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  1. Sorry to bring back an old thread but does anyone have an issue with it working backwards? As in when in rocket mode, the roll/yaw is configured like a plane and then swapped the other way around. It just means I need to swap it everytime when starting a flight.
  2. You could use something like Mechjeb to get a rocket to fly the same path everytime and then just repeat it with the same rocket, time of day etc. That would give better results than manually flying it. Or you could build a massive space station and use that and take measurements when it's over a certain point on the planet.
  3. They could add a mod selection page to the game launcher like other games have where you can select and deselect installed mods from loading. Then you wouldn't need multiple installs of the whole game.
  4. On for almost 7 years, hasn't come back yet...

    1. worir4


      U w0t m8?

  5. This happened to Jeb a while back. All the kerbals you see are Jeb. There was a glitch where he exited the space craft but still stayed on board at the same time.
  6. It looks like they have a project Orion nuclear bomb engine! The new fire effects look good.
  7. Yeah some thing like from Stormworks would be great. it would allow sequencing and sensor based systems. So long as it is easy to do and to learn it would be a good addition.
  8. I think we can't know much about the new parts until they make a game play trailer. The trailer looks like it uses the same models from KSP 1 so I guess they are still creating the new parts
  9. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/The_Not-Rockomax_Micronode This thing. its pretty cool if you use it for mini craft using the small diameter parts, but for anything else its too small to be any use. At least it is not as bad as when it didn't have the nodes on all sides
  10. Well , it has been quite i while. I did my first solo a couple of weeks ago and passed the first year of University. I also now have more time on my hands so i might start playing KSP again.
  11. I have not played KSP in quite a while but today my Steam Link arrived and i though i would give it a go with KSP and it works great! (Building is a bit of a pain with a controller though)
  12. Nothing special, just my local school. Why do you ask?
  13. Thanks, i supposed it is best that it is not available to be bought so that people don't get put of KSP for good because of the current problems.
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