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  1. What about multiphase contracts? Maybe a specific government dishes out some Duna colony contracts to different people. One guy gets contracted to build the shell of the colony, and another gets contracted to put in equipment, another guy to transport people back and forth to it. It could be fun if there were also race contracts where the first person to get a colony up gets a lot of money.
  2. Thanks! I do agree that it's not for everyone. Trading games are always pretty niche, and KSP is niche enough as it is.
  3. You could have contracts to ship x amount of fuel/water/hopesndreams to x colony, instead of just shipping to kerbin or a random place.
  4. In a world where every planet has been visited by Kerbalkind, the satellite network is old news, and the renowned Kerbal Space Program has been hamstrung by lack of funds and public support. But the space age is not done yet. Valuable metals and minerals lie in waiting across the solar system, ready to be dug up and sold to the highest bidder, and world governments are prepared forgo old treaties in order to claim a part of a planet as their own. You, the CEO of an up-and-coming commercial space program, must rise to the challenge and conquer the stars. Pave the way for space colonization by b
  5. Maybe you're sentimental towards your old PC's. You've been using the old parts for so long that you feel bad for throwing them away.
  6. What do you mean by halo style? Like, the whole deal with the ark thingy? Or the slipspace stuff?
  7. I feel like life support could be a difficulty level thingy. It would be tricky cause life support would have parts and if you disabled life support in difficulty settings would the parts still be there? What would happen to the tech tree? Ramps would be super awesome. They could make a part that you attach like a ladder, and you can adjust its deployment angle in VAB. You could slap it on the side of a service bay or something and call it a rover bay.
  8. Some guy on another game asked me for money so that he could buy KSP. I didn't know what KSP was. I got the demo, didn't give someone else money, and eventually bought it.
  9. It's like a plane with skis as landing gear!
  10. There was a mod somewhere that tried to make Oculus compatible with KSP. It doesn't go to that extent but you can at least use it in IVA. Ah, here it is.
  11. I feel like people have been pampered for so long that they always expect game devs to make everything super duper perfect and get mad when things aren't that way. We all probably have felt like that at some point. But we just need to calm down and just enjoy an imperfect game, made by imperfect people, and played by imperfect people. offtopic edit: Why is it that our avatars are bigger here than in other threads?
  12. I don't think that's true. What are these dedicated titles?
  13. I feel like the "no Mk3 passenger module" rule doesn't actually do anything but add to the part count.
  14. [quote name='Sequinox']Agh, I can't disagree with all the Falcon love.[/QUOTE] Be careful. Falcon 9 love leads to SpaceX love and SpaceX love leads to SpaceX elitism and no one likes elitism :P
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