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  1. Getting some really nasty artifacting with ATM. I thought I had it on Basic, could have accidently used Aggressive. I ran some tests of my own by converting my TGAs to DDS in Photoshop (DXT5 8bit Alpha, 11mip maps) and got very good results compared to what ATM is doing. Admittedly, I'll probably run all textures through some noise filters which help, but I'd like to white list KSO completely from ATM. -ATM is reducing the KSO's normals too heavily (down to 512?). In the download of v3.07 I include a config that ups this limit. Reducing the KSO 25's normal map from 2048 to 512, destroys its tiles completely. At that point you're better off just deleting the normal map completely since it's doing more harm than good (and would save you a few megs). -If you're going to reduce normals to 512, then have the options: No normal, Max 512, White list Normals. Personally I don't think normal should be touched, aside from mip maps. So I fixed my normals by upping the limit in the config to 2048. However, the Diffuse maps are still artifacting really badly. I'd like to whitelist them completely and prevent ATM from touching them. How do I do that? I tried changing the config so it ignores the KSO, but it seems you have a global compressor going that compresses/reduces everything regardless. Or perhaps I didn't set up my config right. Anyone have a config file that completely whitelists the KSO from any compression?
  2. It's a quality of life thing. Basically adds more content and things to do. -Gives you more "gameplay" than simply hitting Recover. -Helps folks that like to take screenshots of their various KSOs. The provided air-stair and bus make this process easier. -When combined with the FASA Launch tower, you can bus your Kerbals from KSC to the tower and onto the KSO. -I wanted a break from complicated things to something fun and simple in preparation for the Rover.
  3. Check the shots I posted afterwards with the Standard docking port from Phase II inside the S25 IVA. It will blow your mind For Nazari, I put the Small Docking port from phase II over and through the chair, demonstrating how a Kerbal without a helmet could easily slip through a small docking port. Similar to the Soyuz-to-ISS port which is really small and cramped.
  4. Your comment doesn't make sense, or I'm not understanding what you mean. Do you mean a person should be able to play a game of basketball inside the shuttles? These are space vehicles, and even the real shuttle is cramped compared to your everyday Airliner jet. Standard housing sizes of 8-10 feet wouldn't apply on a vehicle that's trying to save on weight. The KSOs, and especially the Super 25 were made through hours of research from Phase 1 and later Phase 2. By taking pics of the Kerbals sitting in the chairs in the Habitat modules, Observation modules, and KSO cockpit. Only the standard KSO's Crew Deck is lower than usual, but that's do to landing gear sitting there. Not sure you know this, but the Kerbals are actually inside the KSOs in real time, they are not instanced like other games do when you IVA/EVA. Note floor heights and seat sizes (compare to in-game Kerbals) Note roof height on crew deck. Kerbals can stand comfortably. Note door size as well. So how then, is the KSO and KSO Super 25 smaller than they should be? Kerbals are slightly less than 2 3/5th feet for me (helmet removed), which is the size I stick to when doing IVAs for several reasons: Camera PoV and ergonomics (make things feel comfortable and within click reach when playing IVA). The issue comes from wishful thinking on behalf of some folks on the forums wanting real sized vehicles, 1 meter tall kerbals, erroneous information on the wiki, camera PoV showing strange perspective deformations, and confusion between helmeted Kerbals and the doors/ports on things. Trust me, Nazari kept saying the same thing until I ripped off a hatch and stuck it in the IVA to finally prove him wrong. All of the phases are done to the Kerbal. Not to forum mouthbreathers or wiki information. In-fact I wouldn't even trust Harvester's information unless he provided me with the exact Kerbal model. Edit:Standard Docking Port from Phase II inside KSO 25 Crew Deck Standard Docking Port from Phase II next to seat inside KSO 25 Crew Deck
  5. Getting a real sense of scale After importing the fuselage into my trucks project, it all clicked. The KSOs are big! When compared to a service truck, these things are ginormous! So decided to download FASA Towers and put them up to test collision clipping with Kerbals (to see how they'll handle the airstair truck.
  6. Coming in 3.08 FMC has been fixed as well. It was never intended to have a PFD.
  7. Phase IV Truck and bus set, WIP To do -Finish Bus external -Tank -Supply crates -Air Stair -IVA
  8. This is unnecessary since Aggressive-Active Texture Management does the same thing. Make sure you install A-ATM AFTER you've installed KSO (or you can simply delete the ATM Config files installed by KSOS v307). Yes, see post after OP, there is an optional download with the other three names as well as config files by BWheatley. This should allow all four fuselages to appear in the VAB.
