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  1. That's interesting. It's certainly related to background simulation failing for some reason. There's a lot of moving parts here, and it's likely difficult to nail down what exactly is going on, but the test is fairly straightforward.
  2. Good thought, but no. I'm comparing the Science produced by the same satellite in orbit around Kerbin when it is loaded and when it is in the background.
  3. Yeah, I commented on that here on August 6th. Once you get the gravimetric experiment it becomes pretty obvious that background processing needs to be almost 20x as fast as it is.
  4. There seems to be a problem with Science being recorded in background. I unlocked the Gravioli detector, and put it into LKO on a satellite with enough batteries to last the night and solar cells. This isn't hard. The Gravity Scan in Low Orbit at Kerbin had gathered 0.02 Science from an earlier launch. I then loaded the satellite, and waited a day, accelerated to 100x. At the end of the day, I had 0.20 Science; so I had gathered 0.18 Science during that day. I then went to the spaceport and accelerated through a day at 1000x. At the end of that, I had a total of 0.2
  5. I suspect there's something wrong, as though progress gets reset while long experiments run in the background. I'm going to add a reactor to a station soon to see if that fixes it.
  6. If you start the experiments in the VAB or launch pad they should turn on automatically.
  7. Regarding unpressurized pods, the Tantares mod has a nice two-kerbal Soyuz analog. You can't spacewalk from it, but it's usable until the Mark 2 unlocks.
  8. Thanks for answering about decompression. Regarding the cfg files, I noticed that the Situation Mask for Telemetry in NewExperiments is 1599. I thought the highest value for this was 63 for all Situations?
  9. Not sure if I follow. If you dock an unpressurized pod to a space station, I'd expect the station to depressurize. If you undock an unpressurized pod from a space station, I'd expect the station to retain pressure. Did you type undock when you meant dock? Not to jump in, but the first thing I'd try is disabling the crossfeed on the docking port.
  10. I'm enjoying the mod a lot. The new approach to Science is interesting, and a big challenge. I suspect survey contracts will need to be tweaked for short duration experiments, but that's an ongoing problem when Mod A is set up without considering Mod B, which is not always possible. Unfortunately, ScanSat and the KDex Dust Experiment mods don't seem to be supported at this time. I'm looking forward to seeing a guide on how to write the configuration files, so the community can start filling these gaps. Is there any place to upload these as they're written? Thanks,
  11. I'd suggest checking out Janitor's Closet, a mod which allows you to delete individual parts from within the VAB.
  12. As a side note, a CME just hit a space station with six tourists, and I imagine it is playing out a bit like Gerald Brennan's Island of Clouds. Fortunately, my Reputation hasn't taken a hit, so I guess everyone is okay with it. You'd think that would generate a bit of bad press.
  13. Thanks! The problem would be to keep it from turning into free science forever. I'm not sure that's a problem, though. You need to keep the scientists alive and kicking, and you need to ship experiments. Maybe every few hundred science you need to upgrade the station with a new lab.
  14. I wonder if it might be interesting to simulate the sort of work being done on the ISS. Ship up a resource called "Experiments" and have a Lab turn Experiments into Science. It would need to be complicated a bit beyond that, but the basic idea would be generating a very small amount of Science over a long period of time.
  15. The out-of-box behavior of Kerbalism is that Goo, Materials Bay, and Surface Samples cannot be transmitted. I believe Labs process samples so they can be transmitted. Are you seeing something else?
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