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  1. I'm a little but curious. Did version 5.6 add some support for dmagic sciences? I'm running ksp version 1.22 and [x]Science 5.6, with dmagic science 1.3.8, plus also ScanSat. I haven't had a problem with the "Science Now" button not working, like some people reported on the thread, with items that dmagic changes, like the magnetometer. But [x]science does not seem to know any science related to dmagic exclusive items. I wasn't super sure about the experiments that I could do with dmagic items, like SIGINT, etc, and was hoping [x]science would shed some light. Adding the item, simulating i
  2. I'm running 1.2.2 KSP version and TAC 0.13.0. My Electric charge consumption is being reported as fairly wrong, I imagine (the estimated duration is fairly lowon the VAB, and once I launch it shows as being able to last much longer), and I imagine I end up overstacking on batteries. By the changelogs, it seems like the bug have been fixed on a newer version. My question is, if I can update my TAC to latest version (0.13.6) and run it with my current 1.2.2 game version?
  3. @NerteaGreat mods. When you soft-depreciate a part, is it possible to edit its info/name to state it without breaking the game to people that has the part? Or at least to prevent contracts from pulling it? I'm asking because I had some parts that I was researching for and buying but I couldn't find in the VAB at all. I was confident that my game was broken. One of the parts was the LV-T95, that after launching more rockets that I'm proud to admit with the LV-95 that I mistook for it, I was able to find in this thread (page 5, third post) your changelog for version 0.6 that stated that It
  4. @Reddy, I do have Kerbal Engineer Redux. Is there an option there to show all those stats for the maneuver node? Oh man, if there is I'll be super happy, because it's one of the things that is quite annoying to me is having to guess the results of my burning.
  5. I don't know if it has been suggested already, but is there any of adding, either here, or as a different mod, "node info". I mean, it is really frustrating having to guess/eye-ball your inclination, longitude of AN, etc, after being able to set up such a precise node.
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