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  1. It will propably come down to costs, and i cant see how anything can beat chemical rockets anytime soon. SpaceX BFR proposal shows a pure chemical mars colonization is possible, even if it needs some engineering its way easier than to get the other systems working/cheaper/safe etc...
  2. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Same question all over the Reddit post, here is the answer: https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/8u331z/spacex_on_instagram_crew_dragon_parachute_test/e1c8lex/
  3. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The landing looks realy smooth, but maybe thats just the camera orientation...
  4. Looks to me like the gasenous oxygen supply was way to much (to high pressure) so it simply blew out the flame and came out the nozzle with qute high speed on its own...
  5. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I tried looking through the media thread for the launch, but its mostly filled with videos. This photographer offers some nice shots, but there is no mention of the final resolution i would get after the purchase...
  6. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Im currently looking for a high resolution picture (>10MP, idealy >16MP) of the Falcon Heavy Launch, but cant find one. SpaceX official pictures are only 6MP (why exactly? Every recent camera is better) and others i found arent even available as a high resolution picture, just as direct prints. Can you help me find some? It doesnt have to be free, i would pay a modest sum to the photographer as long as i recieve a good file without watermarks for private usage...
  7. Its depends. On most bigger ones you can swap the hard drives, often the RAM is also reachable. In theory its sometimes possible to upgrade the graphics card since its on a dedicated MXM module, but you usualy wont get hands on a compatible module. Very rarely you can switch the CPU, but thats only true for those with desktop sockets, which are special build bulky gaming machines.
  8. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I would bet on Elons Twitter account...
  9. Afaik Intels Skylake CPUs are still supported in Windows 7, everything more recent is kinda a mess. Even if you can get it to work now the next update might break the workaround, so its definetly not recommeded for the average user. Since Intel didnt change the CPU cores since Skylake you can actualy get decent performance out of a i5 6600k/i7 6700k, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake only offer slightly higher clockspeed (due to better fabrication) and more cores, which arent that usefull for KSP. Mabye you can get a good deal for a used CPU. Ryzen 2XXX will be a bit slower than those Intel CPUs in KSP, but still be way faster than your old FX processor. So if you rather want an AMD CPU you can definetly get one, the speed difference in KSP will be to small to notice and you get superior performance for most productivity workloads.
  10. CPUboss shows the R5 1600 as "rumored", it doesnt even have kaby lake. Also number like cache and expansions like SS3 are completly meaningless, the only thing that realy counts is performance, and CPUboss doesnt show a single benchmark. The same thing can be said about its sibling GPUboss, which is famous for its extremly bad advice.
  11. With any recent CPU you have to use Windows 10, so you need to do a clean install anyway. When it comes to maximum performance per core Intel is still leading, but not as much as in the FX days. AMDs Ryzen processors offer superior multithread performance and are only a little slower for single core tasks as KSP, so you could go with e.g. a R5 2600(X) instead.
  12. Keep away from this CPUboss website, its outdated and only compares useless numbers. If you want maximum FPS in Kerbal Soace Program but dont care about anything else i would go for an i5 8600k with a Z370 mainboard for overclocking.
  13. You have to reinstall Windows to change the boot drive.
  14. Elthy

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Is there anything official regarding the usage of BFS as a SSTO? I know SpaceX stated it could SSTO, but thats also true for the Falcon 9 first stage.
  15. Elthy

    A whole family in the living room watching TV

    Of course you are free to do, im just taling about what everyone else is going to do. Dont complain if you cant evade the spoilers ^^