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  1. Tantra-res A pack of mandala-textured parts to enhance any stock game through the use of ritual rocket launches and spirituality
  2. Tested my laythe and Tylo landers for a LF-only Jool 5 mission plan Laythe was not fine: (neither of them actually work yet - laythe might need a total redesign )
  3. Laythe SSTO, replete with wack symmetry to make it fit in a Mk3 cargo bay It flies, although roll control can be kinda janky
  4. Working this morning on a laythe SSTO space 'plane' to fit in a Mk3 cargo bay While I understand that this thing technically should be balanced and appropriately symmetrical, the fact that it flies and doesn't spin out of control hurts my intuition But it does take off! And fly! - reasonably well while it still has more than about 300 LF left (that's the prettiest screenshot I've ever taken in KSP) I have no idea how to get it to space tho So I just flew it around til low fuel to test the handling while near-empty (it's shocking, but theoretically I'll be in space by that point anyway) And finally landed - a bit heavy, because I broke half my parachutes while testing the gear on the launchpad, but intact So... does anyone know how to get SSTOs to space?
  5. Awesome! thanks, I don't personally have much of a clue when it comes to delving into the internal plumbing of KSP
  6. So, I'm hoping to give this a go, but first I have questions on rule 2: 1. How strict is it? Is it no clipping of any kind whatsoever, or only where there is significant function derived from the clipping? Specifically what I would like to do (no screenshots, sadly): mk1 liquid fuel tanks, radially symmetric around a central mk1 LF tank, do not /quite/ fit inside a mk3 cargo bay; it takes a single small nudge (holding down shift + move) inwards to prevent them clipping through the flat sides of the bay. Visually and functionally this is identical (center of mass is within the cargo bay either way and hence the parts are shielded from drag), and it is visually identical to the point where I imagine I could have 'gotten away with it' if I'd just not said anything. Is this within acceptable parameters? 2. If the answer to (1) is "nope, can't clip that"; does the no clipping rule apply to the launch vehicle? (Not sure my neurodivergent-ass brain would let me fly a launch vehicle with bits clipped through it anyway, but thought it was worth asking) 3. Do the new BG robotics parts, specifically pistons, count as structural or functional parts, and hence are they clip-able or not? [EDIT: I'm in the vehicle design phase right now, so if the answers to the above are all 'no don't do that' it isn't the end of the world, but I thought I oughta ask]
  7. Is there information available on which specific biomes these show up in?
  8. actually, centipedes only have one leg pair per segment, millipedes have two (also, y'know, neither of the above actually has the appropriate legs; some centipedes have >100, but no species naturally has 100)
  9. Heya I've been having some trouble with another user on KerbalX; I can't find a way to block them, is this possible? If not, having such a feature I think would be a great way to reduce user harrassment. FWIW, their problem is they don't like seeing my craft uploads, is there a way to 'unfollow' people so they don't show up on your front page, or...?
  10. Made a replica whirlwind to add to my BDA-C Warhammer 40k collection Spent ages messing with robotics to make it self-reloading
  11. Working on making replaceable missile pods for a BD Armoury tank, with the second set of missiles stored inside the fuselage. Current problems are making everything fit without excessive clipping, and joint strength. (no pics, sorry ) Does anyone know a way (without additional mods) to make the strongest possible joints? Currently I've been using the smallest servos and second-smallest pistons for space efficiency; is this part of the problem?
  12. That is adorable and when it's programmed I must have one
  13. I mean, in practice I've seen 2-dozen helicopters and no walkers so *shrugs*
  14. Eh, maybe for the Baal versions (the vehicle is finished now thanks to hinges (!!!) but I don't have screencaps)