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  1. I wont ban you if you can complete the following AND tell me who said it w/out a search engine or asking anyone:

    Bang Zoom __________________


    the page is new. Is the ban?

  2. Well first tiger @Deddly has seen me declare myself as Lord Emperor, Supreme Ruler and Moderator Supreme and never stopped me and silently agreed by accepting his title as First Tiger so checks out with me. Also I offer up a Tuna Sandwich to First Tiger Deddly and all the comics he could want!


    edit: also @kspbutitscursed you failed to declare New Page! Penalty!


    new page!!

  3. as Lord Emperor, Supreme Ruler and Moderator Supreme i declare that i do not need to concur and rule no such rule requiring concurrence exists so get to singing!


  4. Cannot? No. But I will not play KSP1 or eventually KSP2 w/out it. Autopilot is a must have quality of life improving feature.

    TUBM has played Mechwarrior 2, Mechwarrior 2 Ghost Bears Legacy.


  5. @Vanamonde @kspbutitscursed I actually know the answer to this. I got the chance to find out with the help of one of the mods a while back. I had wondered the same thing and a thread was unlocked by the mod specifically to find out. In a coordinated effort between us the thread was unlocked and my test post was loaded into the editor and I signaled my ready status and the thread was locked with my post in the editor. I got the signal it was locked and tried to post. The post failed. The thread lock takes temporal precedent over a post. I want to say I remember which mod helped me with this, but honestly cannot recall :( but it was beyond cool for them to help and i was and still am grateful for the help to learn about that subject!


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