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  1. I was able to access and download. Ill check my AV if something has changed, I have not changed anything myself. Never know though. Thank you Now it loaded, I have no idea why.
  2. Hello, I started having this problem where it loads 10% then errors after a while.
  3. Ill go ahead get the video,logs, and craft file. I do have restock. On a side note, I hate asking, but do you have a paypal? Im not signed up to patreon.
  4. Its a pretty nice set up, I like how they allow you take control of the camera.
  5. No use for me to post or bother you anymore. You er already working on the issue. It indeed only happens when I downscale the wheels. Normal size they work fine. Thank You as always. Side Note: Where do I donate to you?
  6. Im not sure if this has been posted, but its cool to keep track of Perseverance. It has some simple UI to look around at. https://eyes.nasa.gov/apps/orrery/#/sc_perseverance?time=2021-02-07T08:41:56
  7. The wheels I use are scaled down a bit, so that may be it. Ill get a short video and the file for you soon. Ill also test out regular size and things like that before hand. Thank you for your time and where is your donate page?
  8. Ok Thank You, I have to find another zip format bc it wont accept winrar I guess. So ill just wait until after the update, no use wasting your time.
  9. As soon as I launch it starts sliding. Just using a basic rover module and wheels it will do it though. Im running latest KSP with the latest CKAN of tweakscale. Ill load the craft file, I just have to search how.
  10. I tried to search for this no luck, but probably my wording I never get right. Im not sure if this a TS thing or what. All the wheels I put on rovers are making it slide across the terrain. They are uncontrollable, and cannot figure out how to fix it. IS this a known issue? Mods are Tweakscale Restock only Rocket Sound Enhancement
  11. Is there a way I can make the robotic parts smaller. They are way to big, to build a small rover with, but maybe this would invite the Kraken to dinner.
  12. Updates are good, but it really adds to the work load for our modders. This is why I always donate to modders that I use alot.
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