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  1. SHOW YOUR SSTO CARRIER Do it like so: Name of craft: Picture: Description: *Download link *Download link not required* Have fun with sharing your creations!
  2. Your not alone. Have that glitch too. And when i have FASA installed to use these parts instead, i have the same problem as Fox Loco! Please help us! - - - Updated - - - Heres the vertex bug
  3. Show your best creations of KSP! Post your creation you ever made! You can post -Videos -Download links -Pictures -More creations' Enjoy!
  4. Hey guys i have a challenge for u! (U read the title so u know where its about!) Rules and goals: Went to orbit: 10 points Went to Kerbins moons: 20 points Went to Eve, Duna or Laythe: 50 points Went to other planets: 60 points Went to space station: 25 points Or rate somebodys post! (1-200 points to rate) WIN: your name in my next challenge! So everybody know you! And probably subscribe for your good work! (Sorry for bad english. This thread is made on a phone, sorry guys!)
  5. ^Do u enjoy pictures like this???^ Enjoy my challenge! (sorry 4 bad english) u have to take a picture from (deep) space! GOALS: inside space craft 10+ outside space craft 10- watching the mun 25+ watching minmus 50+ watching other planets and moons 125+ using hyper edit 50- watching the landscapes of kerbin from space 10+ watching the sun in the morning rising 40+ munar eclipse 70+ solar eclipse 70+ other eclipses 90+ watching horizon 50+ watching stars 10+ watching stars with texture pack 100+ watching landscapes on (landed) moons and planets 200+ 1 Vote 5+ 1 Unvote 5- video 50+ Who is working now: what u can win: SUBSCRIBTION
  6. sorry but the screenshot dooesnt works
  7. When i have installed the kethane mod i was playing and playing then i had a idea: building a kethane ship (using cheats ) and i launched the rocket. when i was in orbit i started the radar. then i found 2 green spots and de-orbit it to the green spot. now it was the beutiful landing but the paruchute was deploying in fire but then i was happy it wasnt burned. and when the parachute was deploying in AIRBoom! the back side of the craft whas going on;.;
  8. new features: .added clouds .added new gamemodes: career>a sort of mission mode mission mode> like career but then you can choose a mission and *poof* there is the mission craft and there is an mission complete GUI .added anchient*things* .added a new building>museum in here are all your crafts in a building .changed mission control now you can go inside the mission control .added a kerbal training centre a building in another place> train your kerbals to get a real kerbenaut! bug fixes: .fixed a bug like this if the heightmeter not works and there atmosfere is gone .fixed bug like ^ that but then everything is black good idea?
  9. I do know how i do get trasnfer to the and de-orbit but i dont know TO LAND! please help! send a picture how i do it and a download link of the craft!
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