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  1. Would be awesome and appreciated. I'm a bit bugged by all the "no LS mod installed" windows
  2. Is there a way to have RPM count Snacks as a Life Support Mod for those fancy Life Support Displays?
  3. Uhm. Downloaded ksp-win64-1.4.5.zip from the website 6 days ago. Downloaded Strategia_1.7.2.zip 6 days ago. Installed both. Play? I don't really understand your question, tbh
  4. I still don't really understand. The file shows the limits at 2,3,4. even if it's just a tooltip-error, shouldn't the building allow for 4 strategies?
  5. I'm a bit confused... I have the AdminBuilding on max, but can only use 3 Strategias (the Building itself on SpaceCenter even says 4). What's the issue? Even the CustomBarnKit shows 4 for the third level?
  6. Very happy to see this mod alive again... Especially since I'm just updating all my mods from 1.3 after being on hiatus for ages Thank you.
  7. Awwww, shame. Because those new cockpits and stuff, and those monstrous solar panels... that'd be a dream. Uhm.... dunno which version. I downloaded from your direct link and copypasta'd over my existing stuff. Works.
  8. Now it works, thanks Is there an easy way to make this work with mods like Near Future?
  9. That (wrong TRR) might be.... Do you have a link to the correct one, so I can be sure not to have the wrong one?
  10. Windows 7. So far, everything seems to be working... Just the windows don't shine
  11. Quick question... Would the EL-parts work as well if one only uses SimpleConstruction (which, imho, uses the EL-plugin)?
  12. Okay, that cleared it up a bit. Still got some questions, though: If I play with KPBS and MKS, what "advantage" would I have if I install your integration pack? You mentioned BS having outdated USI-LS patches... Does your pack provide more updated ones at the moment? While I do love the "plans" you have (better integration, resource-chain, etc) and really hope you continue this... What does one currently "get" here?
  13. I have a quick question, because I'm a bit confused. Is this needed for me to start a game where I want to use KPBS and MKS? What does it actually do (besides the stuff I saw skimming over the thread... stuff to actually make the two mods work together without using KAS to connect them XD)? When it comes to EL, KPBS and MKS, aren't they "balanced" towards each other already? Been a while since I played, and I want to get back into it.
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