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  1. Now is the time to be dreaming about what KSP 2 could offer. As its (hopefully) developed from scratch without the legacy issues of a hobby project the possibilitys are endless. Stuff i hope for: -Way better graphics (they dont need to keep those age old recommended specs in mind) -Same moddability -More stuff to build/explore on the planets (the trailer showed lots of large structures) Im not so sure if i like the teased sci fi technologies from the trailer, though...
  2. Lets hope it will keep the gameplay at least as scientific as it is without dumbing it down for a wider audience... Also i hope it will be at least as moddable as the current game. Since its a new developer we cant be sure they understand the critical role mods had in KSPs history... Edit: I watched the long dev trailer, they seem to have the right attitude. The hypetrain is accelerating
  3. I would definetly advise against buying the "Pro" variant of samsungs SSDs, the "Evo" variant is way cheaper while being exactly as fast in real world benchmarks. The "Pro" variants have a bit higher theoretical speeds, but this doesnt result in better boot times or loading speed.
  4. It seems a bit expensive for the hardware, i saw comparable specs for about 800$, but cant recommend specific products.
  5. If you allready have a laptop you would be way better off buying a dedicated gaming PC, you can continue to use your old laptop for everything else you need to do mobile.
  6. There should be a sticker with the key on the laptop, otherwise you may be able to read the activation key from the OS. If you have the key you can simply download the OS from Microsoft, for installation with a DVD or an USB Stick.
  7. You could look in the taskmanager how much RAM you are currently using. I dont know enough about those programs.
  8. I think you are realy overspending on your mainboard and the RAM: Do you even know how much benefit you get from the SLI? Most modern games that would need more power than a single 970 can provide dont even support it, the technology is more or less dead. I would sell one of the GPUs and dont worry about SLI support (which afaik doesnt need special mainboard features, just a second PCIe port with x16 size). You could also add Wifi/Bluetooth with an extension card, that would enable you to buy way cheaper mainboards. A cheap B450 MB comes at less than 100$, but if oyu want to upgrade the CPU later there may be some reason to go with an X570 MB. The RAM is realy overpriced, a good but way cheaper option is Crucials Ballistix Sport series. Also i think 32GB are totaly overkill for almost all tasks, are you sure you need that much? The savings could go into a new GPU, that would be more powerfull than your SLI 970, a M2 SSD or a new CPU cooler (afaik AM3 coolers are not compatible). Or you just save it for later...
  9. You could look into the usedf market if you want to hold on your PC a while longer. But now is a decent time for upgrading, DDR4 Ram is quite cheap and AMDs new 3000 series looks realy good. I would go for an 3600 if you plan to upgrade again in the next year, there will propably be a refresh of Zen2 like the Ryzen 2000 CPUs, likely on 7nm+ with higher clocks. Or you could choose an 3700X, which will last you a long time before any possible upgrade becomes significant.
  10. Im quite sure i saw Dragon trailing behind the ISS about 12h ago. Amazing sight!
  11. If you want to use running as exercise but have problems with the motivation i have a few suggestions: -Join a local runnning group. Idealy one where you like the people so you come again just to see them. -Track your own times and see how you improve. Dont compare yourself to others, but to your past. -Register for a race thats a few months in the future and tell everyone. Then you have to train and participate
  12. Cant watch the video, but it seems hes overclocking them, which is a bad idea with most Ryzens since their turbo goes to the practical limit, everything beyond that is just wasting energy. The only german temperatures ive found where those: https://www.computerbase.de/2019-07/amd-ryzen-3000-test/4/#abschnitt_temperaturen_ohne_kuenstliches_offset (graph should be easy to read in english, too), they are using an Noctua NH-U14S as a cooler Since even the 9400F is reaching 65°C in Prime95 i guess you are watercooling your 9600k or live in antarctica... @Starlionblue: The i9 9900k is simply insane to power/cool, everything below that by both Intel and AMD should be easy to handle for every medium sized cooler. The R7 3700X seems to be especialy good when it comes to efficency, it caps at 90W consumption which is the same as the slower i5 8400/9400F.
  13. Well, the benchmarks posted by Aramchek show only the R5 3600, the lowest of the five new Ryzen CPUs. Its proper contender is the i5 9600k or i5 9500, which it seems to match closely in gaming performance while being superior in application performance. BTW: I find the 1% min FPS values more important than the average FPS, since the averages are more than high enough in almost all games while the 1% are what can be noticed as lag spikes. Also its kinda strange that Gamernexus benches 1440p, too, since the increased resolution only increases stress on the GPU.
  14. The benchmarks i saw (e.g. this) put the 3700X far ahead in multi core application performance, on par in single thread application performance and about 2% behind in gaming performance compared to the 8700k (its ahead when comparing minimum FPS). This while being cheaper and using less power sound like winning to me...
  15. Sadly most benchmarks arent of CPU limited games like KSP/Minecraft, but of games that run quite good on most recent CPUs and mostly depend on GPU performance...