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  1. I would like to see climate effects in the worlds with atmosphere, like the mod that adds sandstorms to duna, add things like that, rain in kerbin and similar things
  2. i think roverdude has a mod for colonies, but i think its is more for surfac based colonies (they look more modular/square)
  3. my first one was a crash at some 300 m/s on .20 i remember the second was succesfull but the crew got stranded there
  4. I vote for Aliens! But there are really a lot of good space movies. ALso, i think this should be moved to the lounge
  5. Farewell and good luck Maxmaps, we will miss you!! And welcome Dr_Turkey!
  6. i think it was afterburner in C64 i was 5 years old
  7. i guess he refers to this:
  8. forgot the antenna for a space station in kerbins orbit
  9. some people just want to watch the world HYPE...
  10. Bill: I remember when we have to put boosters in our boosters to avoid being hit by them!