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  1. @DocNappersI have no idea, and I'm in Ubuntu 20.04.2 too. The only difference I have with severedsolo's procedure that I can think of is that I compile with mono's msc thus the debugging symbols are in .mdb files.
  2. Some notes for debugging for KSP 1.12 in Linux: KSP now uses Unity 2019.4.18f1, you need to download that, see here for instructions Everything is the same except copying the LinuxPlayer file part, the file you need to copy now is UnityPlayer.so, overwriting the one in your KSP install.
  3. @Master_Azrael I tried to reproduce but I was unable to, can you go into more detail the steps you do to trigger the bug?
  4. == Version 1.0.6 * Fix: NRE when DCoM offset readout is enabled and there are no parts in the editor.
  5. == Version 1.0.5 * Fix: Ignore PartModules that have moduleIsEnabled set to false. * Fix: Don't ignore ModuleEngine independentThrottle setting if used.
  6. @TheDogOk, I see now. I should be able to fix it.
  7. @TheDogI'm unable to reproduce with the MOLE mod alone, any ideas? Because of where you have the NRE there's something odd going on, maybe another mod doing something with the engines?
  8. == Version 1.0.4 * Fix RCS and engines in KSP 1.11. * Fix regresion, gimbals weren't aligned correctly for roll a vessel. * RCSBA remains active in Cargo Screen (can be disabled from settings).
  9. Is an old TODO of mine, the math for figuring out the resulting torque for an arbitrary collection of RW isn't as simple as with RCS. What do you mean? the version in CKAN is 1.0.3
  10. I don't understand what you're referring to, can you go into more detail?
  11. == Version 1.0.3 * Fix messing with other mods GUI styles.
  12. Yes. But CKAN tells me correctly that v1.0.2 is the latest version, not v1.0.
  13. If you can try with the latest, see OP. I messed up the last release so ckan isn't indexing it.
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