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  1. I just did it by setting the target and switching to chase mode (stock).
  2. Here's a video from the upcoming update with competition mode, vessel switcher, and improved collision avoidance: @tetryds@colmo
  3. Check the "Gun Range" http://bdarmory.wikia.com/wiki/Guard_Mode#Guns_Range Also, Patriots have a minimum static firing range of 2km.
  4. http://spacedock.info is up and running. Some things aren't ready yet but I was able to upload BDArmory to it.
  5. I was thinking of having all of one team fly one direction for a certain distance, and the other team go the other direction, then once everyone reaches the set distance, they turn around and fight. It wouldn't take long since the code is set up for AI to be able to override behavior by receiving commands (like the wing commander). As for collisions - there's already collision avoidance, but it works by firing a spherecast(basically a 30m wide raycast) on its velocity vector for something like 4 seconds worth of flight distance, and if it detects something it breaks away. It works sometimes, but since it doesn't predict where other vessels will be in the future, crashes obviously still happen. Not sure what to do about that.
  6. tetryds, if you can think up a "competition mode" for AI where they fly off to certain positions before beginning the fight, i'll see if I can get it into BDA as a settings menu option
  7. I bet some exceptions are being thrown when you are trying to attach it. Please send your output_log.txt
  8. For the rotation transforms, Z forward, X right, Y up. The whole part in general should point to global Z- though (see top right). Rotate the missile until you get the proper rotation.
  9. Give it a parent so and adjust the parent so that the transform is pointing in the right direction and has a zero rotation. Use Animation component, not animator.
  10. Make sure the pitch and yaw transforms have local rotations of 0,0,0. For animations, add an animation component to the root gameobject and animate it again in unity. Since you broke the prefab relationship, the animation from the imported model won't carry over. (I always just animate in unity since I know I'm going to be messing with the hierarchy after importing the model)
  11. As mentioned above, use the weapon manager for selecting and enabling weapons. No, it should be there. If not, send logs. It's a simple mistake - read the part about "Guns range" here: http://bdarmory.wikia.com/wiki/Guard_Mode#Guns_Range
  12. The link on the main thread has been changed to github.
  13. I've uploaded the latest version with minor fixes to GitHub. https://github.com/BahamutoD/BDArmory/releases/tag/v0.10.2.1 v0.10.2.1 = Fixes = - Fixed typo in AGM-86C cruise missile description (should say GPS guided) - Disabled 'Remote firing' option by default
  14. Which fire missile command are you referring to? Action group? I noticed the symmetry issue too. Looking into it. I didn't change anything about the tow missile or targeting pod..
  15. I would have, but I can't. Attachment nodes can only be at 90 degree angles.
  16. No, other than timing when you turn it on. -- I just realized I left "remote shooting" enabled in the settings on the recent releases. Turn that off in the settings if you don't want your trigger to fire guns on other vessels.
  17. Unfortunately, I have yet to WriteTFM. I noticed that there were already wiki pages for BDArmory in Japanese and Korean (awesome!), so I decided I should start one in English. There's nothing on it yet, and this is my first time making a wiki, so any help here would be greatly appreciated. I'll be slowly filling it out over time. http://bdarmory.wikia.com/ Not sure what caused it, but I found an NRE in ClusterBomb from your log, and fixed it, so maybe that had something to do with it. Cheers
  18. Okay that's fine. I'll leave it as it is then. Not other than CIWS/missiles. Guards still only attack vessels, not arbitrary GPS coordinates, so this wouldn't quite work yet.
  19. Update v0.10.2 = New = - Adjustable Rotary bomb/missile rail - AI Pilot guards can select and use unguided or GPS guided bombs - Guards will open and close cargo bays as necessary for missiles/bombs (FAR users need to manually set 'cargo bay' missiles/bombs) = Changes = - Selecting a missile will enable all turrets containing its type, not just current missile - No longer render cluster bomb submunitions until they are deployed - Guards will take longer to forget about contacts if they have not been seen - Guards will reset memory lifetime of contact if they are seen again = Fixes = - Fixed targeting pod stabilizing on underwater terrain instead of surface - Fixed Take-off not working on Command Self if AIPilot is not activated - Fixed exceptions thrown by cluster bomb, targeting camera, and wing commander - Reduced debug log spam Notes: - With stock aero the guard will automatically detect which missiles/bombs are inside cargo bays and set them accordingly. I don't know how to do this in FAR so you have to do it manually via the missile's right click menu. @ferram4 Any suggestions on that?
  20. This is because you set "guns range" to 10km, which means it will only use guns on any target within 10km. If you want it to use only missiles, set guns range to 0.
  21. (amankd) You just have to uncheck "Simulate World Space" in the editor for things like muzzle flashes that you don't want trailing in the wind. There's a bug in the KSPParticleEmitter script so in unity it looks like it's not pointing the right direction, but as long as it looks right with Simulate World Space checked, it will look right in game with in unchecked, and the particles will stay relative to the local space of the emitter. [kspdirectory]/KSP_Data/output_log.txt It gets produced everytime you play. PS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHn5Lppb2Gw
  22. If you verified you installed it in the right place and haven't renamed any folders, send your output_log.txt. Edit: I watched your video, and it looks like they do show up, but in the wrong place. That's really odd! Send me your output_log although I don't know how much that would help.
  23. Thank you. It looks like the problem is it can't find the save files for the settings or the GPS targets. Can you check to make sure you have settings.cfg and gpsTargets.cfg in your BDArmory folder? If you do, then something else weird is going on, because it seems to be looking for the file in a GameData folder on your desktop.. I have no idea why it would do that. As I said to those with similar problems in the previous page, I need to see your output_log.txt to be able to help. I have no idea why that would happen. Send me your part config and I'll take a look.
  24. Fair enough. I can reduce the weapon manager's crash tolerance. As for cruise missiles - they're GPS guided, so you need to acquire GPS coordinates first using the targeting pod, then select the target from the GPS coordinator module, then fire.
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