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  1. That is the most shady computer part website ive ever seen. Also i wonder which DDR3 Ram doesnt work on Intel but AMD Systems?
  2. Thats perfectly possible with an APU. You can just install a better GPU later, also you can swap the CPU for something better if you want to (just have to add a GPU, too). AMDs current mainboards are supposed to work with their next generation processors till 2020...
  3. You will need to do some tinkering to use modern CPUs with Windows 7, so be prepared for that... Also Integrated Graphics arent as bad as they used to be, the AMD Ryzen 2400G is realy good for ultra tight budgets.
  4. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Since they will require an extensive thermal management system anyway i dont see why SpaceX couldnt add a "refrigerator" or something to liquefy the boiloff...
  5. With a decent cooler an the right knowledge you can overclock the CPU quite a bit... A i7 3770 without k would be almost exaclty as fast as your current CPU, even for free it wouldnt realy justify the hassle to change the CPU.
  6. Why go with Intel? The i3 8100 costs about as much as an AMD R5 2600 (at least in germany, but i think those rising prices for Intel CPUs are the same everywhere) while offering less cores, less power per core, no hyperhreading, no overclockability, a worse stock cooler and less paths for upgrade. AMD said it would support AM4 till 2020 while Intels Socket 1151v2 has liekly seen its last generation of CPUs with the 9000 series...
  7. Elthy

    Harvester creator of KSP is back!

    To bad he doesnt do a KSP 2.0 (obviosly with another name). Modell airplanes are completly uninteressting for me, and limiting the game to VR will block out 99% of potential customers...
  8. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Im sure someone allready measured this, but have no idea where to look. Are we sure the new Raptor engines on the BFS are sealevel engines? They seem a bit to big to fit 31 of them in the same diameter...
  9. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but they plan to lift off almost every time the land somewhere, so thats the case they have to worry about. Im sure they have thougt about it... BTW: I remember an article about ablation caused by material blasted away during the lunar landings. One mission landed close to a previos unmanned lander which was kinda sandblasted even by the small engine of the descent module. Landing one BFS on the moon wouldnt be much problem, but the second one would need a proper landing pad or a protective wall so it doesnt damage the first one.
  10. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    One thing i just thought about: Even the grasshopper version of the BFS will be a very powerfull rocket, to the point i cant realy imagine it taking off from just a flat surface without a launchpad. Reflected soundwaves could pose a huge threat, also even if it lands on solid concrete i imagine the landingpad wouldnt last long. This will be an even bigger problem on Mars...
  11. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There is a thread about which person to launch in the Lounge:
  12. Actualy the Ryzen CPUs are easier to cool since they are soldered beneath the heatspreader. Intels Hexacores come just with thermal compound which is way worse. Most Ryzens also come with a decent heatsink, while those packed with Intel CPUs are barely enough to keep them from throteling down... AiOs also arent allways the best cooling solution. They are quite expensive and often louder than air coolers. A Thermalright Macho or Alpenföhn Brocken will cool all the CPUs youve mentioned quite well.
  13. Elthy

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    I would definetly launch Hans Zimmer up there. He had just a one page letter as his first inspiration for the Interstellar Soundtrack, imagine what he would create after such a journey...
  14. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    My guess: They were not sure about the final design of the legs (maybe they arent even now) and dont want to replace all the hardware...
  15. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The metallic ring which holds the rocket for transport seems like it would collide with the legs. They propably are building an alternative allready...