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  1. False, cant be, I would be sneezing all the time, my cats somehow get their fur all over my clothes The user below me has 10 pets
  2. Don't worry, you will soon be semi addicted to the forums as well so you have no sleep
  3. Mechjeb can be good to learn how to create orbits and perform landings or any of its other possibility's by watching it and trying to replicate the results with it off.
  4. This is yet another example why I believe that Jeb should be contained in a space station before he uses SRBs to "accidently" split Kerbin in half.
  5. Banned for still using Jeb for dangerous test flights rather than being kind and sparing him.
  6. False, The user below me spends more time on the off topic forums than the on topic forums
  7. Banned for sniping my post (I'm trying to contain them, I still need a effective launch system to get it up )
  8. 2/10 Seen you a bit when looking through some old parts of threads
  9. Banned for being a paranoid system.
  10. I found and joined the forums after the crash so I don't know about some of the past discussions and what has been said. Sorry musicpenguin
  11. Chobit took over Squad after they competed the 3rd expansion for KSP 2 in 1969 to create a sweatshop for the mass printing and distribution of her 2000 images from Postcards from Lathye for her plan of mass conquest of the Roman empire in Oceania through mass brainwashing.
  12. No thank you, I like to keep my personality the same. I need it for KSP.
  13. Had to answer this, defiantly Its more interesting to look at the forums than to play the game now. The user below me has the exact same problem.
  14. Granted but they kidnap you and prope you for your spaceflight knowledge. I wish to become Prime minister.
  15. 6/10 Many posts on the games forums
  16. True, but only the moustache. The user below me hasn't eaten for 10 hours, too much KSP and forums.
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