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  1. Sorry, but crafts are lost :С although, somewhere, might have had links to.....
  2. Hello guys. I have a "creative crisis", lol. Screenshots of the new space station "Mir" Base module, Kvant-1 - FGB (with solar panels), two crane "Strela", Sofora and Rapana I don't like how look the base module :С Help me, guys.
  3. Yeah, thank you, dude! I missed :3 I do itself. I will definitely check out him and his crafts. And i almost corrected the Kvant-1. Soon I will record the video about Mir's docking
  4. "Kvant-1" with FGB-module
  5. Hand painted of course, i drawing in SAI
  6. Can you give links to that articles?
  7. Hello. Hey, guys. Anyone of you did the replica of Eagle 1999? Share pictures with us. My old (.19.1) version of this:
  8. because I can , lol https://www./?lkwlcfoqaic1inz you are welcome
  9. Hello everyone SDH Donely-Replica
  10. Yeah, thank you, man C: I want to remake Mir-2 Soon