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  1. you need to get a gamepad mapping program and remap it, google will be your friend with finding one that works
  2. Just bumping for awareness, thought CKAN was broken (because when isn't it) but spacedock is still down
  3. seems to be the case few SAS fixed the issue. Been awhile since I've played seems it got a bit more unforgiving
  4. Ascent guidance with anything besides a single engine tube results in a wobble that eventually flips the craft. Even with an AoA of 0, it just starts wobbling at a few thousand feet
  5. CKAN is one of those things where you get it and use it and think it's fricking awesome.. Then it crashed twice on confirms and deletes your selection on reload so you have to do it all over again, then you consider if it'd be easier to just manually download everything..
  6. If you're on the internet right now the government can get everything it needs without windows 10... so please take off the tinfoil
  7. This is wrong.. they advertised it as no longer being early access, they used that fact as a selling point to make money. So they now have to treat it as an officially released game. To let squad off the hook with a "it's still basically early access" junk is unacceptable.
  8. The fix is to wait for another patch because introducing game breaking bugs in a patch now that the game is no longer in beta is unacceptable... And I love KSP but it is what it is.
  9. So as long as I avoid landing struts and wheels I should be good for now is the gist I'm getting.. Guess I'll start a new game and get the staging orbital stations done and do the surface missions when 1.1.1 hits.
  10. So is it worth playing right now or wait for 1.1.1?
  11. did u try this? was about to add both kks and dangit to add some variety to my missions also mod maker needs to update the ckan link
  12. Until the mod authors update things themselves you effectively have x number of "dead" mods on ckan that throw errors every time you try to download them. This is why I think filtering out broken links needs to be something the client handles better. Gotta figure a good chunk of the defunct mods are going to take months for the author to fix as they have slipped away from the game.
  13. is it not possible to release a ckan build that filter kerbalstuff links?