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  1. 1. Intel new Generation will be revealed in a few days, wait that long. 2. Why did you go with a more expensive Intel Quadcore? Before you had a in most cases superior Ryzen which is also cheaper. 3. This blowerfan card will be extremly loud, the watercooling for CPU isnt, too. I would recommend a custom model for the GPU and an aircooler for the CPU, e.g. a EKL Brocken 3...
  2. Didnt Blender get an update which made AMD also work for rendering? From what ive read they are even faster now since they have more compute power than Nvidias cards.
  3. On both you are only using one stick of RAM, which is bad since you will only have half the bandwidth of a dualchannel setup. The cheaper one includes a 1060 3GB, which is extremly limited by its low memory (there are games allready using more than this), i would rather go for a 570 with 4GB or better 8GB memory, but i have no idea how they are priced now, the mining craze seems to decline...
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Its so awesome! Thats the collest thing about rocket science, if it fails you get at least nice fireworks
  5. If you dont need it right now i would wait for Coffee Lake, its due to be released on the 5. October. Its the biggest change for Intel CPUs since Sandybridge because Intel will finaly increase the number of cores. A quadcore doesnt seem appropiate now anymore.
  6. Both come with non K Intel CPUs, which are not realy recommended anymore. A cheaper Ryzen 5 1600(X) will give you about the same singlethreadspeed while being faster for multithread applications, e.g. video stuff. Even the 1070 is extremly overpowered for KSP, a GTX 1050ti or RX 560 4Gb are enough for Full HD modded KSP, since its mostly limited by CPU Speed. Both Nvidia and AMD offer great Screenrecording. Shadowplay doesnt need internet to record but you need an account while AMDs Relive simply works.
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The X-37B is a payload, not the second stage. BTW: What happened to the extra pictures Elon promised us? " More in days to follow. " doesnt sound like several weeks...
  8. 2 Different Graphics Cards in One Computer

    Look at this link: https://www.3dcenter.org/news/sli-und-crossfire-eignung-aktueller-spieletitel-auf-schwachem-niveau Its german, but the table at the bottom shows which games released this year had SLI/Crossfire support. There arent many, and even with support you can see that the performace gain isnt that great. Dont forget, those are pure FPS, if you substact the lower percieved frames due to microstuttering the benefit gets even smaller.
  9. 2 Different Graphics Cards in One Computer

    DirectX12 only supports multiple different GPUs if the developers programmed the game with this in mind, which afaik didnt happen yet. Since MultiGPU is dying anyway noone will support it in the future. Classic SLI wont work since those are different cards, but even if it did it isnt worth the hassle. The support is awfull, only few games support it, the scaling is bad and you get microstuttering. If you need more graphics power you should buy a new GPU.
  10. Well, the Germanwings crash clearly showed that doctors dont have enough say in who should be a pilot. His condition was known, he had sick leaves for the day, but decided not to hand them in.
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    At that point you only have 1g of "deceleration" from aerodynamics, it gets way worse in the flight. One way to find out would be to go frame per frame throught the video and look for the biggest change in velocity.
  12. If you want to work that much for a country you could become a citizen of it. If you are qualified enough to work in aerospace they will propably take you with open arms. BTW: ESA spreads its budget into its member states according to how much they contribute to the budget.
  13. Supervolcano Yellowstone: Possible solution

    The only "viable" way of taking energy out of a volcano i can see in current technology (without just making it errupt) would be a (very, very) big geothermal powerplant. But even this is not easy, but at least if we succed we would propably solve a big part of worlds energy problems.
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    A picture of the spacesuit: It looks just like the mockups from ages ago...
  15. Should We Launch a Kid to Space?

    I somehow didnt see that on my phone...