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  1. RCS thrusters are a massless part so basically this challenge is: how any emissions can your cpu handle?
  2. On the whole "unbalanced career mode" dilemma perhaps the mod creator could implement a similar dynamic of that which procedural fairings does. In PF certain sizes are locked until completion of a node on the tech tree where a "part" must be bought that unlocks a different scaling size (such as 3.75m). I think if this was added to the mod it would increase its career playablility and also have players unlock techs they normally wouldn't like "metamaterials".
  3. It took me like an hour to find out that spacebar started your rocket
  4. Cool parts! Are they balanced to have the same mass and production capability of the default EPL parts?
  5. Make sure you remember to take all that tasty science with you! Wouldn't want to waste a good number of funds.
  6. smeerp- a kauti, mainly used in conjunction with feeirt, has far reaching polnitzi in various remneto when the amcolupa has fully wuquloc gannaremera in the cyolino calnimi. See zreech
  7. I think if life support or radiation is ever implemented there could be a medic class that decreases negative effects on the crew such as minimizing radiation damage or making snacks last longer.
  8. What if the whole universe is just a simulation? What if every kerbal was just a randomly generated piece of code!?! That world explain the crazy physcs and the lack of cities and everything!!! It's almost like the world is limited by the computer it's run on!!!!!!
  9. Or maybe Bullseye? Sort of like the RAPIER is a take off of a SABRE it's real life equivalent
  10. On the second contract I'm supposed to retrieve a cone. Is that back at the pyramids? And do I need to install KIS or is it like a part I have to take with the grabber?
  11. It could be that the two modes are messing with MJ's calculations
  12. I've completed a few contracts already, however on the crater flyby mission I am in a suborbital path over the crater with all the tourists yet it still fails to complete. To have it count as suborbital do I have to be in space? EDIT:Yes, yes it does
  13. I tried updating all the craft files to 1.0.4 versions then oriented them correctly in the SPH however the problems from before still persisted.
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