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  1. Finally a Tsar that will give us a possible chance to escape. Keep up the good work.
  2. These Look amazing, I can't wait for the Next update, F-4 Phantom Possibly?
  3. Request to change my name to Ya_Boi_Assault, If too long use Mobius_Actual
  4. I do drop it in the green circle from a good distance away and high up but they just fall and not guide them.
  5. is anyone having issues with the GBU-39 not gliding down? I drop it from a high enough altitude but it just retards and falls way short.
  6. Anyone else have some issues with the control surfaces not moving correctly but still provide proper control? Here I'm pitching full down but only one half of my craft is doing the proper animation.
  7. So I did the Game Data Install correctly like any mod and this error pops up? Assistance please?
  8. I see many users have taken photos with new parts and they have a transparent canopy that shows the interior view of the command pod through the windows. What do you do to enable this setting?
  9. I have tried installing the fork that you provided and it says that it is incompatible. Do you have a version that works in 1.1.2 ?
  10. The new rafale cockpit is glorious! I just have one issue. Did you forget to add a hatch to the command pod? Just wondering. Also what mod do you use to get the in cockpit views while in flight while not in IVA?
  11. Why don't you name it something that is Unique like Mallikas Aerospace Defense Manufacturing? Idk I am just spitballin rn.
  12. So we got a fellow Acer in here? I am willing to learn modeling and coding to help you ship out some special weapons from the ace series. Maybe the TLS is a good one
  13. I am using the GPS targeting properly. I laze target, send GPS and select the cords and missle then I fire. It just ends up rolling 90° to the left and falling
  14. Anyone else have a issue when cruise missiles either spin out of control or fall sideways/not flying towards target?
  15. The New Cockpits will add to a new variety to the command pods. Good Job! Will you add more of the Tandem Seats in the future? I have a nack for two seat fighters such as the Phantom.
  16. Ah, because I have been testing with subsonic aircraft, the Castle Bravo, it requires minimum 10km safe distance. For the B61, I belive 5, then for the B83, maybe 8 idk, and for the TSAR, 17 km or 20 km is what I have received. Anyway, thanks for this mod and thanks in advance for tweaking the blast values of the WMDs. Keep doin what you are doin.
  17. Do you know the Minimum Safe Distances when dropping each of the Nuclear Weapons? I see that the B-83 has almost a exact same blast radius as the Castle Bravo, even though the Bravo is a 15 mt and the 83 is 1.3 megaton.
  18. Granted, but slowly the squid start taking a liking to human flesh and then start attacking humans I wish for Ace Combat 7 to come out already.
  19. I know this may have been answered, but if you place a inline radar module then offset it inside the aircraft, will it still be able to scan or will the plane interfere?
  20. Do I see someone going into.... The Danger Zone? The cockpit looks amazing! Gives me nostalgia of Top gun. I can't wait for the new update. Maybe as a Idea, add some Ground attack looking cockpits.
  21. dis gun get gud on the 16th day of Kristmas my kerbal gave to me: 16 massive mods, 15 Manley videos, 14 reaction wheels, 13 broken songs, 12 SSTOs, this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4exaXdPKS3Y, Ten Blueprints, Nine replicas, Eight Kraken reports, Seven Drill-O-Matics, Six Science Jr.s, Five parachutes, Four solar panels, Three hitchhiker pods, Two SRBs, and a copy of KSP!
  22. A little something for all you PWLA people. Rules 1.Only aircraft are allowed (so no rockets, cars or stuff like that) 2. Be fair and give them a honest rating on a scale of 1-10 3. Experimental Aircraft and other categories of aircraft are allowed if they had a built prototype, sorry blueprints. to start this thread off.
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