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  1. I used the "non-snap" move tool to adjust the outer edges of the woolfhound engine to be aligned with the tank above. Then, when I attached the RCS using the 4 way symmetry I noticed the symmetry was not aligned with the tank on top, as shown by the obvious ladder-RCS alignment.
  2. To compound things even further. I manually re-centered the wofhound engine, only to discover the radial attachment points are now off center! So you can have the thrust centered, or the radial attachments centered, but not both...
  3. SQUAD "We don't see the problem?", probably...
  4. Cannot believe SQUAD is releasing this crap, do they even care anymore?
  5. My 2 cents.... I'm sorry, but the new shock heating effects are just awful, they totally obscure the vehicle and look weird and fake from different angles. Also, reducing quality to any of the lower presets seems to just turn it off completely? I know someone must have put some significant effort into it, but the choice to implement them at this stage was not the correct decision
  6. works now, thanks squad!
  7. KSP store broken?

    it's fixed now, thanks squad!
  8. So what's the next DLC going to be about?

    How 'bout "For Science!". Featuring more science stuff and maybe some further planets requiring even more extreme designs and new parts. Integrated KER, KAC, and Transfer Window Planner.
  9. Hey Squad, I just paid for "making history" direct download, got my invoice and payment confirmation and everything. Yet I can't seem to download from my "Accounts" page. What is going on? You take my money and give me nothing? At the least you owe us an explanation/timeframe when we can expect to get what we paid for. grrrrr.....
  10. I already own KSP and am able to download it from the ksp store directly. I have purchased the "making history" package (order#10535889704) I have an a cinfirmed invoice and confirmations of payment in my email, but I cannot seem to find the download link in my "accounts" where I have my other KSP products? either it's broken or I'm a dork...
  11. Ship Explodes When I switch back

    I had the same problem. World Stabilizer fixed it for me.
  12. The end product is the same either way, so why make it more difficult? Your mod, your choice, we can agree to disagree Thanks for the neat mod! P.S. Just to make sure we understand each other, I am not talking about "actively" flying using the trim keys, only setting the trim and then leaving it alone.
  13. My Entry. Numbers below apply to both controlled and free categories. I could bump my "controlled" numbers a bit by using SAS, but I feel it's cheaty... FAR would be fun, I think we could get over 50-1 LD... Maybe even 70-80... L/D = 24.120 Min Sink Rate = 2.115 Still room for improvement... https://kerbalx.com/download/craft/34733
  14. Does anyone know if wing Kerbal aerodynamics takes Aspect Ratio or wing thickness into account? Additionally how does KSP deal with aero of "clipped" parts?
  15. Cool Mod. One thing that is really bugging me tho. Can you please allow for "trim"? I cannot input trim (alt+awsd) and get a "free" flight. This means we have to "trim" our vehicles in the SPH which is a bit maddening hopping back and forth to get the perfect trim.