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  1. The end product is the same either way, so why make it more difficult? Your mod, your choice, we can agree to disagree Thanks for the neat mod! P.S. Just to make sure we understand each other, I am not talking about "actively" flying using the trim keys, only setting the trim and then leaving it alone.
  2. My Entry. Numbers below apply to both controlled and free categories. I could bump my "controlled" numbers a bit by using SAS, but I feel it's cheaty... FAR would be fun, I think we could get over 50-1 LD... Maybe even 70-80... L/D = 24.120 Min Sink Rate = 2.115 Still room for improvement... https://kerbalx.com/download/craft/34733
  3. Does anyone know if wing Kerbal aerodynamics takes Aspect Ratio or wing thickness into account? Additionally how does KSP deal with aero of "clipped" parts?
  4. Cool Mod. One thing that is really bugging me tho. Can you please allow for "trim"? I cannot input trim (alt+awsd) and get a "free" flight. This means we have to "trim" our vehicles in the SPH which is a bit maddening hopping back and forth to get the perfect trim.
  5. Boeing Go Fly Prize

    Here is my 1st entry/example.
  6. Boeing Go Fly Prize

    Almost all of these are specified in the official rules. https://herox.com/GoFly/guidelines I would plan on remaining faithful to the original vehicle design intent. Supersonic entries would not be considered realistic and violate one of the only rules I impose "must be based on real physics and be at least marginally feasible and achievable with current technology"
  7. I just saw the announcement for the Boeing Go Fly Prize and thought it would make an awesome kerbal challenge. I would like to create a challenge where people submit vehicles conforming to the rules and spirit of the official Go Fly Prize. I am working on several designs and will share them shortly as examples. Any and all mods are allowed, the only restriction is the vehicle must be based on real physics and be at least marginally feasible and achievable with current technology. No Ion thrusters, anti-grav, nuclear, fission, etc... I am still struggling if I am going to do a "real physics" based entry with FAR and other real parts mods, or just go kerbal style. Maybe I'll do both I will be sole Judge to determine the entries score. I will judge based on aesthetics, creativity, and overall adherence to the rules and design goals as set out in the official documentation. Scoring will be 1(Bad) - 10(Perfect). http://goflyprize.com/ If anyone is interested I am totally open to suggestions and refinements as to how we can run this challenge.
  8. Was messing around and got my MK2 SSTO into a 75x75 orbit with over 6,000 DV remaining! Can pretty much go anywhere. Landing in 2nd video after I burned off some fuel...
  9. I would really like to get some good electric aircraft parts together. Various size electric motors and props. Maybe a folding prop? Maybe a retractable motor pod for gliders? This should be combined with realistic (kerbalistic?) power, weight, and efficiencies. Including possibly some new battery parts or re-working the electric systems so flight times are realistic. I would like to use with RSS, RO, FAR, etc... I have lots of real world data on electric systems if someone wants to help craft/modify some parts to suit...
  10. How 'bout some record setting contracts. i.e. speed, duration, and distance contracts and records. Manned and unmanned. ICE/Electric Prop, Jet, Glider , Etc... Examples. Set a new kerbal speed record for a prop or jet aircraft (maintain level and speed for 10 seconds) Set a new duration record. Longest flight with gas engine, electric engine, jet engine, glider. Set a new distance record, maybe even circumnavigate kerbin non-stop! All this said, it really feels like we need recommended/supported aircraft parts pack for this mod. KAX?
  11. My tracking solar panels frequently point in the wrong direction and generate no electricity even though they say "Sun Exposure .99". Thoughts?
  12. Is there any way to "shut down" inactive command pods and probe cores? I built a space station but docking multiple MK2 pods requires tremendous power.
  13. Once again, thanks! BTW, love the name, I have some original Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics ;p
  14. Next dumb question. With stock RO install, my MK1 pod consumes ~46k EC per 24 hours. Description states 530W. This should be 12744/day? likewise the Agena Avionics Package states 250W but consumes ~24000 EC/day. Is EC = WH? if not, what is the conversion factor and why are the parts stated in W but resource is in EC? Or perhaps it's a kerbal 6 hour day vs. 24 hour day issue?