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  1. I'm holding out until Water/Kethane objects are installed, but I love seeing how far the mod has progressed! Can't wait to take this mod for a spin. Question, though. Do Atmospheres currently play nice (e.g randomly generate sanely)?
  2. Ah, that should help a lot, thank you! I was under the impression that there was something actively wrong with the thermal system in KSP preventing this mod from continuing. Is it just not sufficient enough?
  3. Sorry for appearing rude, but I was confirming that the 1.5.1 release does work on 1.6/1.6.1 (unsure on 1.6 because it is unavailable for download) Also, absolutely download Heatcontrol. It does work, but it still has the heat problems (which is a shame.)
  4. Sorry to necropost this thread(?), but to answer the inevitable question: Yes, this does appear to work with 1.6.1, pending further testing. Sorry for any annoyance/rulebreaking.
  5. Indeed it does. Gonna throw my last opinion in here: Someone should give a official statement and lock the thread before it gets extremely nasty
  6. The way you worded it made it sound so, not to mention you specifically requested users to report it. Thank you for putting my issue to rest.
  7. So as a community, We're going after a game because it looks and operates similarly to KSP despite having some separating characteristics? I thought we were better then 99% of all fandoms out there, jfc.
  8. School started, so i'm giving it until the end of this month until i start getting real concerned again. TWG might be re-working the scatterer configs because in his own words "Scatterer decided to hate me"
  9. Removing it did not remove the issue. The issue did appear in flight mode, not just map screen. ((This might be a issue with the rings themselfs, if gameslinx is correct.))
  10. Guardian you're not allowed to do this /s Nice moon regardless.
  11. ((Assuming your talking to me)) I only dropped the mod into gamedata. I'm not jumping through a thousand hoops to get a custom PP Stack into the game.
  12. So @The White Guardian, there is a minor rendering bug with this and GPO. A square of Gaia's rings are lit *way* up. Which produces a rather unplesant effect from the ground/in space. Any potential fix?
  13. It theoretically should, if you took some time to read guardian's post.