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  1. Afaik Starlink is volume constrained, most other payloads also dont push the limits of the falcon 9. Its propably simply not neccessary.
  2. Well, you asked for thoughts... A few points: You cant compare CPUs by their clockspeed (only within the same achitecture), AMDs 3000/4000 Series CPUs (based on Zen2) are able to calculate more stuff per clock than Intels Skylake-based CPUs (as the i7 10750H). Also the maximum stated clockspeed isnt used all the time, only when thermals and power usage allow. Here Zen2 is more efficient than Skylake, allowing it to sustain its speed for longer, while its still possible that the Intel CPU is faster for short bursts (a few seconds long) due to its way higher maximum clockspeed.
  3. At least in germany both are available, Nvidia GPUs and AMDs 12/16 core at very high prices (+30%) while AMDs 6/8core are close to UVP. And for almost 2000$ its easy to build a better PC using those instead of the outdated stuff. The Ryzen seems to be a bit better, but not enught to warrant a much higher price.
  4. Thats an extremly unbalanced PC for gaming, if your main usage case isnt video editing or other massively multithreaded workload that a realy bad deal for the money. And you compared GPUs with their VRAM, which is one of the least important specs as long as you have enough. Its all about the processing power. Both the CPU and GPU are also allready outdated...
  5. This part is mostly repurposed bovine waste. Climate Change (of the last years) is almost completly caused by humans, every expert agrees on this since decades. There are some people on youtube saying otherwise, but looking closely their numbers are flawed, their motivation questionable and their methods awfull. It often takes a lot of effort debunking those (because they are not playing on a level field), but the end result is always the same. BTW: At this point denying manmade climate change is a baseless (pruely political) conspiracy theory and thus propably banned according to the fo
  6. Didnt the DC-X do a powered landing in 1996, way before both companies?
  7. That was one of the coolest things ive seen in my whole life. Beginning with the liftoff, those blue flames are beautiful. I cant imagine how Superheavy will look like with way more engines, especialy at night. Extremly impressive they got the bellyflip right on the first try, its one of the most extreme maneuvers in the history of flight. Also its funny the engine that shut down first on the way up (which looked to violent) made it down to the ground, while engine 42 that went all the way up never reignited (propably on purpose).
  8. Video memory is just one aspect, but the easiest one: You either have enough (for a game/setting) of you dont. If its not enough you will experience extreme stutter, making the game unplayable. The other main aspect is the graphics processor performance, which is depending on so many factors that there is no way to predict it from raw numbers like FLOPS, only to measure it.
  9. There is also video from the cable as it snaps. At least we got two fine videos of this destruction, something positive. Would be a real shame if noone filmed this.
  10. Im not sure about this one, prebuilds are usualy of realy bad value. Building your own PC is realy easy... But now is a realy bad time to buy a PC. The Ryzen 3000 and Geforce 2000 Series are allready outdated, but their succesors are almost impossible to source for a reasonable price. The CPU is especialy important for KSP and here the new Ryzen 5000 series wipes the floor with anything previous. So just wait until next year, then most stuff should be available at reasonable prices.
  11. Well, when they finaly make the high hop that will change for sure. Its kinda strange that the legs are a tough problem, but the more i think about it the less i see an easy solution. The first one to land on Mars will be especially hard, i guess everyone after that will at least have a flat landing site.
  12. Maybe on shutdown a few valves of the preburner didnt close properly, leading to a more stochiometric=hotter flame which melted the housing like a bunsen burner. This could have been caused by failed pneumatics... Edit: Elon Musk said that the engine failure caused the loss of pneumatics, not the other way around, so maybe something else kept the valves from closing.
  13. It takes less, Reddit isnt the most stable website. They are regulary down from ordinary traffic if enough people are bored.
  14. Isnt that totaly obvious? The topic isnt allowed to be discussed here, but maybe you should watch the news. There is a reason its completly overloaded...
  15. Damn, if this is called almost a year before the old release date KSP2 seems to be in a sorry state, not even close to finished... Edit: At least at that point noone should care about PS4/XBox One anymore, so we arent limited by their bad CPU performance.
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