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  1. I watched Artemis one launch and developed an itch to play again. Loaded Ckan and yummy, a tweakscale update. Then loaded Kerbal and saw the same message as posted above. You er still here banging problems out and helping others. Respect to you!
  2. Sorry if I missed it, did fix the last bug where parts where loading weird Or should I stay for now?
  3. Too late lol. I played for about an hour and testing and loading my craft. Everything I have has TS in it. All of them where fine. I hope that helps in some way.
  4. Ill reload when I get time and actually try and play it. Just to make sure.
  5. Not that it helps, but I rolled back to Tweakscale in Ckan and my crafts loaded fine again. I did not try and play around with them, I was just curious if they would load correctly.
  6. This is such an important mod IMO. I really hope KSP 2 comes stock with this, but we will see. You have been patient and rock solid sense you took this over.
  7. This is the exact issue I ran into after the update, thanks for catching it. You Rock!!!!
  8. This a great mod, bc nothing really adds wheels. I have issues with one of the stock wheels on my rover builds. They shake like they are having a spasm. These work great and they are SCALED. I try and use the least amount of mods I can, but these wheels for rovers are great. I did not see any conflicts concerning the mods I have -Tweakscale- I know is not needed for this -Rocket Sound Enhancement -Kerbal Reuseability Expansion -Restock- not restock plus
  9. Im not trying to rush this at all. Just curious if you have a time frame, for a teaser, of what your working on.
  10. This is the only mod that gives us the missing parts we need without having to download an entire Rocket pack. If ever possible, more chute options would be welcomed. I try and run the least amount of mods as I can.
  11. I would like to see tweakscale be a stock feature. Especially for robotic parts, being stuck with one size makes designs hard.
  12. I was able to access and download. Ill check my AV if something has changed, I have not changed anything myself. Never know though. Thank you Now it loaded, I have no idea why.
  13. Hello, I started having this problem where it loads 10% then errors after a while.
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