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  1. If you're doing away with the RB subforum and the blog feature, could you be so good as to either keep them archived or to export them to the wonderful folks over at the [URL="archive.org"]Internet Archive[/URL]? Most of the KSP Forums are already accessible through them, but it'd be a shame to lose many of these posts forever.
  2. Couldn't you use the same MM magic to disable/add the other parts depending on wether or not people have Tweakscale installed?
  3. Confirmed with 64-bit linux (OpenGL, for the record), RCS thrusters, critter-crawler, retractable engine, jet engine... work.
  4. This looks quite amazing! Yet, I'd be still more mazed if I could land on them myself instead of just hearing about how fun it is to land on them. Keep up the good work!
  5. Keboliteâ„¢: A Scaled down version of Karbonite. No scanning, no prospecting, just plain landing and mining. You get one drill-converter unit for each size, no tanks, no special engines. You mine it, you burn it. We take care of anything else. Anyway, great to see you back! I'm way too excited about this. One thought about folding wings and FAR: Wouldn't it be possible to separate the wing into two parts (base and tip) where the base has an attachment node- that can be turned via Infernal Robotics - on with the tip hinges? Just make the connection between the two, like, really strong.
  6. You know when you're spending too much time on the Internet when you can't stop reading "J00 2, E3" Anyway, one possibility that has not been discussed yet is, that it came into an orbit that was just slow enough to still be elliptic, yet fast enough to have its Apokee a teeny tiny bit outside of Kerbins SOI. In map viev, that would be shown as "stable" (i.e. a closed ellipse) but the game would eject it from Kerbin at, or shortly before, the next Apokee
  7. https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/download.php is DOWN! WE DID IT!!!!111!!!
  8. ( á° Üʖ á°)â¹â°â°¹
  9. Make that three. My windows broke yesterday and I'm on a Linux Live DVD right now. PS: Anyone knows a good Linux distro to play KSP on?
  10. I use only five times symmetry on my solars, since 5 gigantor panels will fit almost perfectly around a 2.5m tank (They will clip a teeny-tiny bit, but the game doesn't even notice) Edit: It's fun to read these forums with a plugin that replaces 'tank' with 'blob'
  11. Well, now that spaceport is dead, how do we get your program? EDIT: Found it! Google is really an option to consider...
  12. I'd like my phone to have >5GB o' RAM and a decent CPU, so I can play KSP on it! But with my budget, that won't happen anytime 'soon'. Oh, and ofcourse it ought to have a HDMI port and the ability to install custom OSes
  13. x64 is nothing to get rid of, it works fine under most circumstances, despite some bugs. The long route would be to start off another clean install and drop mods in one after another, start the game, if it works, do the next mod - but it's probably easier then that. First, what mods do you have installed - and- how big is your GameData folder? It indeed looks like your game runs out of memory. Which is not that unusual, with my game using 8 to 10 GB normally. So you'll maybe want to look into more aggressive ATM configs.
  14. Y u no stock? No, really: This is just great! it made me pick up my plane project gagin (I need trim - since I am bad at balancing - but the lack of indication has been bothering me LOTS)
  15. Man, that's genius! Will Try it whenever I restart KSP next, since you can't currently load mods on-the-fly, i.e. is space You made me happy today!
  16. Yeah, the DL-link is broken... For anyone still wanting to download the mod, just look at the adress bar and remove the 2nd half of the URL (after the .../MapResourceOverlay.0.01.2.rar) I would provide the fixed link myself, but I'm not sure whether Cyrik would like that. Anyway, great mod! Was the last thing keeping me from switching from Kethane to Karbonite in .24 (That, and vacation ) Edit: This is the link to the GitHub release page, which is probably safe for me to post: https://github.com/Cyrik/MapResourceOverlay/releases
  17. That's odd... B9 Aerospace 4.0c does work for me. Didn't work with the firespitter I got packed with it, though, so I updated. Also I have D12 expansion installed. Might one of these be the solution? Sincerely Marrus
  18. Well does it recognize upper stage engine that have nothing attached to their nozzle? Because I do engine clusters all the time, and since KSP does not understand what a proper loop is... I use girders to balance one tank atop another. If it does, I am speechless once again, if it doesn't then... well, there's only so much one can automate, right? Sincerely Marrus
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