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  1. Hey all, So I'm wondering what the feasability of having terrain scatters is. IIRC I've never seen them in RSS since RSS was created, Is this some limitation of Kopernicus? I would love to add back some ground detail to the game. Looking through the configs I can't find anywhere mentioning scatters in PQS Land Control
  2. Have only really been working with earth so far, I have noticed this on the other planets though, although I'm pretty sure it'd be an easy fix
  3. @Katniss218 What would it take to add collitions for the land model that covers the large area? I'm assuming it needs an entirely new collider mesh? Or might it just be a setting to change it?
  4. I too am having major issues building anything that can move under water in 1.9.1 with FAR, Like you say it's almost impossible to get it moving underwater but once it does it's like all the drag is removed and it moves normally. I read through some earlier comments that said the FAR water model was changed a while back to give it much higher drag to make it more deadly to planes landing/crashing in the sea, I guess unfortunately this means it's now impossible to make subs. I've looked through the config and can't find anything that appears to address the drag model in water. If anyone know a
  5. That's epic, it would seem the heavy strickery I did on memory reduction made quite a difference RVE64k, Scatterer, TUFX (post processing effects)
  6. Some testing in 1.9.1: https://imgur.com/a/JMuaGt5
  7. OK.. so holy Moley.. This is honestly something else, I rigged this up inmy RVE64k - ksp 1.9.1 test build and got it all working. With a sprinkle of ocean tweaking and TUFX postProcessing this is honestly hard to believe it's from KSP.. LET ALONE KSP RSS.. I flew around the area a few times in a simple test plane and omfg, I can't get enough, this screens do not do the ingame visuals justice. Obligatory screen spam inbound: full Album: https://imgur.com/a/JMuaGt5 OK.. now to catch my breath
  8. Hey there, sorry for the late response, It's been a little while since I did the textures for RVE64k and it was basically a horrific mess of experimentation with different software, I can say that I tried or used the following for generating cubemaps and all I can really add is to experiment with them or read up on how they work yourself: CubeTheSphere, Hugin, CubeMaker, CompositeImageEditor and PanoTools, I think in the end I used Hugin which has a pretty difficult UI but has some pretty powerful functions if you can get past that, SpaceEngine has a reaaally powerful tool for compiling t
  9. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this is KSP, the same ksp I played back at 0.13, truly this game is a perfect example of the power and capability of a game's community when given the tools to use it's creativity
  10. I totally understand, and sorry I don't have the time to reinstall and test, just thought it worth mentioning
  11. Sure, whatever works So what's the deal with 1.9.1 does it cause Scatterer to force the clipping plane down? I'll try removing the shadows option
  12. Using this in KSP 1.9.1, and RSS with the component space shuttle I got HUGE performance drop, from standard 60 average down to 7.5fps during launch, weirdly no impact while on the ground or low down but as soon as I began gaining height more rapidly it tanked, I've removed mods one by one and found it to be this, the logs were spammed with errors, sorry I don't have any I can link here
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