  9. This happens if you built your own shuttle. Try using the craft file. Otherwise no idea why it happens. If you watch my streams not once did that happen.
  10. Phase IV WIP As if you guys weren't bombarded by mods already... Phase IV Details -Chassis separate part. -One wheel. -Two bodies; truck and bus -Three accessories; fuel tank, supply van, airstair. -Cab and Bus have IVA -Bus 8 Kerbals (9 including driver).
  11. Try version 3.07. It improves flight characteristics
  12. KSOS Mod Kit There you go! Parts made for the standard cargo bay, will easily fit the KSO Super 25 (2.5m x 5m). However, you'll have to offset the transform of the robotic arm so that it is centerline with the cargo bay. To do this more easily, use the included Satellite Guide since it has the proper centerline location used for the KSO, KSO S25, and all other parts.
  13. @Sirkut KOS integration. Now that I have 0.15 out in the wild (thanks to kreuzung & taniwha) I should be able to resume work! By that do you mean KSOS/Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter? If so, please send me a PM since I'm putting together a 3D cargo bay lug kit. This will allow modders like you to import the 3D mesh and get the right sizes for your mod. Putting it together in the next few minutes.
  14. Too much RAM? no. KSP doesn't know how to handle memory, it tries to front load everything instead of loading assets as needed. Update 3.07, non LE 3.07 should be up shortly. It includes improvements to torque and flight characteristics. It shouldn't lawn dart as badly, but neither KSO is meant to recover from a 90 degree nose dive. The changes should improve RCS Yaw control in space, you'll still need to kick in a little bit of Roll to keep it straight, but not as badly as 3.06. The KSO Standard took 14 versions before it was finally where we wanted it. KSO 25 will be no different. It takes time and feedback as we test the numbers and adjust things.
  15. Streaming in 10 minutes; http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus
  16. Alternate Christening names for the KSO Super 25 Click me to download! Notes -The crooked issue on Providence and Steadfast has been fixed. -Ascension being crooked I won't fix until next update (too many people downloading right now).
  17. None that I know of. The only different thing was the craft file should have number 7 assigned to toggle RCS on rudders on/off.
  18. Hey brother, always love to hear from you. Collision meshes are their own thing. They are designed to be high resolution enough to be able to attach things to the KSOs without looking weird and at the same time look "flush" with the walls. One of the streams shows how these were done for the KSO Super 25
  19. Thank you! it's been fixed now Null Reference Exceptions. And it's why we can't release the mod until those are gone. Fortunately we think we've identified what's causing that one.
  20. You'll have plenty of time to download the Limited Edition version. Will be streaming v3.04 in a few moments. http://www.twitch.tv/fanbus
  21. Yep, although I need to clear with the ATM team about including their mod in KSOS, since it is now required. Otherwise the KSOS file will include an ATM replacement config file so that all the KSOS stuff appears correct. Standard ATM and aggressive severely damages the KSO 25s tiles do to the 512x512 image limit on Normal maps.
  22. Not quite, but should be taken care of shortly. Part of our delay getting it to the testers was rewiring the landing gear using a different method and a plugin related bug which we had to squash (it's what was causing KSP to crash/or not allow you to recover a KSO/KSO 25). All the other bugs mentioned in the stream have been squashed and corrected. CSE's and wings now snap to node so much easier. Nazari has done an outstanding job getting it in game and with all the awesome smoke effects. We still have the engine gauges system to tackle, but Naz will look into it while the testers and I go back and forth on any other bugs and flight profile issues. Aside from Phase 2 Docking Port (Standard) you'll need the KSO's Omnimax 40T's
  23. The original KSO was made by a consortium of companies: VEG design group did the cockpit electronics and interior. Murika (a parody of Boeing) did the aircraft itself. Orbitz did the lifter and other components and KMC (Nazari's company) was contracted for the aerospace materials such as "superfoam", "kerbon Composite", and so on. The KSO Super 25 was mostly done by Murika hence on the fuselage it says Murika Superstellar (in VAB and in the limited edition). Going to try and stream tonight our progress so far.