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  1. JSI is Junk Space Industries or something similar if I remember correctly.
  2. Yes, it does. KSP/Unity now uses HTML colour tags instead of hex or something to that effect. RPM pages added by other mods such as ASET need to be updated. That's if I'm understanding MOARdV correctly.
  3. [quote name='Van Disaster']I have some Bac9 made ( along with some different Mk1 fuselage parts ), not sure where they came from because they're not in the current B9 prerelease.[/QUOTE] I think that was PoleCatz's D12 Expansion for B9.
  4. That seems to have done it. I completely removed the JSI folder and installed that dev build and no more black screen on the HUD. Thanks! Now I just have to fix the ASET and MkIV PFD navballs. Thanks also for the above instructions.
  5. The black screen in the HUD can be fixed by placing ladder.png from an older version of RPM into \GameData\JSI\RasterPropMonitor\Library\Components\HUD. In current versions of RPM only is present. I presume this is by design since other HUD elements are also only in dds format but it seems in certain circumstances (graphics settings maybe?) ladder.png is required despite the other HUD elements working fine in dds format.
  6. I'm away from my computer at the moment so I can't check the exact details, but I was having this problem too. To fix it you need to copy the navball texture from the stock RPM folder to the equivalent custom RPM folder.
  7. I've been having the same problem. Happens with all IVA's with RPM, not just ASET though. Also still getting the black square on HUDs. Only solution I found was to go back to RPM 0.20.
  8. I think what he means is two separate sets of engines and throttles: one set for vertical lift and one set for forward propulsion. By having independent throttles he can maintain his altitude with the lift engines and increase or decrease his speed with the other engines. For instance I have a large helicopter with four main rotors for lift controlled by TCA and two jet engines for propulsion which are manually controlled. To be honest though I just use Davon TCS for the independent throttles. I agree with his issues with it but it works fine with TCA so there's no real reason I think, to duplicate its features. Unless of course it doesn't get updated for 1.0.
  9. That seems to have done the trick - no more crashes. Should I even ask what happened your cockpit?
  10. Right, I just tried to replicate this to get logs and decided to use a fresh install with no other mods - and it works fine with no crashes. I'll check for conflicts with the mods I had installed but they all worked fine together in 0.90 and honestly I'm expecting they'll work now and we can just put this down to the vagaries of KSP and mods. Edit: As I expected, I re-added each mod one-by-one and Pilot Assistant works fine - no crashes and just one toolbar button. I'll just chalk it down. Thanks Crzyrndm! Latest Edit: Okay I'm really sorry. I'm back to getting crashes/button issues again. All I did was install RPM. Here's the log. If it matters, the other mods are; Ambient Light Adjustment, B9 Procedural Wings, Heat Warning, KJR, HyperEdit, MechJeb and Procedural Fairings.
  11. I'm also getting a crash if I click on Vertical Control or Heading Control. In addition I'm getting at least two but sometimes four icons on the toolbar. I'll try and get logs tomorrow.
  12. Firespitter has a texture switcher. There's documentation on how to implement it on snjo's GitHub. Of course as far as I know it hasn't been updated for 1.0 yet but it's possibly the easiest option once it is updated.
  13. I like the Aero gauge from Steam Gauges. I don't think it shows EAS though. The intake air gauge is useful though. I also don't know if it works with 1.0 yet either. You could create a custom window in MechJeb with just Mach and EAS.
  14. Sorry, for some reason I thought there was still a valid download link in this thread. From my reading of the MIT license I think I can upload my copy. It'll be later on today though. Edit: As promised here's the download link. I hope it's okay to post this. I included the license in the zip file and the link to the source at dazoe's GitHub is still valid. Trim Indicators
  15. Works fine for me in .90 without recompile.