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  1. Very happy to see this mod alive again... Especially since I'm just updating all my mods from 1.3 after being on hiatus for ages Thank you.
  2. Awwww, shame. Because those new cockpits and stuff, and those monstrous solar panels... that'd be a dream. Uhm.... dunno which version. I downloaded from your direct link and copypasta'd over my existing stuff. Works.
  3. Now it works, thanks Is there an easy way to make this work with mods like Near Future?
  4. That (wrong TRR) might be.... Do you have a link to the correct one, so I can be sure not to have the wrong one?
  5. Windows 7. So far, everything seems to be working... Just the windows don't shine
  6. I did this, is there anything I'm missing? Running KSP in 64 bit
  7. Quick question... Would the EL-parts work as well if one only uses SimpleConstruction (which, imho, uses the EL-plugin)?
  8. Okay, that cleared it up a bit. Still got some questions, though: If I play with KPBS and MKS, what "advantage" would I have if I install your integration pack? You mentioned BS having outdated USI-LS patches... Does your pack provide more updated ones at the moment? While I do love the "plans" you have (better integration, resource-chain, etc) and really hope you continue this... What does one currently "get" here?
  9. I have a quick question, because I'm a bit confused. Is this needed for me to start a game where I want to use KPBS and MKS? What does it actually do (besides the stuff I saw skimming over the thread... stuff to actually make the two mods work together without using KAS to connect them XD)? When it comes to EL, KPBS and MKS, aren't they "balanced" towards each other already? Been a while since I played, and I want to get back into it.
  10. I'm a bit confused, what's the current state on this regarding KSP 1.2.2? Does it work or not?
  11. I have a question.The Waterburnerthingimajig (that sterilizes mulch) ... that's enough for one kerbal... For me, that's an incentive to use "actual LS-stuff" for larger colonies, due to the part-count being higher if I'd need 20 of those things to sterilize crap of 20 kerbals. Is that intended by design, so Soylent is only used for "small-scale" stuff? If not, could there be a larger sterilizer?
  12. What counts as beginning of a launch (aka, does "revert to launch" work?) and what counts as "end" of a launch?
  13. How does the "improve guess" improving over different launches actually work, btw? Would it have to be identical launches? What's the criteria...
  14. That was what GT came up with XD I'll try it out. 80/15 was way too low, the rocket was like 25° above horizontal at 15km height XD but at least now I understand how to fiddle with it. 100/10 worked quite well, but ended up with a 600+ m/s circularization... What would I need to tweak to lower that (ea, have craft fly "shallower" when nearing orbit)?
  15. I have some weird things going on. The last time I used GT (which was around 1.0.something), it flew a very smooth path that only needed a miniscule amount of dV to circularize. I am launching a something-around-30-tons-payload-rocket with 2 Mainsail-boosters and a smaller Cryogenic Engine (with supplied LFO-patch, so it's just a normal engine now) in the central 1.25m stack. groundlevel TWR is 1.5, dV is something around 4km/s. GT-settings were "improved guesses", although I changed the hight to 100km instead of only 80. After launch, the rocket goes straight up for a while (dunno exactly when) and then turns to something like 15° from straight up... I'm writing this as I pause on 27km height, the rocket is still at 15°, but has now throttled down to 50% or so thrust. The launch before, it continued that way until AP is at desired height... Than it created a 1500m/s circularization-burn. What's going on? "Straight up" (or nearly straight up) isn't really the efficient way to go, is it? o.O Edit: MJ isn't running, I opened it just so one can see the ascend path better. I turned to GT, because the dev-version of MJ has... serious left/right (aka inclination) wobbly-de-wobbly and other problems right now... But GT isn't really working well for me as well.... Halp