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  1. worir4

    Under used parts

    https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/The_Not-Rockomax_Micronode This thing. its pretty cool if you use it for mini craft using the small diameter parts, but for anything else its too small to be any use. At least it is not as bad as when it didn't have the nodes on all sides
  2. worir4

    I got into Uni !! =)

    Well , it has been quite i while. I did my first solo a couple of weeks ago and passed the first year of University. I also now have more time on my hands so i might start playing KSP again.
  3. worir4

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I have not played KSP in quite a while but today my Steam Link arrived and i though i would give it a go with KSP and it works great! (Building is a bit of a pain with a controller though)
  4. worir4

    I got into Uni !! =)

    Nothing special, just my local school. Why do you ask?
  5. worir4

    Development Update for Consoles!

    Thanks, i supposed it is best that it is not available to be bought so that people don't get put of KSP for good because of the current problems.
  6. worir4

    Development Update for Consoles!

    My friend is thinking of getting KSP on Xbox one. Is it worth buying in its current state or shall i tell them to wait for the update? Some people are saying it is unplayable but some are saying it just crashes sometimes, so i am a bit confused to which is true. (Getting it on PC is not an option) Must be GIC trying to sneak back in and cause some trouble
  7. worir4

    I got into Uni !! =)

    So i passed my first year and i am looking forward to the next, I have learned so much and got to do cool things like design my own aircraft, plan flights and other things. If there is anyone reading this who is considering a similar course, i definitely recommend it. I got a lot out of it and it is not all about the piloting part. There is quite a lot of the engineering side included and next year there is also the business aspect and also airport management, so if you do this course you will get a wide range of knowledge that will be useful in almost any job in the field. Once again, thanks to all of you for the advise.
  8. worir4

    Circular Runway

    I study Aviation Technology at University (I am no expert though, just my humble opinions) It is a good idea in theory, execpt that in reality things go wrong. The video says they will have up to 3 planes on it at a time, To me that sounds a bit dangerous. If one plane has to abort the takeoff, it could cause some trouble for the others. Also the planes will be taking off directly into the wake of the planes in front. It would be very difficult to fly. The stalling speed will be higher because of the bank angle so planes will be flying in much faster. Also those wings look really close to the ground. What would be a minor mistake on a straight runway could be a disaster on one of these. I could go one about what could go wrong but i think it is clear that the dangers completely outweigh the benefits of it. As for KSP, i think some one around here is going to be tempted to make it out of the 2x2 square parts.
  9. worir4

    Sal_vager is leaving to travel the world. 

    Have fun on your travel! I hope you see lots of amazing things. Thanks for being a great moderator. Before you go, change your avatar to the smiling face again. =)
  10. worir4

    I got into Uni !! =)

    I have passed my class 2 medical.
  11. worir4

    KSP Weekly: What a week!

    RIP MKI Lander can. You served us well, but will be replaced with a much more impressive version.
  12. worir4

    KSP Making History

    Oooh i have just seen this now. It sounds great! Now i just have to see if this releases first or Mount and Blade 2. (I will probably get both)
  13. This is a good idea! I think there should be science rewards for getting really close to the Sun. The closer you go, the more science you get (Without crashing or burning though). Also some Sun spots that would give extra science if you perform an experiment over it would be cool
  14. worir4

    Viking Ship

    Looks like you will be raiding west this year! (Vikings TV show reference)