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  1. cpt_nosh

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    I just tried the engine part with all the clipping. It literally breaks everything apart when trying to lift-off.
  2. cpt_nosh

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    That... that can't be! I made the calculations and checked them twice! IT CAN'T BE THAT SUCH A GOOD LOOKING SSTO STILL GETS INTO SPACE?! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!
  3. cpt_nosh

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Also deploy your rudders if you have two or more, gives some good drag.
  4. cpt_nosh

    So, how do you make MK3 SSTOs?

    Forces overlay? Wow, are there more things like that which I'm not aware of!
  5. cpt_nosh

    So, how do you make MK3 SSTOs?

    I had the same problems over and over. Loosing horizontal control either at start or thenagain at 8k feet. Even though the points were in good match. What's the deal with this?
  6. cpt_nosh

    SSTO climb profile

    So, thanks to you guys, I kinda figured out the ascending profile with air breathing engines. Though ran into some more problems. At what Altitude and Speed should I normally switch to rocket engines? Right now I normally don't have enough liquid and oxidizer to achieve a low kerbin orbit? Is there some kind of weight to fuel ratio for this? Thanks in advance. I'm on my journey to regain my pre 1.0 SSTO capabilities.
  7. Hi, as many others (I hope at least) I have my difficulties finding a good climb profile for my SSTO. Currently, I'm using Rapiers and normally end up at around 13k feet speedlocking at around 300m/s. I read and seen some ideas about diving and then pushing through, and I know the best speed for that engine is over mach 3. Can anyone give me a hint?
  8. cpt_nosh

    100th Episode Special - Astro-Glider!

    I guess that's pretty much what they had in mind when producing the update... or not... lol
  9. cpt_nosh

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Well anything would be great, I guess?
  10. Merbels or Kerbels, don't ask me why though... just came up in my mind.
  11. Screenshot of your plane please.
  12. cpt_nosh

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Btw. does anybody know when we'll get the highly needed fuselage and wing and engine update?
  13. "After what milestone should you be able to call yourself an expert at this game?" As said in the title... nobody said something about expert in physics or anything.
  14. cpt_nosh

    Normal plane behavior?

    Higher up = less air and hand in hand with that less drag from your airplane. Vice versa at lower altitudes.
  15. Docking a good looking SSTO to an orbiting station. (Even though I did not try to go further than minmus yet, with recovering the vessel afterwards)