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  1. I just noticed those figures myself. It looks like ALL the planets and moons in KSP2 have incorrect gravity (and atmosphere?).
  2. I thought steve_v was kind of rude, so I didn't reply to him. I did determine it was Mapview Mono Sound. I wouldn't have figured that had anything to do with it, but I got rid of it and all's good. I'm still running a bunch of other mods that haven't been updated for 1.8, but no unusual bugs otherwise.
  3. So ever since Breaking Ground, if I have surface deployed instruments and I got the map view near them, I get these god-awful modem sounds. They're the same sounds that Chatterer used for transmitting data. But I don't have that mod installed now. Can't figure out how to stop it. Help? https://www.dropbox.com/s/szwmkv1d3pqn4os/Capture.PNG?dl=0
  4. This is driving me nuts. I don't have Chatterer installed, but if I deploy surface experiments, whenever I'm on the Map screen, I get that super annoying modem noise! How do I turn that off??? Mods
  5. Not sure what's going on, but using this mod with stock config, and some of the stock engines have their plumes WAY behind the engine. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1835946177
  6. @SQUAD Nice job Squad! But please, on the next update, please please please please include more sound effects! These new rotors and props definitely need sound! Same with the other robotics parts and all the wheel parts too!
  7. Now presenting, Tylo Kerbal Ship! A huge rocket that sends 3 Kerbals to Tylo, plus a 2 stage open-cockpit lander and ascent vehicle! Dock with the mothership and return to Kerbin! Lander includes surface deployment science kits. Action groups: G - deploys hinged gear, 1 locks them in place. Also 0, 9 extend and lock main relay antenna on mothership. https://kerbalx.com/capran/Tylo-Kerbal-Ship Mods needed: Simple Fuel Switch, MSP-3000, MechJeb, Engineer. https://imgur.com/gallery/3rtzFO6
  8. Presenting: The Tylo Explorer! Includes Orbiter (with return capability), Lander, and Rover. Does require Simple Fuel Switch. Launch to LKO with 1st stage and boosters. Then transfer to Jool with 2nd stage. Enter orbit of Jool with 3rd stage. Hohmann to Tylo. Enter low orbit (I suggest 30KM). Separate lander, carefully thrust all the way down until touch down. Hit hotkeys 9 & 0 to deploy Rover's rollover protectors. Activate the Monoprop thruster and separate from lander. Carefully set down on Tylo! Hit 8 and G to deploy the wheels. Includes all science tools except Materials pod (I suggest using this mod: ) Also I recommend using Engineer and Mechjeb for landing. https://kerbalx.com/capran/Tylo-Explorer-b Pictures will be coming. https://kerbalx.com/capran/Tylo-Explorer-b https://imgur.com/gallery/kLN4828
  9. They really need to fix this. Either remove terrain scatters, or merge them with the new rocks and such. Maybe some of the current "terrain scatter" items are just not interesting when scanned and will result in no or very little science compared to a Mun Stone or something.
  10. @SQUAD At this point, it seems to me this Breaking Ground DLC, while having some good stuff (robotics are good, scanning arm is good, finally inventory), feels like a beta. OK, so they gave us more stuff to do on planets and moons! YAY! AWESOME! But the rocks/formations/etc. are too hard to find, and even when you do find them, you can't just pick them up and put them in your inventory the same way you do with ground stations? Seriously? You guys created the inventory system (FINALLY) and stuff to drop and pick up, but the rocks can't be put in your inventory? WTH?
  11. I did end up finding the Green Sandstone in the Lesser Minmus Flats. I had to use the cheat menu ROC finder option.
  12. Nah, that's not a picture of Munstone. This is a picture of Munstone! Also a Large Crater. I think what they need to add is a device that can detect "anomalies" from afar. Something similar to the resource scanner which would add a layer on the Map View to indicate where things like these objects are. Then a device that will point you in the right direction when on the surface. There was a mod that did something like that years ago before this expansion, can't remember what it was called.
  13. Thanks! I set up a commnet and those errors are gone. Still, seems like a glitch that it would just continually spam the message log with those. I had to click through over 300 of them. I did eventually build a rover and find some Munstone and a "large crater". No crystals on the Mun yet, did find one on the mountains to the west of KSC though. It's a bit disappointing that instead of being able to pick up the stone and put in your new fangled inventory slot, it's just a right-click menu option that makes a science text dialog box show up. Maybe next release they'll get more graphical. The ground station experiments still have not completed. One of them is now over 5000%. LOL!
  14. Update: Quit game, started again, turned off Terrain Scatters. Went back to Minmus. No crystals. I'm seeing a repeating error from my ground stations. I guess my game is glitched. https://imgur.com/gallery/jDhObAU (I have no idea why, but pasting a imgur link in the media entry doesn't work for me.)
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