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  1. wait.....wat I don't get it
  2. 950+ people on a server.....its crazy.....crazy fun.
  3. Does anyone else here play this? I saw an ad(not really a ad, but you get what I mean) through steam, download it and so far it was very fun.
  4. Forget a Kerbal, what about a walrus?
  5. You know this will never work Plus there are more important problems now......
  6. I don't like any other space games, this is the only space game I like.
  7. Here is mine http://www.nationstates.net/nation=flufflycat_land
  8. Theres like so many ads with just "Download Now!" buttons, I always double check to see if its the real one.
  9. Granted, Your paper bag has dog poop in it I wish for a cookie
  10. I hate dreams where your running from somebody or something, you feel like a drunk, keep falling over and stuff, then you try to close a door, your to weak to close it, they come rushing in, then you wake up. And then there are the dreams about snakes......there will be snakes everywhere you look. other dreams are just too naughty/weird/gross to talk about
  11. I think the guy who made the first N1, Luna 17 and other soviet stuff is making one, and Lovad already made a good Saturn 5
  12. What the worst subject in school? Chemistry haha
  13. What can a mouse modify for gaming do? Does it just look cooler?
  14. Granted, but you fell in a hole and died before the day you docked. I want a cake
  15. This kind of Sabre? But I suck at making SSTOs, even with B9 sabres, so doesn't mean much to me
  16. Are there any jobs available as a janitor?
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