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  1. Just found out about this mod from Shadowzones video. It has completely reinvigorated the game for me! It is both awesome and infuriating that a group of modders has just blown away the work done by paid professionals. Is there a way to donate?
  2. OK, not "ALL" aircraft, but quite a few military and commercial aircraft do. Purely FYI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_dumping
  3. Tried to log into the web store to update my game. Says my IP is banned , not just the webstor but all of the .com ?!
  4. Further testing is even more confusing! Fresh KSP 1.5.1 install with MHE DLC 1.5.1. Video starts with me demonstrating weird CoL behavior from a save game I copied over from my previous 1.5.1 install. Then I switch to a new save created in the fresh install, no mods, and problem is gone? Hrmmm... Original 1.5.1 install had been updated, not a fresh install. Only had a handful of mods installed through CKAN. BetterTimeWarpContinued ClickThroughBlocker Distant Object Enhancement KerbalX Mod MechJeb 2 Toolbar Controller In both instances I am in the same game install, and only change the save game I am in. Both craft were created fresh during the test, they were not saved craft. So the question is, why would the CoL behavior change between different saves in the same install/instance of KSP? It makes my brain hurt thinking about it... To be clear the video below is a virgin 1.5.1 install with MHE DLC 1.5.1 installed. No mods or anything else. I only copied my save folder from my previous install.
  5. Really? Hmmm, I really appreciate you took the time to check. I will re-install from scratch and see if I can figure out what's causing it. Thanks!
  6. No it is not, though I did have to go and double check I replicated this with the simplest plane you can build and it definitely still has the same behavior. This is a fairly significant bug, I mean, how are you supposed to properly design a plane if you can't tell the CoL?
  7. Why does the CoL marker move when adding/moving a vertical surface? Pretty sure it never did the before? Hope it's just a SPH issue and not actually applying these forces in flight.
  8. g00bd0g

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    All the people who say "I've never had this problem" have never tried to land a large ship on a small body. It is utterly and totally broken. Please show me a video of successful landings and loadings, of a large ship with large landing gear on, let's say gilly. Additionally, landing gear on small aircraft are basically broken also. Combined with a ridiculously bumpy runway, early game aircraft are basically impossible to operate. Again, show me a video of a basic small aircraft, or almost any of the stock aircraft taking off and landing with reasonable behaviors. It's borked... I posted bug reports when 1.1 came out and squad literally denied the issue existed .... They did finally "confirm" one of the reports. and it's at 10% after 2.5 years. The other they claim "needs clarification". Seriously? Squads team can't load a stock aircraft and try it and see for themselves? https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9557 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/9561 C'mon Squad, put on your "big boy" pants, and issue an official statement on the issue (unless it exists, I've never seen it?). At the minimum say, "yeah, there's a problem but we can't fix it". Or *gasp* maybe make an effort at least equivalent to what several mods have done to make it better.
  9. g00bd0g

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    What? Where? And they better fix the landing gear or I'm getting off this train!
  10. Would this mod work for "auto recovery" of a space plane? I want to launch rockets to orbit using a space plane, but I'm really not interested in flying each space plane back to the pad. Is there a way to just "magically" recover the space plane after it has launched it's payload?
  11. Landing gear is serious borked. Please make it a priority for next bug fix patch, don't need steam integration features, need to be able to launch and land vehicles without ridiculous behaviors
  12. I've never had a problem with engines overheating, and it's not the best intake, so I'm just not sure why one would use it?
  13. Just wondering if anything has changed?
  14. g00bd0g

    Stock props, please :)

    This entire forum section is for "suggestions". It's not called "suggestion bashing". I am entitled to make any suggestions I want. You are not entitled to tell me what I want is wrong, it is my opinion. If I want to make electric aircraft for duna, or helicopters on laythe, or submarines for eve, that is my personal preference. I understand if you don't want/need props in your game, but that is no reason to poo all over my suggestion thread. Squad is entitle to accept/ignore my suggestions. The rest of the negative attitudes here are very misplaced... Thanks for a mature response, seems rare around here. In regards to #2, they already have jet engines, so obviously SQUAD considers atmospheric powered aircraft to be part of the game. Propeller driven aircraft are not much of a stretch from Jet powered...