parameter ScienceRelayParameters. Gamedata Screenshot Output_log.txt
  5. Is there a better way of finding Karborundum? I've just spent 2 hours trundling across the surface of Eeloo trying to find some and not got better than a 0.0048% reading. I've seen youtube vids of people finding 10% and higher deposits so I assume I'm just not finding it. I read somewhere that it's random now rather than any particular pattern. I don't want to do the Kerbol collector and don't even get me started on how much I dislike Eve.
  6. I did mean the ag module, my bad, many cans of carlsberg is my excuse. Vessel swapping didn't help though, (assuming you mean switching to a nearby vessel with the "[ ]" keys) I'm still unable to transfer kerbals to the ag module, pic of my base at the following link: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/358402208189510019/4673F08FB2A60E88CF0BFDC2547CE6C75316FB7B/ Ship Manifest mod doesn't recognise the ag modules as places where crew can be placed but would the Connected Living Space mod deal with this? I've got to head to work now, if so, I'll try it later. Thanks.
  7. Upon transferring a kerbal with a drill out of the scout module into an inflated hab, and then eva'ing through the hab, the drill vanishes and is not visible in any of the bases inventories. Also, I too have the no kerbals can be transferred to Agriculture Hab.
  8. Came back to KSP for this mod, love it. Always found MKS Standard to be a bit too complicated for my taste. have a question though, on the end of the inflatable habitation module there is what appears to be a flexi-tube, I know it isn't but I had thought there would at least be a node there, upon deployment on minmus however, I discovered that I couldn't place anything on the end of it with KIS, no node, no viable surface attachment. Is this intended, bugged or just me missing the obvious and it is possible?
  9. Holding L-Alt while dragging a part in the VAB/SPH will disable surface attach, enabling parts to snap to nodes. Makes attaching cargobay payloads to docking ports / decouplers much less frustrating. note: L-Alt before dragging will duplicate, whilst dragging disables surface attach.
  10. Try https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/350/Near%20Future%20Spacecraft%20 parts There's a 2 man capsule in there that fits stock well.
  11. Nertea's Near Future Spacecraft pack has a 2 man capsule in it that I very much like, 2.5m with a 0.625m top. You can easily alter the.cfg file to put it early in the tech tree. Not updated for 0.90 yet though as far as I know. http://kerbalstuff.com/mod/350/Near%20Future%20Spacecraft%20Parts
  12. This has been my tree of choice for quite a while now, would be great to see it updated.
  13. Thanks but it's ok, I can get it working, just not from the SPH. However I've uninstalled it for the time being until the science module is ready, trying to find somewhere to attach a materials bay without it looking ridiculous is not working
  14. Running latest, redownloaded to be safe. No joy. I can get it to go from the VAB launchpad, but not the runway. I think it may be something to do with the wheels, on the runway they don't turn like normal, they lean from side to side instead.
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