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  1. Nibb31

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    You mean "continue"
  2. It would really just be a reorg of the USAF Space Command and some Navy and NRO assets into a single structure. This is a presidential order that nobody really asked for and it needs Congress to actually approve it and allocate a separate budget to this new arm. My bets are that it won't happen.
  3. Most caverns aren't sealed up. There will always be leakage from the surface, cracks, etc... Even without tectonics, there are still tidal forces and thermal variations that will cause cracks. If you want to use caverns, you would need to seal them with either an in inflatable bladder or an applicable sealant.
  4. Voskhod was a death trap and none of its flights performed properly. It didn't have ejector seats like Vostok, but landing rockets that were attached to the parachute lines. They knew they were pushing the envelope of the Vostok design and that it would end tragically. Its only purpose was: send first three astronauts into space before the americans, and do the first EVA. It really wasn't capable of much else, so they cancelled it as soon as there were no more "firsts" to get out of it and before anyone would get killed.
  5. Yes, it really shares practically nothing in common with the submitted design. But it is awesome !
  6. Nibb31

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What's the point of having the separate drum inside the hull if the rest of the ship is spinning anyway ?
  7. Nibb31

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You would need a counter-rotating weight to prevent torque rotation of the ship each time you start and stop the ring. It's all overly complex and unnecessary. Rotating a 9m ship is pointless. The gravity would be unnoticeable and with your head rotating at a faster speed than your feet, it would be negated by all sorts of side-effects (dizzyness, nausea, etc...). It might be interesting to use a BFS as an experiment, but not for months of transit to Mars.
  8. Nibb31

    Two titanic theories.

    I don't think serial numbers on all parts was a thing back then. No. You should stop watching conspiracy videos on YouTube.
  9. Nibb31

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    They are not going to be spinning the BFS, so yeah, more like Skylab but with a 50% larger diameter.
  10. Any tips on getting a decent semi-automatic landing with the BFS ? With MechJeb or something ?
  11. Nibb31

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    If ESA was funded by the EU instead of individual countries, then the list of participating countries would be completely different. Norway, Switzerland and Canada for example are ESA members but not in the EU and not all members of the EU contribute to ESA.
  12. I guess the ISS qualifies for that (or some sort of ISS-2). So I'd answer LEO.
  13. But SpaceShipTwo doesn't go that fast. It only reaches Mach 2 (maybe Mach 3), which puts it in Concorde heating territory. We already have coating materials that can resist high Mach loads.
  14. The shuttlecock design still seems like a lot of unnecessary complexity and introduces plenty of single point failures. I'm pretty sure a blunt body design and a fine layer of PICA-X would have been more than enough.
  15. Another thread ? Before selecting the location, you need to ask what the purpose of your settlement is, and how you're going to fund it. The location question depends on those answers.