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  1. Since you are from Germany i would recommend the forums of PCGH, Hardwareluxx or Computerbase for recommendations. Usualy prebuild PCs are to expensive for the offered parts, I threw together a quick comparasion build to the 999€ option: https://www.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/680b562210a4eb50dffedcb48b809cfa8c9496d07ac696c7c62 It doesnt come prebuild and without a windows 10 licence (those cost 5€ on Ebay), so its not directly comparable, but with a slightly faster CPU. Its only a draft, i would recommend the mentioned forums for more specific advice.
  2. Dont use that page for comparing CPU performance, its based on a highly theoretical benchmark. When comparing CPUs from Intel of the 6XXX series and up the only thing that matters is the clockspeed since they didnt change the cores since then, only added more. KSP needs high singlecore performance, so a quadcore is enough for it.
  3. Yeah, the CPU is a big issue since its from AMDs old CPU series, before Ryzen. There is a good reason their stock went up over 1000% when they ditched those.
  4. That thing is a complete waste of money. Better buy something used or save more money.
  5. The first stage is definetly back to earth by now, but propably not in one piece. It seemed to make quite drastic movements with its grid fins directly before loss of uplink...
  6. The position of those COPVs is strange, is all that stuff simply on the outside of the prototype? You cant hide all of this under a wing-root...
  7. I kinda doubt they can reach the required pressure with mechanical pistons. The lawson criterium puts a lower bound on the product of pressure (=density), temperature and containment time, the last two cant be very high in this design. The required pressure would be incredibly high, there is a reason they currently use either fission bombs or the worlds most powerful lasers for pulsed fusion.
  8. That wont work since you need targeted beams and thus large phased array antennas. The energy usage will propably be to high for mobile, too.
  9. It depends a bit on the price. Sure, the high priced unlocked Intels have the highest single core speed. But the R5 3600 competes with Intels lower clocked i5, which are just a tiny bit faster in single core speed while being completly obliterated in any other task... Also im sure you want to play KSP2, which will surely use multiple cores to a better extent. The R5 is simply more futureproof.
  10. The best price/performance would be a RX570 with 8GB VRAM. They are not that power efficient, but extremly cheap and able to play everything in Full-HD, although not with maximum settings for recent games. I think a better/more expensive GPU wouldnt make much sense in this PC, since it would be hindered by the old quadcore CPU.
  11. Arent airplanes using rivets a lot, too? Im not sure, but i guess that quality controlls are way easier for a rivet connection than for a weld...
  12. Elon is soon going to run out of ideas for names of the different versions of their space hardware...
  13. Isnt even Starship/Superheavy already limited by this? Raptor has quite a high thrust/area number and even there the engines are sticking out below the booster a bit (6 beneath the legs). It will propably be hard to build a methalox rocket taller than 150m without dropable sideboosters.
  14. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/10/corkscrewing-bouncy-ion-drive-would-provide-thrust-in-different-universe/ Its allways the same: https://xkcd.com/2217/
  15. The fuel production plant will not be easy or fast to develop. The easy part is designing one that can produce enough fuel, the hard part is building it light enough to fit in a starship while still being able to resist martian conditions, the VERY hard part is making it deploy itself, maintain itself and mine waterice on its own. Thats not a job SpaceX can do with a few guys in a few years. Elon Musk has lots of fitting companys for this task, but just imagine what kind of technological jump you are going to need to have robots build a solar power plant without external input on earth...