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  1. I usually don't use EVE/Scatterer/etc. as I think they bog down the game. But I gave it try today, after a ridiculously long download of scatterer (for some reason, it was going at 30 KB/s.) And the game is just too dark! Even with the sun at noon, ships are really dark. Even at night, there are no stars visible. And in orbit, on the night side of kerbin, you can't see the ship at all. Lights hardly do anything. Too Dark
  2. I built this huge ship to take a lot of Kerbals to the sun, but it just keeps falling apart during launch. I tried strutting, I tried using the right-click advanced menu to autostrut, tried each option, root, grandparent, heaviest. Just keeps doing it. At first I thought it was just the 3.75m fairing glitching out, so I rebuilt with a 5m fairing, same thing. I even started a new game with zero mods, plain vanilla, and imported the craft. Same thing. Anyone have any ideas? Kerbal.craft?dl=0 Nevermind. Did some more fixing and figured it out.
  3. capran

    Mods I'd like to have

    Huh, I never knew KER had that. I'll take a look. I'll give the others a shot, too. Except Ship Manifest isn't in CKAN, so I'll have to get it manually.
  4. capran

    Mods I'd like to have

    I was trying out Kerbal X yesterday and downloaded a ship, and the instructions from the creator said to activate the fuel cells for power. Well, they didn't bind them to an action group, and they weren't immediately visible to me either, I had to rotate and zoom in and out around the craft to find them. #1 So it occurred to me, what's needed for a new mod is a window with tabs of part types, and a clickable list in each tab of each type of part. When you click the item, it highlights the part on the craft and shows the context menu as well. The built-in resources menu sort of does this, but only for parts with consumable resources. And clicking the box next to, say electric charge, does give you the context menu, but it's usually abbreviated, and even click the sticky button on it doesn't reveal everything. #2 Another mod I'd like is one that would organize stickied context menus in a clean manner (try clicking the box on one of the resource items for a huge craft, your screen will be spammed with little orange and green boxes, all disorganized). It should also make those stickied menu permanent. The stock system allows you to sticky things, but if you go back to the space center, and go back to the craft, they're gone. #3 And I'm still looking for a good on-screen tool bar for the action groups. I want a grid of 10 buttons, and I want to be able to relabel them, perhaps put in tooltip descriptions. #4 One more is an on-screen tool bar for selecting and targeting planets and moons. If you use RasterPropMonitor, the multifunction displays give you this ability, but I'd like to have it on external views.
  5. OK, I found it! Thanks to this thread:
  6. Ok, maybe I'm missing something really obvious, but I've been playing 1.4.x since release and the Mission Builder expansion as well, but I can't find the engine plates. In my Career save, I've unlocked almost all items, but I can't find anything called an engine plate.
  7. capran

    DLC Idea: Universe Editor

    I'd like to dream of a KSP 2.0.0 where the physics engine has been replaced with something way better, less buggy and Kraken-y, more flexible (planets with axes that are not all in the same direction and perpendicular to their inclination! I'm looking at you, Earth and Uranus!), that would also allow for easy, in-game, user customization of the planets and star(s). It'd be awesome if it could be something like Universe Sandbox. Maybe someday...
  8. Well, I did some more play testing, and made some changes, but it still doesn't work right. Shrug. I tried to have a check for both Kerbals EVAing and then boarding the orbiter, but it just doesn't complete the EVA check,
  9. I'll give that a try.
  10. I've been trying to debug my first real mission, but it's not working the way I want it to. Here's a breakdown of what I want it to do: 1. Starting with an orbiter in orbit of Minmus, and a rover and 2 kerbals on the surface, get the kerbals back to the orbiter. 2. After docking, transfer ore from the rover to the orbiter and EVA the kerbals from the seats to the pod. 3. Undock, and prepare to leave orbit. 4. Unexpectedly, a mono tank explodes, damaging the LFO tank it's attached to, making it leak. <--- Right now, this is the part that isn't happening 5. Try to return to Kerbin and splash down or land and recover the kerbals.
  11. capran

    Acapello 15 (MISSION)

    I had the same issue. What I ended up doing was restarting the mission, and re-rooting the craft so the rover was the root. Still, pretty bad logic.
  12. capran

    So I bought KSP on March 29th, 2013.

    I went ahead and bought the DLC anyway. I also bought the game originally in Early Access in March '13. I do want to support Squad though, and it was only $15. I do wish they had polished the sample missions up some more, lots of confusing language. Also, I'm finding the Mission Builder interface somewhat counter-intuitive. Maybe I need to watch some tutorials or RTFM, though. I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to build a "simple" return home from Minmus mission with an unexpected part failure, but I couldn't get the logic to work for undocking the 2 vessels.
  13. Thanks, that's actually what I've done in the past. What i was really wondering though, is how do you schedule the launch and do the whole thing from the get go, without going into a parking orbit first?
  14. Wow, I think you found the End of the (Kerbal) Universe! The Sun expands and swallows everything!
  15. capran

    Help with First SQUAD Mission

    I agree. I gave it several attempts, but the closest I could get to the Island Runway was 9.5 km.