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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You need realy high masts for such a large area, otherwise you get below the horizon. The satellites wont be cubesats, the ones SpaceX plans to send up for testing are 400kg each (says r/spacex). More detail here: http://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/microsat-2.htm
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Dpends on what yo call remote. If you count in everyone in Germany with less than 16mbit/s you allready have a few million potential customers, over the world there are propably more than a billion. Since i doubt the constellation will cost more than 10-20 billion dollars its not to hard to imagine this becoming profitable. Its a bold idea, but it could actualy work.
  3. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Also dont forget ships and planes. Both will pay a lot for good internet... If they realy want to build 12000 satellites they need a dedicated factory and lots of automatition. It will be exciting to see economics of scale at work.
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The ping shouldnt be to bad, since SpaceX plans to use low orbits.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Isnt that stuff that belongs into the Mars colonization thread until SpaceX actualy says something about how they plan to do it? For now everything is just speculation...
  6. That PC is cheap, but extremly outdated. You would be better off buying a used, better PC.
  7. If you want to upgrade i would go with the i7 7700k, since its overclockable and already runs with a very high clockspeed out of the box. But dont expect miracles from it, it will be about 15% faster in purely CPU lmited tasks (20% if you overclock), which is imho a to small upgrade to justify the costs, especially now that quadcores are outdated and the resale value of your 7500 will be quite low. A new cooler would be a good idea, even with your current CPU as it lowers the noise quite a bit (if thats a concern of you). I like the Alpenföhn Brocken Eco as a realy good budget cooler...
  8. I would avoid both CPUs since they are outdated and offer only 4 cores for a high price. Since for both Minecraft&KSP high single core speed is important i would go with an i5 8600k or i7 8700k for maximum performance... If you realy have to buy one of those prebuilds the first one would be a little bit faster for KSP, but way, way worse for all other games you may want to play in the next years. I would never buy a PC for your current needs, but also for those to come.
  9. PC config

    If you are in Germany i would suggest visiting the Hardwareluxx or PCGH-Extreme forums for such requests, you are way more likely to find someone who can help you there...
  10. It is, there is no upgrade Upgarde in the last decades that improved a PC that much. A 5 year old mainstream PC with an SSD will feel orders of magnitude faster than a current enthusiast build with a HDD. An SSD wont improve FPS in most games, true. But EVERYTHING else will be so much faster you will never want to work ona HDD PC again. Ryzen (and Intel Kaby/Coffee Lake CPUs) are not supported by Windows 7 and wont get official security updates. Afaik there is some way around those issues, but i wouldnt rely on them...
  11. Do not forget an SSD, its the most important part in a PC.
  12. Those integrated SSD/HDD combos arent realy worth it, the SSD part is way to small (not even specified on the page). A 1070ti wouldnt realy bring him much more performance (its about 12% faster) while robbing him of a proper SSD, which would speed up his PC more than any other possible hardwareupgrade combined. Currently there are two great options for great value CPUs: The AMD R5 1600 and the Intel i5 8400. Both have 6 cores, the AMD one is slightly faster in multithreaded workloads (as video rendering or gaming while doint other stuff in parallel, e.g. streaming) while the Intel one is a bit better in single threaded tasks, e.g. old games like KSP. I have no idea how the prices are for you, but in Germany AMD is a lot cheaper since you only need a B350 mainboard (good ones come at 80€) while Intel mainboards start at 105€. Also the i5 is almost impossible to get for 190€ (which the R5 costs) due to extremly low stock form intel. For AMD mainboards i would choose the MSI B350 PC Mate, for Intel i would go for the ASRock Z370 Pro. Both come witha Type C USB port, which will come in handy. The efficency of the PSU is stated in 80+ classes, its roughly the percentage of power conversion efficency. 80+ bronze is the lowest tier, afaik there are at least 80+ silver available at that pricepoint. It wont make your pc faster, but more quiet and less costly in the long run...
  13. Several things: You have an outdated Kabylake CPU in this build, the new Coffee Lake CPUs offer more cores for the same price. Alternatively you should consider a Ryzen processor. You have a single stick of RAM in there, which halves your possible memory speed. Always go with two sticks when possible. Your mainboard seems overly expensive, if you dont plan to do much overclocking the cheap ones are usualy good enough. The CPU cooler is overkill for a budget oriented build, especialy with that GPU. If you want a cheap&quiet cooling solution for the CPU i would suggest a EKL Alpenföhn Brocken Eco. The GPU is a "Founders Edition" which was Nvidias way to rip of early adopters. Its extremly loud, cant keep the GPU properly cooled (resulting in lowered performance) and often overpriced. The Gainward Phoenix or the Palit Jetstream are the best cooled 1070 versions. Your PSU has poor efficency, maybe you can find something better for the same price...
  14. I 3D Printed A Thing

    If its somewhat possible i would try to increase the resolution of those round surfaces. Your printer can do better
  15. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Do you have those problems with microstutter, too? Every second it seems to miss about 0,2sec of video, making it very hard to watch without getting annoyed...