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  1. I've noticed this behaviour before the 9/9 update. You can tell when MJ is planning on doing this roll if you see it peg the roll, yaw or pitch indicators when you engage the autopilot before igniting the engines. A workaround I've found is to disengage autopilot, open SmartASS, click on the NODE button, then turn SmartASS off again, and reengage autopilot. If that doesn't work for you, then you probably have a control part (capsule, probe core, etc) on backwards or upside down.
  2. I have a station in orbit, on which I noticed I made a building mistake as I added the last two components to it. I have two spotlights, intended to light the open docking ports, but instead lighting the docking ports to which I added the hab modules. I need to somehow edit the spotlights positions 90 degrees around the large orange fuel tank they're attached to, to put them in the right spot. Right now, if you were to look at the end of the tank, the lights are positioned at N and S. I need them to be at E and W. Now I've found them in the persistent save file, and I think I know which sets o
  3. What are your autostage delay settings in the ascent guidance window during launch?
  4. Do I understand correctly that "higher" means closer to the outside? Or is it towards the centre?
  5. Could you explain what the diagonal addition is supposed to represent? What are the green and yellow lines?
  6. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/mechjeb-and-remotetech-for-all/
  7. I am using SR ports, and I've been careful to make sure they are facing the right way. They stay together above the pad when physics kick in, but fall apart when the engines light. Huh, I didn't know they could work that way. I'll give that a try. Thanks
  8. Just one docking port? I've been trying with two to, ya know, undock the engine. But the docking port the engine is attached to comes undocked from the tank-side port when the engines ignite at launch. And why is a fuel line necessary? Isn't the docking port fuel crossfeed capable?
  9. I'd like to know this too. I don't use my laptop's trackpad, but my mouse doesn't have a middle mouse button, nor a clickable scroll wheel.
  10. Is it possible to design a rocket where the engine detaches from the end of the fuel tank to leave a tank with, say, a docking port at both ends? So far I haven't been able to work it out where the engine is both operational and detachable.
  11. Just add MODULE { name = MechJebCore } to all your command parts' cfg files.
  12. It's happening again. KSP closes just after the yellow progress bar reaches the end, right as it's about to switch to the black orbital "Loading" screen. If I take the RBR folder out of GameData, KSP loads properly. Edit: testing so far seems to indicate the issue lies with the graphics settings, for some reason. If (on my computer) textures are set to Full Res, KSP crashes if Chatterer is installed. Any setting below that, Half Res on down, works. KSP will load on Full Res if Chatterer is not installed. I've been watching memory usage. KSP never got above 1.1 gig of RAM either with or without
  13. Can we get the menu uncoupled from the button? Moving the button moves the menu, so if you move the button too far down the screen, some items get cut off the bottom of the menu.
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