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  1. This mod is fantastic, I set up a private server for my friends and myself and been having a blast. One thing we would like is to be able to be a passenger and have someone else fly us around. Right now whenever we get into someone elses ship as a passenger we steal ownership. I dunno if this is a bug but it definitely would be cool if at some point one of us could be the pilot and other people can go into a passenger capsule as the crew.
  2. This is a space shuttle I have been developing for quite a while for building a space station and doing other LKO missions. My goal was to make it able to get a space station made of 3 meter parts fully built by my space shuttle. While I still have not completed a space station with it, the shuttle itself has gotten a lot of development and tweaking. I really enjoyed this shuttle and wanted to share it with the KSP community. Info Payload Size: 1 1/4 orange fuel tanks without the docking adapter. Payload Size: 1 1/8 orange fuel tanks with the docking adapter. Action Mappings Open/Close cargo bay doors Toggle main engine and turn off OMS engine Toggle OMS engine and turn off main engine Toggle cargo bay lights Deploy runway parachutes I have included more than one craft file to ensure you don't have to use some of the unnecessary mods if you don't want to. B9TS No FusTek.craft B9TS No KSO and FusTek.craft B9TS No KSO.craft B9TS Old Novapunch & FusTek.craft B9TS Old Novapunch No KSO.craft B9TS Old Novapunch.craft B9TS With KSO and FusTek.craft B9TS.craft The list of mods required are as followed B9 Aerospace - Body Procedural Wing - Wings Nova Punch - Engine and fuel tanks KSO - The docking adapter (optional) FusTek - Docking Adapter (optional) Real Chutes Mod - The landing parachutes Tweakable Parameters - Tweaked the engine gimbal and thrust to balance it out (did my best to prevent overpowering) Ferram Aerospace - Aerodynamics Enhancements (This is suggested, you may be able to do without it, I have not tested). Tutorial Video - Sorry about the bad commentary, working on improving how I commentate. (Also I need a better way to record, its picking up the EMF noise from my video card and dropping frames even though the game runs smooth) Screenshots from a challenge. Album with the old SRBs before NovaPunch changed them. Download Here
  3. Auuugh, I forgot to get my final AP and PE again! Bah here is the mission anyway, I don't feel like doing the entire mission again. I got into a 10km orbit around Minimus. I updated to the latest mod packs and had to redo the launch system because Novapunch removed the SRBs that I was using. I also learned that Ferram Aerospace now breaks apart your ship through high G loads. I am going to post up a thread and share this shuttle with everybody, maybe make a how to video on launching and landing the thing too. EDIT: Download the craft file here!
  4. Mojobojo Plays KSP Episode 3 - Jebediah Rescue In this episode we rescue our stranded Kerbonaut from Munar orbit. Sorry about the lack of editing on this one, had my PC fry and this one has been sitting on my HDD for a week. Still trying to get stuff up and running.
  5. Well going to have to hold off on doing a relaunch for about a week. Had a lightning storm and it took my computer with it.
  6. Would it be cheating if I launch an an orange tank in the cargo bay and use it as extra fuel?
  7. Episode 2 - Fuel Concerns In this episode we attempt to go to Mun and get a little more science. Things don't go quite as planned.
  8. Mojobojo Plays KSP Episode 1 - Looks Like Dirt Enjoy guys
  9. I had actually just made a video showcasing my shuttle here is an album and the video showing it off. Video, I hope you don't mind its commentated Image album I also have a huge dropbox album where I screenshot all my missions. Mods are used, the mod list B9 Aerospace - Body Procedural Wing - Wings Nova Punch - Engine and fuel tanks KSO - The docking adapter (removable, does not effect the performance of the shuttle) FusTek - Docking Adapter (removable, does not effect the performance of the shuttle) Real Chutes Mod - The landing parachutes Ferram Aerospace - Aerodynamics Enchancments Tweakable Parameters - Tweaked the engine gimball and thrust to balance it out (did my best to prevent overpowering) This shuttle has contributed to building 100% of my space station. This station was put up in about a 45 degree inclination. The max payload is one orange fuel tank (and a little bit more if I don't have the docking module attached) A previous version of my shuttle had a robotic arm. This was scrubbed because ferram aerospace was not cooperating with it and it was warping on launch and reentry and causing instability. I am still looking to remedy this. Download this craft file here
  10. I am really enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your next video.
  11. Hello guys, I just wanted to share my first video in a series of videos I plan on making of me playing KSP. I have been inspired by a lot of people I watch like The Winter Owl, Scott Manley, and HOC Gaming to make my own LP (Lets Play) series of Kerbal Space Program. I really enjoy this game and I want to share the fun with you guys while I play commentate. This video is an intro/test, I talk about my first build I am showcasing which is a space shuttle I have been working on for a while and I talk about my channel to my current subscribers and anybody else watching in relation to what I am going to do with the channel. Please comment and tell me what I need to do or what I did wrong in case I messed something up. Enjoy Side note: it is in 1080p its just processing right now I guess. UPDATE: The below videos are dead. Reorganizing and planning in order to make the series less boring. Episode 1 - Looks Like Dirt Episode 2 - Fuel Concerns Episode 3 - Jebediah Rescue
  12. This is a pretty neat mod, just a video I took when I was launching a satellite cause I thought it was cool. I am really enjoying it.
  13. Perhaps I have misunderstood how to set up SCANSat. I am using build 5 of SCANSat and I am getting no "No Satellite Connection"
  14. Drone sent to keostationary orbit to spy on who has been eating the snacks.