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  1. I havn't read all the posts in this thread, just because I was shocked by the enormous illiteracy of the first few posts.... We don't see stars during the day, because, well, sun and its scattered light in the atmosphere is too bright compared with the stars. We see fewer stars in or around cities at night, because the sky is illuminated (scattered) by the artificial light sources so much that it is way brighter than some of the stars, so only very bright stars are visible. We don't see stars on pictures in space or pointing at the space with relatively bright objects compared to starlight, because they are too bright! (pictures of the moon etc.) We see the full glory of our galaxy if your eyes or camera can adjust to it, this is the case if there are no bright objects in sight. In KSP: We see stars as soon as the sun has set or at any time in space, no matter how bright objects are. This only works, if: - you have magic eyes adjusting instantaneously and on different brigthness levels within sight - you have some sort of hdr camera set up accordingly to be differently sensitive on the sensor (or special photography methods which include taking multiple photos; or multiple cameras with different settings put tightly together to get video footage) - the other stars in the KSP universe are ultra bright (good luck visiting one in KSP2) and have some sense of "day-night-cylce-on-Kerbin" to adjust their brightness So: its not about "making the skybox darker" or "option to adjust brightness of skybox", not at all! Its about HDR. If you want to have a physically correct game, you must not see stars in the background if there is any bright object in the foreground. No matter if you simulate human(/kerbal?) vision or a camera taking the footage you are seeing, it is hardly possible to capture objects of such imense different brigthness levels. Having such a HDR approach would make the game feel much better and it would be some kind of reward to see the full glory of the ksp galaxies
  2. How did you do the cyclic? Like I mentioned (using pitch/roll/yaw input) or did you discover something smarter/better/easier?
  3. Hey guys! Has anyone yet sucessfully built a working helicopter with the new parts? And with 'working' I mean like a reallife helicopter with collective and cyclic pitch. The helicopter blades react to the pitch/yaw/roll input, but it seems they do not do it in a 'unique' way. It seems they react just like a normal control surface which decides based on its relative position, if and how much it has to move. For example when the blades are perpendicular to the roll axes, they move when I input a pitch (W or S), but they are not moving when aligned to the roll axes. So yeah, we seem to have cyclic control, but a very useless one. Has anyone figured out how to do a proper control? How we get cyclic control (collective is easy as you can use deployment) Would it somehow be possible to use a KAL? Edit: One thing that might work: use 4 blades. set one to pitch control and the next (perpendicular to the first one) to yaw/roll (depends on craft orientation). that way you would have some sort of cyclic pitch control, but not sure how well this works....
  4. Thanks for the info! But, why is it not used? I looked through a few parts (with variants) and could not find a single use for it.... it really destroys the immersion for me... the enginge looks totaly different but it does not change a single thing!
  5. Hey there! Will Part Variants ever change the mass of the part? Its not very realistic or meaningful if you can change the appearance of a part but not change its physical properties, which should (at least) be the mass. Some changes would obviously also change its aerodynamic behaviour... but I'm not sure if it makes any difference with the in-game aerodynamics What is the statement of the dev-team to this topic? Best regards, Mav
  6. Hey guys! I'm currently working on a big mod which includes changing the way kerbals are hired. So I wanted to change the look of the hiring tab (aka astronaut complex) by just overlaying a gui. But the problem is, that if you click on my added gui it may activate buttons which lay underneath it (hire, dismiss, etc.) Is there any solution to this? Can I stop the click from going through? Can I prevent the vanilla Astronaut Gui from loading? any advice is appreciated!
  7. hey guys! I need some help with the kerbalroster I would like to access all kerbals, no matter if they are assigned, active, dead or missing, to do so, I wanted to access the kerbalroster. But I dont know how to accomplish that... I'm still a bit clumsy with C# and I read in the API that the constructor of the kerbalRoster needs a game.mode, which confuses me a bit. Do I need to call the constructor or how do I acces the roster? After looking through some plugins: HighLogic.CurrentGame.CrewRoster;
  8. wait...what!?!? "Pause Mission" does not mean, that the game is paused??? THAT explains a lot! Thanks! wait...what!?!? "Pause Mission" does not mean, that the game is paused??? THAT explains a lot! Thanks!
  9. I just had the idea to look into how this specific node works and it turnes out, that it workes based on a persistendID... as the ID for this objective got assigned to the lander (root part), the rover itself had a different ID Squad! Why on earth would you choose this node option rather than "any vessel"?? I hacked the savegame and changed the persitent ID the objectiv was looking for to that of the rover, this did it Bad job, Squad, bad job!
  10. As you can see, I am right above the point Maybe the drill is too low?
  11. Thanks a lot for all your answers! That also explains why my approach with the timing node did not work...
  12. I think you can do that... You can: -open all vab/sph, launchsites, astronaut complex -set their level -NOT upgrade them -enable funding -set multiple different crafts on different orbits/situations -hack the save to open the other facilites, but it does not work in the game so: NO, it is not possible to do, what you want to do with the mission builder... But If you find a way to put a new launch site up in carrer mode, or lets say, in a "normal" save, you can just set up a ordinary persistent file as you want it \_oo_/ EDIT: I wrote the first line right before I tried it....
  13. I am curious if the variants could also change the parameters and/or modules of a part? It seems the mass of the engine is not affected by the variants, which is kinda dumb because the engine has to weigh more with the big shroud (for example)
  14. Hey there! I wonder how this works with docked (stacked) nodes in the mission editor? What does it do/mean when I stack them? And how do I do a chain of dialog boxes, that appear after each other, rather then simultaneously? I tried it that way: I just made them into a chain, but then all of them get triggered at once and are shown at the same time... My personal "workaround" (I dont know if this is meant like that from the developers...): I put a timing node after each dialog node, which meassures the time since this dialog node had triggered and triggers itself, when a certain amount of time has passed. The bad thing about that is, it triggers the next dialog after a set amount of time and not when I click "continue" on the dialog. But still better than nothing... And during that workaround I stumbled upon the possibility to dock the timing node to the dialog node. But what does this do? No matter what options and settings I tried, I always got stuck on that node... Could someone explain to me, how this works? And what does it mean, if I dock a "check velocity" node to a "check altitude" node (which does not work the other way around, if I remember correctly)? Best regards! PS: sorry if I missed out something on the tutorials.... but they are.... semi-helpful, as they explain nearly nothing, just telling what to do And after it said there are 3 tutorials, while I saw only 2, it more or less dieded for me PPS: yes, it "dieded"