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  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this is KSP, the same ksp I played back at 0.13, truly this game is a perfect example of the power and capability of a game's community when given the tools to use it's creativity
  2. I totally understand, and sorry I don't have the time to reinstall and test, just thought it worth mentioning
  3. Sure, whatever works So what's the deal with 1.9.1 does it cause Scatterer to force the clipping plane down? I'll try removing the shadows option
  4. Using this in KSP 1.9.1, and RSS with the component space shuttle I got HUGE performance drop, from standard 60 average down to 7.5fps during launch, weirdly no impact while on the ground or low down but as soon as I began gaining height more rapidly it tanked, I've removed mods one by one and found it to be this, the logs were spammed with errors, sorry I don't have any I can link here
  5. I just wanna drop in and say, wow, It's been a while since I played around with the component shuttle (years actually) but it's clear how much has been done, it's absolutely amazing in RSS with RO, real fuels etc. I LOVE the IVA for the cockpit with RPM, and just descovered the options for the variants of the ET, I've always been a sucker for the original white tank Gonna spam some of my favourate screens from the last few missions, hope you don't mind!
  6. I also made new scatterer textures so that may have been a factor in getting it working. Thanks @hypervelocity I think I may actually switch to TUFX, it has AO which works in RSS and some extra features such as anamorphic bloom RSS with TUFX and scatterer already looks great! I'll post some more pictures later.. This is without any of RVE terrain/clouds etc, can't wait to get into it ALBUM first 6 images are without scatterer and tufx, the rest are.
  7. This just fixed scatterer in RSS for me thanks so much! A minor issue is the effect not quite making it to the horizon line in center screen (last image), however this is good enough for now! ALBUM first 6 images are without scatterer and tufx, the rest are.
  8. Has anyone been able to get scatterer working with RSS in KSP 1.9.1? I know RSS can be made to work, I've seen people running scatterer and EVE in 191 seemingly fine, however I am unable to mitigate this bug while in PQS: I have tried a completely fresh install of 1.9.1, and forced dx12, but am unable to remove this issue in atmosphere. For the record Scatterer does seem to run fine while viewing a craft in scaled space/orbit and from the tracking station, but the main menu and map view both either show black atmosphere or no scattering and in those scenarios the scatterer GUI says that Earth can't be found. @drodriguez0907 maybe you could share the process of installation and mod versions you used to get it working, as I tried you exact zip file but still get this issue unfortunately EDIT: Disregard, just tried using the recompile here and got it working in RSS!
  9. There are ways with EVE to hide cloud layers within a certain distance to POV however I couldnt get them to work properly in 1.7.3, atm they terrain layer is only just above sea level so when you enter PQS and the terrain becomes 3D the 64k terrain layer is hidden under ground, I made it so Scaled Space Earth is 2D so in space it's visible. The terrain layer has transparency over water also
  10. TLDR: Can we balance CoM over CoL Hey there! So I've been in search of an auto fuel balancing mod to position center of mass over center of lift, for SSTO high-AoA reentries (space shuttle), as with varying AoA the position of lift seems to change especially on rear weighted lifting bodies like that of the shuttle. This mod is as close as I could find. I was wondering if it would be possible to have an option to auto balance fuel to position the CoM over CoL (and maybe also with a forwards offset). This would in theory dynamically stabilize the vehicle regardless of its angle of attack keeping the CoM slightly in front of CoL at all times. Just curious what you think about the feasibility of implementing this in KSP might be, figured this was a good place to first ask due to the similarity in this mods functioning. I might try and learn KoS to do this manually as I've scoured the internet but have yet to find a single mod that auto balances CoM over CoL. Thanks for reading and/or any useful info
  11. I understand, and none taken lol, the system used here is super hacky, and only really looks ok from orbit, there might be ways of mitigating it in the future to some extent, but for now I wan't to just get the 64k aspect of this mod working to some degree of reliability, might look at doing something like you suggest in the future though
  12. Ok I haven't fired up EVE yet with the latest game, still waiting on some other dependancies, thanks for the info though, from my testing in ks3p 1.9.1 the AO looks absolutely fine so far. Took some pictures with the component space shuttle in orbit, turned out pretty nice Album below:
  13. OK thanks for that, I'll try out SMAA. And this is very concerning regarding no negative values, basically how everything on the dark side works, which version with EVE was this for? 1.8.1?
  14. BTW if you guys aren't getting city lights as sharp/defined as this you need to do the 'eve city lights apply' trick (whenever the view position changes e.g. Atmosphere to Space, or loading a vessel; the city lights are placed on top of the terrain layer and thus show the rough mask resolution and do not shine through the 64k terrain cutout). Higher Quality Gif