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  1. don't forget they are quite heavy and expensive. But I do like the ability to draw for your payload. Just as long as your payload is circular...
  2. will my save carry over?
  3. Not completely true. Physics activate when the vessel loads. You can have builds so unstable that the explode shortly after that. If your thrust doesn't point towards your COM, then the rocket will also crash.
  4. I think people who "can't get into orbit after 10000 hrs of playing the new aero" should post pics of their designs so we can mock them for how bad they are. And then help them get better
  5. Sof

    The Sun

    The sun has no effect. You aren't re-entering, so heatshields won't do anything.
  6. Many back in the day. But my current career in KSP 1.02 (I've not played sandbox on the full release) has no Kerbal deaths.
  7. In all fairness, it is probably a user error somewhere along the line. I have managed to get it to keep sending more contracts, but the Rescue Kerbal contracts keep appearing. I selected the Rescue Kerbal contract in the contract reward modifier menu and set the max offered slider to 0 and then saved to config.
  8. http://www./view/04xl5v85j7puxf3/output_log.txt
  9. Do you mean the KSP.log file or the Contract ModifierConfig.cfg?
  10. I tried to use this mod to stop KSP from giving me rescue Kerbal contracts, but when I changed the slider for that type, nothing happened and the game still offered me those contracts at the same rate. A while later, all contracts stopped completely even though the max offered for every other contract type is 10 according to this.
  11. KJR shows that it is possible for a computer to simulate poorly designed rockets into flying well. Flex is vanilla representation of something gone wrong.
  12. You'd still see them in the VAB/SPH, they would just be greyed out.
  13. Properly designed and controlled rockets don't wobble, even without mods. Don't blame the tool...
  14. Dunno if anybody has mentioned this, but I've seen some strange behaviour with the heatshields. This is with FAR installed. My Mk1 pod with a parachute on top, periapsis at 20k, Apoapsis from LKO. Heatshield is almost entirely consumed with 0.01 to 0.09 ablative units left out of 100 (never had a pod explode though as it never reaches less than 0) Same pod on a decent from Minmus orbit with a periapsis at 20k, going considerably faster but only uses about 20 units before the pod has slowed enough and the ablation stops. Why the big difference, and why is it that way round?
  15. People who don't play with TAC life support installed are cheating. So basically, the rationale behind stock is that they're the real filthy cheaters.
  16. I think the main issue with the new patch is the memory leaks, and the fact that you don't really need heatshields any more.
  17. This is a KSP forum. People who are having fun playing the game are having fun playing the game, not praising it on the forums. People who dislike certain aspects come here to complain. I, myself, haven't had time to get back into KSP, so I'm checking out what has changed.
  18. It is between releases Besides, it is a single player game. Why care so much if the forum is a bit quiet? If you enjoy it, play it. You don't need other people. I could be the only person in the world playing KSP and would be having as much fun as ever.
  19. There is no point trying to hold on to old settings simply because peoples spaceships might not work. Tweak them if that is the case. Personally, I don't think we have the right to demand that the patches be backward compatible while the game is still in development.
  20. Yeah, the Admin building makes career mode much easier than science mode. Science was always the bottle neck, but when a simple satellite missions gives you thousands of science, it stops being hard. IMO the Admin building needs a bit of rejiggering
  21. The best way is to just ignore those pointless survey missions. You easily get enough money just building simple satellites for Kerbin orbit to upgrade all the buildings you need before the first interplanetary launch window opens. (Even with using Kerbal construction time) Then the admin building will give you stupid amounts of science for completing those easy satellite missions that you won't even have to bother making lots of specialist missions to the Mun or Minmus or fiddle around with planes across Kerbin. You'll have more than enough science points to unlock the whole tech tree befor
  22. It's not that accurate. Gravity varies by more than that across the globe. Besides, Kerbin isn't Earth. This is a non-issue.
  23. Re-entry, and weather are to be added when the aerodynamics gets its overhaul. Squad wants to do all air based fixes in one go. Resources were cancelled for a reason. It wasn't fun, it wasn't balanced and it wasn't comparable to the rest of the game. Squad explained why it didn't come in the 0.19 update. Flying inactive ships and building ships in space was never on the table FTL and other star systems has been denied by Harvester as ever being part of the game scope. Don't lie, they were never coming stock Life-support was going to be added when they found a working resource system. No poin
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