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  1. @qzgy @The Aziz while I appreciate you are both trying to help, this sub forum is to discuss suggestions and development of the stock game. While there is a mod available to plug every hole and solve every problem, unfortunately mods are of little use to console players who are more or less stuck with the base game and all its flaws.
  2. I've wanted this for years. Like a docking port but stronger attachment and square so you can have precise rotation to help with orbital construction. lining up engines, fuel tanks etc. An Engineer kerbal should be needed EVA and detach them manually.
  3. exactly, then use the images you gather to plan future surface missions - assuming that mission planning tools were also added (sadly, this is also unlikely at this stage).
  4. I've been thinking about this more and more lately. Interstellar travel is really the logical endgame for KSP. I know its thoroughly in the realms of sci-fi. That said, I don't know exactly how it could work within the constraints of the game (huge crafts etc). It just makes sense to me as a narrative. You work your way up the tech tree, research more and more advanced tech, eventually build a huge ship, escape Kerbol SOI with conventional engines, activate the "K-drive" or what ever and then *ZZZZAP* then credits roll . Then maybe after credits are finished your ship *pops* in to a highly elliptical orbit around the new star. You then get to wake up your crew and play with all the toys you packed. yay! It probably wont happen, but I still like imagining.
  5. I suggested this a long while back like @John FX. (only some pics still work) would have been a great addition in my opinion. various terrain scanners, telescopes, cameras, ect would have added allot the feeling of discovery and progress. sadly I think the ship has sailed (launched).
  6. Fair point. Should have a refurbishment and haulage cost based on recovery distance from KSC. Refurb cost also reduced and haulage waved, if landed undamaged on the KSC runway.
  7. Should be stock for career mode. make recovery worth the effort. *edit* first
  8. I used to be completely against all procedural parts, But now I really think procedural wings would help with aircraft building. Piecing together all the little wing segments is tedious. Clipping together loads of wing segments to get the desired shape just looks messy at best. Stock wing thickness is often out of proportion with larger designs. I invite everyone to check out Bac9's mod. it really opened my eyes to how much better my KSP life could be. *For the record, I'm not convinced procedural tank sizes would make a positive addition to the game, however tweakable tank skins with heat tile and ultralight gold foil options, with their respective pros and cons, would be a nice addition.
  9. I support this.
  10. 1.875m FTW!!! now you guys need to change the scale and power of those Kickback SRBs...
  11. The thrust measuring rig and later the harrier used a reaction control system powered by the jet engine. Think KSP should have one too but with new parts. more parts! MORE PARTS!
  12. Programming isn't really the right word. more script writing. kOS is a bit too complex for stock while MechJeb is does too much, removing the player entirely. I'm suggesting simple context based "if commands" the player can use to automate events in the flight plan like staging automatically when the engine cuts out or changing pitch at specified altitude. when stacking these commands you could easily automate the entire launch process. other processes could also be automated with careful planning, but there is still allot of room for error on the players part, much like the craft building process. *In the late game the process of repeatedly launching rocket after rocket with similar payloads becomes very tedious. This should help alleviate that while still making the player responsible for success or failure.
  13. sorry, I have no idea what your talking about. I am arguing for more restrictions/challenge. in the form of life support requirements for crewed missions. please read the thread before derailing it. If games are defined by what you have to do in them, surely having to plan for life support requirements in your mission adds to the game. traveling to Duna (and beyond) should be a completely different prospect from traveling to Mun. At the moment in KSP the only difference is the Δv. There is nothing more to it. and thats fine for probes but sending a living crew should require something extra. EXACTLY! more challenge = more sense of achievement = more fun = more game #more game, not less!
  14. Snuggler forgets nothing! we have all heard this argument before. I'll leave you to look up the biology and organic chemistry. #more game, not less!
  15. The game should not be v1.+ Its not finished. Life support (LS) - minimum of Heat (Electric Charge) and Air (O2) with relevant parts and functions. scrubbers, processors, generators. Adequate mission planning tools with alarms to assist players with LS system. (Δv calculator, LS calculator, flight planner, mission calendar with alarms) Procedural tank system with tweakable resource contents, size (with limits), auto tank skins + light weight "skinless/gold foil" and heavy heat shielded skin options. *tank tweakables only accessible within VAB **backwards compatible to preserve current craft files Procedural wings. *backwards compatible to preserve current craft files Player programmable probe cores using drag and drop programming system. number of commands limited depending on core. allows probes to operate outside of communication range. also automate flight plans. (eg: "eject fairing when alt = >20000" or "set throttle 0 when perigee =>70000") *not quite autopilot as player has to program it. Complete planet survey system. visual cameras, cloud penetrating radar and map view layers. feeds back to mission planning tools. let the kerbals take pictures! Clouds. puffy, fluffy, wispy, clouds